Be Free and Wild like you were when you were a child

architecture photography, street photography

I think we tend to get limited on our imaginations as we get older. Society expects us to dream less and do more. I believe we need to keep in touch of who we truly are and to be that we need our ability to imagine. 

We need to be able to express ourselves without limits. Don’t let the world place shadows over you. Be Free my friends,


Exploring streets

street photography

Was on a journey to find some food to eat after some good tennis. Me and my tennis partner got some Vietnamese sandwiches. They were quite good, I’m always willing to try new things not just with creative outlets. 

I’m always exploring, always willing to walk as well. Have been working on taking shots while in a vehicle(when I’m the passenger) as well. This was taken as I was walking, didn’t spend a whole lot of time shooting this subject as I would hold up traffic. I did however envision the shot before I got the chance to capture it. Which everyone should do. 

Have a great day,


Nature of Black and White

nature, sky

Decided on doing a project involving nature and black &white photography. The area I live around is still farm based in certain neighborhoods. So I’m surrounded by nature which is a pain for when I want to do architectural photography. 

Anyway, this project involves using minimalism with nature based shots. I got the idea from remembering a black and white Japanese film called Sansho the Baliff. I found the film to be very beautifully composed in every shot. 

I love film noir as well and I wanted to try to improve my composition by doing simple shots of nature but still make them interesting. So I have a purpose for each nature shot I take. I am starting a few other projects to be discussed later. 

Live free,


Game of Life


​Someone loses and another win. That’s life but you cant lose all the time. Eventually, you’ll get the W. Just keep your head up and keep going all out until you left everything on the court, field, gym, etc. Then if you lose you’ll still be proud that you gave it your all.

Try and try again, do it a thousand times if you have to.



Don’t defeat yourself


Don’t allow yourself to quit. Sometimes all we need is a moment to breathe and calm down. Close your eyes and allow yourself that moment. When we get too angry or frustrated we end up making it worse. We have to forget and move on.

Dwelling on mistakes will just cause more. The more you try to be perfect the more you will fail. Don’t get down and simply be the best you can be. 

This shot was taken at Cosumnes river college with members of the unofficial tennis club. One player was simply making too many mistakes that was costing him the game. I simply sought out to capture his mood. 

Outwill yourself,


Be Grateful

nature, sky

Every morning, I’m thankful for being able to live a little longer. There’s still a lot I have to accomplish and I don’t want anything to stop me. I still have to see the Golden State Warriors to establish a Dynasty, the Raiders win the Super Bowl a few times, go to Japan, see Hayao Miyazaki’s new film, etc. 

There are many things left for me to do, I do a lot everyday that leads me to my big goals. So I’m truly grateful that I am taking better care of myself to be here for another 25 years. Besides being grateful I start my day with positive affirmations. 

If you start off great you’ll remain great. Make sure to have a great day, happiness is a state of mind and your attitude. Keep your head up and be grateful for what you have. 

A Beautiful Night

nature, sky, street photography

There’s nothing like staring up at the stars. Sadly, there wasn’t any that appeared due to the lights. But often when I am in the countryside or in phoenix I love to stare at the stars and truly think. It’s relaxing to me, It heloed me get through some pretty tough times when I was much younger. 

So on a fine evening I take photos of  the sky especially when there are trees in the shot. I enjoy the way nature looks in black and white. My photo appears hollow in a way as if it gives off the impression of drowning in darkness. I wanted to express this feeling with this shot. As well as if nothing good is around you, you can always get lost in what’s above you. 

Keep your head up,