Simple Beauty 

This building was one from my past as well. I used to go to it when made runs for the ladies at my grandmother’s nail shop when I was much younger. It’s not bad of a building, it does it’s purpose. The spacing on sign is a bit off but it’s been like that since I first saw it many years ago.

It was done with my Cybershot, didn’t have much time but was able to capture the image I wanted. I’m trying to keep it simple. Very little editing as well. Mostly switching it from color to black and white(which you can view on my instagram). I keep it colored on here because it could be either way as I am still loving this shot. 

Editing should be like make up for women. Make up should only enhance beauty not create it. Editing should only enhance the beauty you have already captured(unless you do abstract). Thats my philosophy anyway, you don’t have to follow it if you don’t like it. 

Took a lot of photos today (about 123) returned to college so was able to do various forms of photography while on campus. I always love to experiment and always try not to limit myself in whatever I do.

Will post two times a day like I stated before. Will start posting earlier if I am able to.

Have a great night! Enjoy life


Head up with focused eyes

You miss all the shots you don’t take. You should always keep your head up and should always be looking around. When you have a shot or an idea wait then take it when you are ready. 

This was done with my Cybershot around 7pm. The sun looked just right to me and took the time to shoot a few shots. Typically don’t shoot sunsets but it felt right this time. 

You might not take the best shot every time but you should try to shoot a lot. Photography is trial and error. You just have to keep shooting everyday and study your craft.

Have to go study my craft now so have some fun!



This is a shot of a church I used to pass a lot when I was a child. I took the shot from distance because I’ve never seen the building up close. I wanted to share how I have always seen the building. Thus the dark shadows included in the shot help me out.
I’ve been able to go back to places from my childhood which seems to do wonder for my mind. I’m now able to capture buildings that mean something to me. I hope to be able to capture even more before they are destroyed or redesigned.

This shot was done with my Cybershot. I’ve been using it even more I just have to carry extra batteries with me (it takes four). I simply love it because it gives me the opportunity to create my art and to show who I am truly are. 

Have fun!


Light in your life

No matter how hard life gets just keep moving forward. If you have to fall then fall forward so when you get back up you will be ahead. Be positive and go out there to get what you want without hiding who you truly are. 

This was done inside Lowe’s, which is a hardware store. I shot it with my ZTE phone. I wanted to emphasize the lighting while working with a human rather than architecture. I’m enjoying the new struggle of adding human elements to my interior shots. Sometimes it works other times it doesn’t. It’s all about how much I get out there and shoot. The message is there is always light in your life even though you may not see it.

I just got done doing a session outside with a model. It was the first time I worked with a model who wanted me to shoot their photos. They would like me to shoot portraits of them in the future. So I’m very excited, I will make a post about it sometime soon.

Have a great night/day,


In The Moment 

I was invited to visit my grandfather’s aunt. I jumped at the chance because it’s a new area thus I can take a ton of photos of new environments. I was able to go past my hometown so saw a lot of familiar sites that have been ingrained into my memories. It was a very enjoyable experience. His aunt’s house was stellar it was too big for her to live alone it.

But his family is very weird due to a fight all his aunt’s and mothers didn’t talk to each other for decades. They still don’t communicate. It wasn’t until my grandfather went to pick up some pizza a few months. His aunt was standing in line and the two talked for the first time in about 20 years or more. It’s complicated so let’s not dive into it too deep. 

The focus on the shot was how much stuff was in her house but no people. It was filled with items but appeared so empty at the same time. It reflects heavily on how the owner of the house lived before her stroke. That is what I wanted to portray in this shot but it’s true meaning depends upon the viewer.

I will be posting more than once a day after today. I have a lot to share so be prepared.

Have fun!


Keep going

Trying my best to keep my head up through the new challenges in my life. Striving to get my photography out there to spread my art and my name. Exploring new avenues like pinterest to try to get out there more. I have a lot to learn, the downside to being a friendless introvert is that you always start at 0. I’m learning to be more social especially in real life and Instagram. Currently, I have 72 followers on instragram and 2 for this blog. When I woke up this morning I had 75 followers. I often see that number rise and fall rather quickly at times although it hasn’t dropped past 70 since I passed the number. It taught me to not really care about my follower count and just focus on improving my craft and to leave honest comments on other photographers photos.

Besides that I fully understand I need to market more. I need to socalize more with other photographers and to be on other social media platforms. I m loving this process as I know I am puting true had work into my passion. Quitting is not acceptable to me,blood, sweet, and tears are. So basically I am going to keep pushing through all the bs and keep my eyes focused on my dreams. Someday I hope to be a known photographer who has his own style and beautiful art.

