Spending hours and hours on what you love

architecture photography, street photography

We get notice for the things we show in the light that we worked for years on in the dark. If you have a passion you need to spend years crafting that passion. If you play basketball, you have to be shooting, dribbling the ball everyday and playing in games. If you are a photographer you have to spend hours taking photos, editing photos, and studying photos. It takes a thousand shots to get your form right in both basketball and photography. 

Don’t let your passion die out to do life. Get what you need and work on it every single day. You have to be obsessed with it to truly succeed.

This is a tennis wall which you can practice your technique to train. Its a great way to practice before a match. Taken with my Cybershot at 9:30 am or just about. 

Stay passionate,


Keep moving don’t stop

architecture photography, street photography

We need to keep moving in order to be anything in life. We are meant to keep moving. If you suddenly just stop you are quitting on yourself because of you circumstances. Life gets in the way but we can just go around our problems and fix them as we move. 

This shot was meant to convey stuck in the way. No matter what comes into your path there is always a way to get around it. Just never stop or you will drown in a life you swore you would never have.

Taken with my Cybershot around 9 in the morning. 

I’m never stopping,


Follow the path you fear


Everyone has a dream even if they fight against it. We are afraid of following them and failing. But if we never risk failure then we will never truly be whole. Even if you failed at least you tried. You can keep your head up and proudly proclaim your results. You may just find who you truly are through the loss. 

Never give up and never give in to the fear. I hope you all a beautiful day.


Up on the hill


Such a beautiful day, was getting ready to use the tennis wall to practice my backhand and overall technique. I saw this hill and got an urge to capture it. 

We have to take a moment to truly see what’s around us and appreciate it. Follow the path you fear as you will see that it will let you become the strongest version of yourself.

Stay beautiful,


Shadows on the court


Nothing like some good tennis to get your day started. I was able to take a few shows before getting some practice in. I love experimenting with shadows and lines. I wanted to show that you want the ball to be on the other side of the court. You always aim above the net not at it. Meaning you must set hug goals for yourself and an even higher one. 
You can win a point after a long volley, an excellent ace, or even a smash. Whatever it takes score all the points you need to capture the win aka your dreams. Never give up and never give in.

You can do it!


Different angles

architecture photography, interior architecture

Got to experiment with taking photos of the same object in different angles. Itd best to observe the object and capturing the angle in a way that appeals to you.

I knew when I took this shot I would flip it. I just felt the urge to do so and thought it was more interesting this way. I captured the coldness of the metal in that place and was able to do because it’s what I sought to do that day. 

Its great to start early,


A moment at home

interior architecture

Was watching a boring tv show decided to take pictures of my grandfather who is usually surrounded by tiny dogs. Caught it with my Cybershot back when I just got it. I was experimenting shooting different things. Kept him shadowed I’m sure you know someone old like him who watched the price is right.

I’m always exploring new ways to express my creativity and how I see life. If I can tell a story with a shot Im happy regardless of likes. 

Do it for love,