When one door closes another opens

This shot was taken with my Galaxy S3 on a warm afternoon. Wanted to see what kind of shadows that are on a door. It’s a simple object that we all see everyday but do we truly pay attention to them?

We tend to ignore the beauty of everyday objects. I want to explore these subjects and expose new things about them visually. 

Never give up if one dreams truly fails trust me there will be another door that opens for you.


Don’t settle in life 

I hardly ever strive be the best in anything, I strive to put everything I have into what I am doing. I inspire to invoke emotion and to tell a story. 

I put in my whole being into my photography. Why? Because I love it. Its more than that as well it’s because I have passion for it. I am always striving to be the best version of myself. I am always striving to improve unintentionally at times. I have gone so far and I truly want to live the life I’ve always dreamed about. For that to have I have to act. 

I will never settle, I will put myself through hell to end up as a champion. I only want to be the best I can be. I will never stay still. I will always aim higher until I finally drop and the light fades to black as I close my eyes for the last time.

Be your own champion,


Film noir taste

I fell in love with film noir after a lifetime of brightly colored films. Nothing beats the grittiness of noir and that’s what I would like to reflect in my photography. The darkness of life doesn’t have to be ugly. There is beauty all walks of life you just have to open your mind and heart. 

I hope to venture into fashion but would like to do black and white shots with heavy shadows. I intend to delve deeper and explore the medium as far as I can go with it. Photography is taking the shots you want and I’m on that path. 

Know what you love and never let it go,


The harder path in life is the best one to take

This path is getting harder and harder. I’m not giving in to the little voice trying to tell me I’m too tired or I’ll do it later. I chose this path and I’m sticking to it. My path is very hard but the rewards will be big. When I am able to stand as a successful photographer I will be so much happier that I took the hard road rather than the easy road. Fuck easy! 

I’m at the point where I do need to expand what I am doing. I just have to figure out how. How do I start to become a full fledged paid photographer. How do I get clients? What kind of jobs can I do in the meantime while I improve my skills and my gear? 

This was done with my Samsung Galaxy S3 at a local store. I wanted to capture the grittiness of the interior which I believe I did. 

Have fun on your path,


Merge what you love and you will be the greatest 

One great way to be a better photographer is to merge what you love. Take shots related to your hobbies or what you love. I love basketball I often take photos of basketball hoops and courts whenever I go to new ones. Your love of your subject will come through the photos making it even better.

It’s like when you take a photo of your lover your emotions and their emotions can truly shine through. This makes the photos better in my opinion. So merge your love of photography with outside interests and you will find yourself taking more quality photos and you will expand as a photographer. 

Get those shutters going,


Commit to it and capture the shot you want 

You have to take pictures that you want to take. At times if you have a client they may want you to take a shot you don’t want to take. It’s okay to satisfy the clients desires but show them your way as well. Give them more than one option and show them pictures you desired to take. You never know they may like your ideas more than theirs. 

You have to be committed to the shot, you may have to stand there to capture the right shot. You may have to wait for someone to walk into the frame. It takes patience sometimes to make a great photograph.

This shot was taken with my Cybershot in the afternoon. I like looking at this hall. The floor is very reflective, there’s wall art, straight lines in different angles. I sat there and took a few shots until I felt like it was right. 

Commit to excellence!


Just keep going one step at a time

No matter how dark life gets, just keep moving forward. Never give in to your internal darkness. Deny it and walk into the light. Follow the path your true self wants to create. Never allow any to engulf you in the darkness especially yourself. 

Took this shot with my Cybershot. I took it upside down and from the side to give it a different look. I’m always experimenting with angles. Always seeking to improve every single day. 

Live well,


No Excuses: Taking shots in any weather. 

It actually rained here for the first time in quite a while. It’s good as we are having a drought. Still managed to take shots while it was raining off and on. If you are afraid to hurt your camera then wrap it in a plastic bag and get your ass outside. 

No Excuses!  A basketball player will practice regardless of the rain as will as cyclist and many other people. While you are worrying about the rain someone else is out there having the time of their lives working their asses off for what they are passionate about. 

To be on a healthier life journey that I am on I have to stop making excuses. If I want to walk I walk, if I want to take photos I take photos no matter what. It’s excuses and fear that leads to failure. I know I will fail at times but I refuse to be a failure. I will win and be a champion so I will never make excuses again. 

Be your own hero and get moving,


Study light and go for what you want to take photos of

Photography basically means “Drawing with Light”. So that should help you understand that light is a very important element of photography. It can make or break your photo. You can manipulate it to the point you can control it.

The basics point is you must study light. Understand what soft light is, what harsh light is, what golden hour is, etc. Study light! 

Finally take photos that you want to take not the ones that will do the best on Instagram. Focus on your art not likes and follows. 

This was done in the afternoon with my Cybershot. This is harsh light which I try to avoid but I use it when I need to or want to. 

Capture your art and live your life,


Keep moving and do something you fear everyday

The path we normally take is the one with the least amount of risk. Even if we beat the odds we will have our dream life. We are fearful creatures but fear is created by ourselves which means we can destroy it ourselves 

My fear is photographing models so I try to spend more time taking photos of people to improve. I’m spending time working on my art and social skills. I do something I fear everyday because I want to improve and become the greatest version of myself as a man and as a photographer.

Fear nothing and be there greatest version of yourself,