Up on the hill

Such a beautiful day, was getting ready to use the tennis wall to practice my backhand and overall technique. I saw this hill and got an urge to capture it. 

We have to take a moment to truly see what’s around us and appreciate it. Follow the path you fear as you will see that it will let you become the strongest version of yourself.

Stay beautiful,


Shadows on the court

Nothing like some good tennis to get your day started. I was able to take a few shows before getting some practice in. I love experimenting with shadows and lines. I wanted to show that you want the ball to be on the other side of the court. You always aim above the net not at it. Meaning you must set hug goals for yourself and an even higher one. 
You can win a point after a long volley, an excellent ace, or even a smash. Whatever it takes score all the points you need to capture the win aka your dreams. Never give up and never give in.

You can do it!


Different angles

Got to experiment with taking photos of the same object in different angles. Itd best to observe the object and capturing the angle in a way that appeals to you.

I knew when I took this shot I would flip it. I just felt the urge to do so and thought it was more interesting this way. I captured the coldness of the metal in that place and was able to do because it’s what I sought to do that day. 

Its great to start early,


A moment at home

Was watching a boring tv show decided to take pictures of my grandfather who is usually surrounded by tiny dogs. Caught it with my Cybershot back when I just got it. I was experimenting shooting different things. Kept him shadowed I’m sure you know someone old like him who watched the price is right.

I’m always exploring new ways to express my creativity and how I see life. If I can tell a story with a shot Im happy regardless of likes. 

Do it for love,


Be grateful for what you have

Caught this while on a bike ride with my Cybershot. There was a fire that occurred behind a church burning a lot of land. I wanted to capture all the holes and basically charred remains of the building. I tried to make the building appear to be falling as how unsteady it looks the holes help this. 

Be grateful for what you have because you never know when it will be gone.

Treasure what you love,


Make light out of dark situations 

Caught this with my Cybershot. The sky was perfectly chaotic. I am trying to experiment with residential houses in my photography. I am always trying to find ways to improve. I may fail but I’m the type to learn from failure and get better. 

Even when the world appears to be clouded in darkness. There is light you just have to open your eyes to see it. Find your passion and strengthen it. Get so good and go out in the world. Don’t lock yourself away. Stay true to your true self. 

Have a great day,


Keep your eyes open

Basically take in the life that surrounds you. Get off of the phone, tablet, etc. Embrace life and capture how you see it everyday.

Try to capture things in different ways, it’s best to return to subjecy but shoot them in a way you normally wouldn’t. Explore new methods and trying learn through trial and error. 

Taken with my Cybershot on a Monday morning right outside of some tennis courts. I love the detailed shadows and the overall environment. 

Goodnight and go have fun,


Care to play & Dreams

This is a still from the first live action sort film I directed Care to Play. This was done with my Cybershot around 1pm on a Friday. I wanted to capture the shadows and light but my subject wad her boots.

I’m proud to say I am a director and writer. I wanted to share this accomplishment as I always wanted to director. I learned so much from shooting this film that I felt like I grew as a leader, artist and man. 

I still have many more dreams to go and I am hungry to accomplish them. First I must be the best version of myself to truly accomplish them. It’s a long journey but I am truly enjoying it. Are you?

Stay creative,


Keep your head up

You never know what you’ll find when you keep your head up. I didn’t see the cloud at first but after a few shots from a different angle I took my subject in. I wanted the shadows to be my subject but the cloud ended up being the focal point. Took this with my Cybershot on a peaceful day. 

Having a hard day? Keep your head up and smile through it all. Life will get better but you have to be the one to do that. Let go of the person you are now for the person you truly wish to be. Jump into the mind of the strongest version of yourself and get to work.