The road less traveled is the best path

street photography

Taken as I left a store with my Cybershot. Wanted to capture the street and the nature I live around. The are I live in is blended with farmland and suburbs. 

The best way to change is to go down the road you have neglected as it’s usually that road you want to take. You have to face fear and take it kn. You will be a much better person for doing so. 

Happy Halloween,


Life is a wonder so Let the cat be curious forever

nature, street photography

On a lovely Saturday evening as the sun goes down two creatives walk. Without a care we take shots and embrace nature through our photos. Curious about out surroundings we take shots we normally wouldn’t. Improving and expanding. 

Took this shot in an open field with my little sister. She used me for her model despite me being the photographer. It’s not something I normally do but I did it. It made improve as a photographer as I was able to out myself in my subjects shoes. It was something I feared but what was necessary for me to grow so I’m very thankful that I did it. 

Taken with my Cybershot at 7pm with wonderful light. 

May you be curious for life,


Lights and industrial play

architecture photography, interior architecture

Explored a hardware store and find a lot of subjects to shoot. Took this with my Samsung Galaxy S3. It’s easier to take shots while staying invisible as possible. 

Worked with lighting, would have liked to expose the shadow more. I’m going to work on that in the future. Had a lot of fun just going around and shooting in this store.

Have fun too!


Lines and learning from mistakes

architecture photography

Are so important in photography. In the beginning I wasn’t paying attention to vertical lines present in my shots. Until I watched a video by Jared Polin who discussed this. I noticed that my lines looked like they were falling back making the building feel like they were falling.

For a while I made sure that I paid attention to vertical lines but I stopped paying attention because it became natural. I improved so much by noticing slight mistakes and improving those mistakes by making corrections until I don’t make those mistakes again. 

You really just have to notice the little things because they can greatly improve yourself as a person, artist, and photographer or whatever you do. 

Be great never good,


A little red on a sunny day

architecture photography, sky

Roaming around in deep thought I captured this shot hoping to capture the character of the barn. At first it was too dark so I had to brighten it up and decided to keep the color rather than turn it into a black and white photo. The red really stands out thanks to the sky and the surrounding objects. 

Working with space and color on this one. 

Was taken with my Cybershot in the afternoon. I go all out in whatever I do so I’m always prepared. I always have a camera with me. I’m obsessed with my creativity and life in a good way aka I’m passionate. Are you?

Have a great day,


Space and Shadows 

architecture photography, street photography

Was a cloudy Monday as I made my way to the tennis courts. I took my camera out and took several shots which elevated my mood. Took this with my Cybershot around 9:30am. Working with space, shadows, and that crack. 

I love the grittiness of the ground it showcases a lot of photography elements that I like. Anyone who follows this blog knows that I love shadows. Working hard to develop a better understanding of light and shadows.

Had a wonderful day. Improving as a photographer, a tennis player, and as a man. 

Good luck on your journey,


What is your why? 

architecture photography

On a Wednesday morning decided to take shots as I waited for a class to start. I enjoy capturing the temporary buildings around the courts as they show age and a lot of detail that most people simply walk past.

This was taken with my Cybershot sometime around 10am with shadows in mind. I loved the sky on that day as it was beautifully clouded.

What is the reason you wake up? What are your reasons for doing what you do? What’s your why? Do you even know the meanings behind you why? If not I suggest diving deep into your mind to find these answer.

What’s your why? Mine is the passion to tell stories through capturing moments because it’s what makes me feel good and it’s something I can offer that helps others.

Have a great day go Raiders,