It’s all in the detail 

Industrial photography, sky

I love the detail that old machines or other industrial material. There’s a lot of character in aged material. Its heightened if the subject is shot in the right angle. I walk around a lot, I take photos of things people ignore. I get a lot of odd looks due to this but I don’t really care. I get lost with my camera, I take the shots I want and sometimes I go back if I discover something new in the previous shots I took. 

Im learning more and more about myself and photography everyday. So I am improving every single day. I’m obsessed with my craft, I’m going all out to do what I love ad should you.

This was shot with my Cybershot around 7pm. I loved how the rust made the object looked. I want to bring attention to the beauty of life. 

Pay attention to the details and you will discover new things,


Capture the grittiness of life as you see it 


I love seeing the grittiness of life it’s beautiful in its own way. I think this are just too bright now even horror film. Everything is 100% clean but that’s not life. We all know that so I choose to capture the true beauty of life. Which is its imperfections that we normally walk past. 

Been venturing into doing street photography. I don’t live in a highly populated area thus I tend to spend more time admiring buildings, machines, etc.I am going out of my comfort zone to do more street and portrait photography. It’s the only way I can improve as a storyteller.

Do what you fear,


Dedicate time to build yourself 


The only way to improve our lives and to improve our work is to take time to work on ourselves. Our work is our reflection. If we are angry it shows, when we are depressed it shows, when we are in love it shows, etc. We have to improve ourselves as our work typically willimprove once we discover who we truly are. You have to be consistent and you have to be courageous.

So even if you are afraid you must still act. Open up a book, sit at your desk with your electronics, go take a walk. Take the time to ask all the important questions if you discover something then quickly act before your motivation falls flat. Go out there, improve yourself and naturally so will your work. But it takes hard work and a ton of practice in the dark to truly improve.

Good luck,


Always aiming to improve and Capture life as I see it

architecture photography

I always bring my 2 cameraphones everywhere I go. I’m starting to treat my Cybershot the same way. Whenever I go somewhere the Cybershot is on my lap ready to shoot at any moment. I even bring it in stores to capture interiors. Normally I will just use my cameraphones in stores to not stand out. 

I want to catch the grittiness of life. I find people trying to make their photos so bright and clean that it almost seems unreal. Thats not for me, I just want to capture life without hiding the ugliness of it. Sometimes that ugliness is actually beauty.

Have a great day,


3peat: Keep going until you get it right

architecture photography

I keep taking shots of this building as I want to capture it different ways each time. I was standing there looking and shooting. When I noticed someone waiting for me to stop. I told it’s okay to go into the building. He smiled and walked on. He was polite, he was able to help me capture a new photo. I enjoy his shadow and the buildings reflective surface. 

This was done with my Cybershot. Been using it everyday and taking it to school with me everyday even when I have tennis. 

Moral of the story is to keep shooting until you get it right. Sometimes it takes more than one visit. Truly explore your subject and you’ll find new and interesting aspects of it.

Have a great time living,


One step at a time 

architecture photography, interior architecture

Don’t rush, take it slow. Take one step after the next. Don’t allow yourself to rest and fight yourself when your on that plateau. Keep your head down and just keep going. Work hard and when you lift your head you will see results.

Cybershot photo on a Friday afternoon. No one was there so it was easier to get this shot. 

About to go play ball I hope you have a good morning too,


Slow down and take the beauty of life in


We live fast in this age so it’s even more important to take the time to slow everything down. Take a walk with no goal, take life in. See Kidd playing, people walking dogs, smell the flowers, and take it the beauty of life. The walk will improve your body and mind. You will be a stronger version of the you now by simply walking in nature. 

Taken on a cloudy day with my Cybershot. I love these flowers if they are flowers. I love the multiple colors which is pleasing to the eye. 

Slow your role,