Start your day right

architecture photography, nature, sky

Nothing like taking shots and editing photos early in the morning. Started my day out with what I love to do as should you. We have to be inspired everyday to make use of the time you have. We have a limited amount of time so do what you love. 

When we do what we love is typically how we find happiness. So I chose to start my day with love and thus have a greater chance to make use of this day.

Go with love,


Have patienceĀ 


sometimes you have to just stand there waiting for the shot you want. With enough patience you may just get what you want. I was shooting pics and without realizing it this woman got into the shot perfectly. She didn’t seem to care that she was in the shot and just kept walking. I wanted to capture the hall and it’s unique colors. I love the yellow that shines when I walk through this place.

This was done with my Cybershot on a rare rainy day. Should have brought a plastic bag to cover my camera. Diy baby:)

Be forever creative,


Embrace life


Sometimes all we need is a fresh breath of air. Getting out and embracing nature is one way to positively affect our mind and body. We live such fast pace lives that we neglect our own health or ignore the beauty right under our noses.

This was taken with my Cybershot as i was walking and talking with my sister. It was a good day and got a lot of cardio in. We walked for about 2 miles while trying to take cover from the blazing heat. Ran into a nice biker and truly enjoyed the walk.

Embrace nature and clear your mind of negativity. Focus on what you can control. 


Untraditional path

architecture photography

Never be afraid to follow a different path from the norm. You should only do that if you want to be an average Joe for the rest of your life. There’s nothing wrong with that but that’s not for me. I chose to create my own path and design my world as I see fit. 
Walk your own way and live freely. This was taken with my Cybershot on a warm afternoon. Took the opportunity to visit somewhere new and took a lot of pictures at that park. 

Live well,


Make it through

architecture photography, interior architecture

There is always light in your life even when you are being engulfed by the darkness. Open your eyes, focus and steady yourself. The darkness can be beaten just master your mind. See the light that shines through the darkest parts of life. Never give in and just keeping moving forward until you can just run as freely as you possibly can.

Taken today with my Samsung Galaxy S3. I knew the type of shot that I wanted so I waited and was able to capture it. I was rewarded for my patience. Turned it black and white to enhance the shot.

Really had a great day and it’s still getting better with about 12 minutes left. About to write like crazy and I might discover something new while having fun.

Find your light,


Sometimes simple is better

architecture photography, interior architecture

Sometime it’s pays to keep it simple. Most people fail when they try to complicate things. I try to take a minimal approach which is due to personal reasons and my location. I don’t live in the kind of place that’s busy so I don’t get a lot of chances to do layered shots or street photography. 

Samsung Galaxy S3 around 11:50am trying to have fun before a terrible class. I love the floors and the industrial feel of this building. Wanted to catch the reflective surfaces in this building.

Have fun and good night,




I think we all need to spread more love as the world is becoming stained with more hate every single day. With all the attacks worldwide and the situations brewing in the united states. We have to let go of hate and simply listen to each other.

This was done with my Cybershot at 7pm. My sister was gracious enough to be a model for me. I love how her nails affected the shot. 

Be kind and have fun,