New places


My family went out and had a nice dinner at an Italian restaurant that had very weird photos all over the walls. The room I captured was called “the Pope room” it was filled with stuff related to the Pope.

I took this with my Samsung Galaxy S3. Wish I had my Cybershot, the place was very bright. Took many more interior shots of this place. I found it so interesting.

I took this from a low angle to capture all of the strange elements in the room. My view was partially blocked by flowers which was another reason as to why this angle. 

I really love exploring new spaces but I am the type of person who can find repeated beauty in places I have been to a lot. 

Never take anthing for granted because you can lose anything.



architecture photography, sky

I love to capture normal things from a different angle as I am able to capture different kinds of things like the roof of this building. 

This was done with my Samsung Galaxy S3. It was a hot afternoon so I chose not to turn this into a black and white photo. Exploring the proper use of color photography. 

Just capture the world as you see it. Sometimes you have to shoot from the hip and hope you capture something unexpected. You may be in a moving car or walking the streets trying to capture a moving target. It’s best to just shoot away St those moments rather than neglect your gut feeling to capture your subject.

You never know what you will find so always be open and follow your gut.



Scale search

architecture photography

Besides studying and doing photography spent a lot of time looking for an architectural scale. I can’t complain because I was able to shoot a lot of photos and have some fun.

Shot this with my Samsung Galaxy S3. I always carry it around with me alongside my ZTE phone. I normally take my Cybershot with me but I always have my phone’s on me. Doesn’t matter what you use but how you use it. 

I love shadows being a film noir fan. I love to capture building that have unique designs that I can see through the photos I have taken of them.sometimes you can see all kinds of unique things that normal people ignore or don’t care about.

Doing some research on fashion photography as I will be doing some photoshoots with someone who is into film noir like me. It’s not my area of expertize but it’s what I love so I want to try it and get better at it. A photographer is still a photographer that may have niches but that doesn’t mean they can’t do other forms of photography. You can’t put a cap on creativity and believe you will be happy. Creativity should be free. So limits are meant to be broken through hard work and happiness. So go out and shoot like crazy unleashing your story and the world you capture. 

Have a good night, 


Dark Room


Was exploring my college while waiting for my next class to start. I went around to shoot some interior shots. I’m surprised I was able to capture it despite the school being very busy now. 
This was done with my Samsung Galaxy S3. I bring my Cybershot to school after a few weeks because less people show up. I wanted to capture the lights on the ceiling and the floor. I enjoy the reflective qualities of this hall. 

I’m working with film with my Minolta camera. It’s the first time I’m working with film so I’m learning slowly. Sadly the film is colored but at least it’s film. I hope to be able to capture good shots without knowing how the shots will truly look until I develop them. 

Alright, I’m spending time with my dad and watching tv but finding it difficult to find quality shows. 

Have a good night,


Morning play


A shot of some quads near tennis courts at Cosumnes River College. I enjoy shooting in the morning especially after I walk. I play tennis in the mornings two days a week. I see this sight everyday and I wanted to capture it as the sun graciously touched the temporary buildings.
This was done with my Samsung Galaxy S3 on a wonderful morning. I love to start my day off with shooting as it always makes me happy. What makes you smile? Do you have something you like to do at the beginning of everyday?

Have a good night and have a wonderful morning!



architecture photography

Ai WeiWei stated that space was an important element of architecture. I agree so I’ve been experimenting with the use of space in my photographs. Working hard to create pictures from viewpoints different from the normal person.

I took this shot with my Cybershot. I love reflective surfaces and enjoyed the position of the windows. This was a spur of the moment shot that I happened to really enjoy. 

Space is vital to all forms of art and design so you must understand it well in order to achieve better work. 

Go out there and have some fun,



Industrial photography

I love how the light touches the machine it looks so soft. I took the shot around 7pm while I was on a late photo walk. I took it with my Cybershot. I enjoy shooting industrial and architectural photography as they are the easiest subjects for me to understand. 

I try to view them differently than normal people. I capture them using different viewpoints. I always take more than one shot and truly observe my subject. I am working on working with models . It’s a new experience for me that I enjoy. I’m seeking to improve my photography in general and I truly believe I am doing that every single day. 

Have a great night friends,