Meaning behind everything

I’ve been declaring my intentions every morning recently. Declaring a general theme for the photos I take during the day. Thus I can grow as an artist and photographer. It helps expose the stories I want to tell. 

This shot is basically about reflection of self. You can find unique aspects if you look at different angles and notice the little things that make the big elements. 

Taken with my Samsung Galaxy S3 on a cloudy day. 

Declare your intention,


Lonely road 

I attended a webinar on how to use photography to help people with depression and anxiety. I do suffer from depression but it’s not as bad as it used to be. I take photos that please me and each one has a certain meaning for me. I love to tell stories but i would rather show them. 

I’m on a path like the woman in the shot. It’s lonely, dark, and cold. But it’s the road I’ve chosen to go as it’s the path I have chosen to create. This photo represents the story of the path we must go through to get where we want to go. Often we are alone but that doesn’t mean you don’t have support. If you need it I’m sure there will be a hand to hold on. Real friends and family shows up when you truly need them no matter what. 

Go down your path and do better,



You should be unstoppable you are motivated and dedicated to your craft/ or goal. You need support and you need that drive. Spend hours on your craft and you shall rise in skill and positive thoughts. You will be the best version of yourself all it takes is you to get started right at this moment. 

This is a wall you use to practice your tennis. The more you use it the better you get. Taken with my cybershot early in the day.

Be unstoppable my friend,


Wandering around

Sometimes I simply keep it simple but I try not to do anything easy. Was exploring my college and find this building near the athletic area. It was behind a fence so I had to adjust the camera to take the shot without the fence intruding into it. 

I wanted to capture the lines and shadows present. I needed up enjoying the shadow more than the detail of the building. Why? Because I’m a weird person:p. 

Basically I like the position of the shadow and the presence of the tree in the back. This was taken with my Samsung Galaxy S3

Go explore your world,



I am always experimenting with anything creative rather just stick the same old thing. I love to capture normal things in different ways thus a black and white photo of wet roses. I love the shade of black and the detail of the water drops. 

Moral of the story. Experiment with your creativity and your selected crafts. Been heavily experimenting with editing techniques and thus becoming a better artist and hopefully storyteller. This shot remains me of a tv show called Cowboy Bebop.

Till next time,


Know your influences

As a child I was inspired by anime being broadcasted by Adult Swim and other channels. When I grew up I fell in love with the beauty of cinematography. Especially when I saw still frames from black and white Japanese films. The construction of the scenes and use of the background was stellar. 
This was beauty in each shot this love was furthered when I started to which Hitchcock films. Everything in the shot is controlled and felt like it was a true photograph rather than a film. Thus helped me understand some of the choices I make and what I truly like. It helped me realize many things about myself and my life. 

You need to know who influences and most importantly why? Are you a dentist but all of your mentors are politicians maybe you have a strong interest to have a political career. Sometimes it truly makes you a better artist to understand what influenced your creativiy. 

Find your mentors,


Study smart not hard

Studying hard is irrelevant if you are not doing it right. Everyone has a different way of learning effectively. Some people are able to just grab a book off the shelf and simply jump into it. Others can’t do this, some need to listen to someone talk about the subject etc. Once you understand what style of studying suits you you will have an easier time studying and thus studying hard won’t apply to you anymore.
Took this inside of a college library. Wanted to capture the detail of the interior focusing on the desks and the space present all around them. This was done with my Samsung Galaxy S3.

Knowledge is power,


Spending hours and hours on what you love

We get notice for the things we show in the light that we worked for years on in the dark. If you have a passion you need to spend years crafting that passion. If you play basketball, you have to be shooting, dribbling the ball everyday and playing in games. If you are a photographer you have to spend hours taking photos, editing photos, and studying photos. It takes a thousand shots to get your form right in both basketball and photography. 

Don’t let your passion die out to do life. Get what you need and work on it every single day. You have to be obsessed with it to truly succeed.

This is a tennis wall which you can practice your technique to train. Its a great way to practice before a match. Taken with my Cybershot at 9:30 am or just about. 

Stay passionate,


Keep moving don’t stop

We need to keep moving in order to be anything in life. We are meant to keep moving. If you suddenly just stop you are quitting on yourself because of you circumstances. Life gets in the way but we can just go around our problems and fix them as we move. 

This shot was meant to convey stuck in the way. No matter what comes into your path there is always a way to get around it. Just never stop or you will drown in a life you swore you would never have.

Taken with my Cybershot around 9 in the morning. 

I’m never stopping,


Follow the path you fear

Everyone has a dream even if they fight against it. We are afraid of following them and failing. But if we never risk failure then we will never truly be whole. Even if you failed at least you tried. You can keep your head up and proudly proclaim your results. You may just find who you truly are through the loss. 

Never give up and never give in to the fear. I hope you all a beautiful day.