 Hope you create beautiful things!


Open Your Eyes

Sometimes we can find beautiful things to capture that we see every day. All it takes is to be in the right angle at the right time. We usually are numb to what we on an everyday basis so we might ignore some good shots. So the moral of the story is to keep your eyes open even when you are at home. Explore everything in your life and discover new shots. You have to be obsessed with your craft but not crazy. Work hard and you could be your niche’s Steph Curry. Just take the best shots you can possibly take and improve every single day.

This was taken with my Sony Cybershot on a hot evening. I made it black and white because it looked rougher. Also, I don’t like the pale pink color that my house is painted in. I thought this was a great angle to shoot from, it’s something different for me. Took a few shots from different angles and this one spoke out to me. I am taking more shots of residential houses and trying to figure out how to shoot them while keeping my style. It’s a learning process I am enjoying, even diving into product photography. I am exploring every niche, I am trying to improve in all areas. I feel like I taking a step towards progress everyday.

Keep shooting and keep consistent. Have a great day and have fun!


Explore Everywhere

You should always walk around and inside if you can. It’s great to understand the structure as it is easier to get the right shots and hopes people understand that you know what you are doing. Take in your surroundings and allow your eyes to roam free. I found interesting aspects of exteriors that I didn’t pay attention to before. Like the side of the building might look like a fingerprint from the right angle. It’s something different from the norm. Each building has it’s own character it’s your duty to fully understand it to be the best architectural photographer.

I took this shot with my Samsung Galaxy 3. I made it black and white so there would be a great contrast between the floors and lights. I enjoy the shot as the lighting really pops. It was done in the library building at Cosumnes River College. Always take your time with a shot and you might discover a new angle to shoot. It’s great to understand how light works as photography is drawing with light. The lighting in the shot doesn’t go in the typical straight line so it makes me like this shot even more.

Lastly, explore everywhere you legally can. As long as you are on public property then no one can truly stop you. But be respectful and smile. Don’t dress like a creep! Keep it light and get up close to your subject. Explore everything and you will be a better photographer and explorer. It also helps with losing weight as you are keeping active.


Have a great day and have fun!


Wait for It

Sometimes it is the best option to simply stand there and observe your subject. They might do something you don’t expect. You should do the same when you are doing architectural photography as you might just see something interesting. Don’t just assume that there is nothing interesting about a plain building or room. You could just miss the best shot of your life.

This shot was done in the Learning Resource Center at Cosumnes River College during summer semester so there are no people in the shot. I loved the lighting used in this building so I found a moment to capture several times. I took multiple shots from different angles to see which one is the right one. I believe I chose the right one after some debate with myself. Everything was reflective so it was nice. Best thing was I didn’t have to look out for myself in the any of the reflective surfaces.

I took this picture with my Samsung Galaxy S3, once again this was before I was given my Cybershot. I love all my cameras expect for the point and shoot cameras. I just love taking pictures and capturing moments because even buildings don’t last forever.So appreciate whatever equipment you have because your gear doesn’t matter. The only thing that truly matters is how much practice you put in and how much you truly see your subjects.


Have a great day and have fun


A Black and White World

I love black and white art. Maybe it’s because of my racial heritage or it’s simply more pleasing to me than color. I have been falling in love with street art and all of the artwork I have seen recently were done in black and white. It’s a great way to convey emotion and to tell a story. I feel like color takes away from the story of a photograph unless it’s done right.

With this shot, I wanted to showcase the space that’s left untouched at a college. The bricks worked well with me so I was able to capture them well while not focusing on them. It make have been better if I made the square in the center brighter. But when I was taking the shot I wanted the focus to be on the lights. Somehow when I see spaces like this I don’t feel like it’s empty. No room is truly empty because I can always find something I can shoot. Even if it’s the bricks on the wall or the tiles on the floor. Never assume there’s nothing to shoot if there is no furniture or luxury items in a room.

One key element of good photography is to view the world differently than others. Take shots that other people wouldn’t. Through trial and error you will improve. Just keep shooting and keep studying. Study your past work , your current work, other photographers, and the principles of photography. Never stop learning and never lose yourself in praise or criticism. Keep your head up and steady. Keep your heart open and allow your eyes to explore.

I’m working on improving this blog with longer posts. I have to overcome some obstacles but I will make this place better one step at a time.

Have fun





Camera: Samsung Galaxy s3