A Day of light Happiness


Explored the depths of downtown Sacramento with my father and sister. They were looking for food and the bathroom. We spent time Infront of a restaurant that haven’t been to before. They unexpectedly became the models for this shots. Luckily a couple was exiting the store at the same time I took the shot. 

I captured the age of the building with the shadows of the dying day. Love the wood as well and the overall feel of the place. It was about 6 when we were exploring. 

Went around a lot of cool stores, even found an old arcade where I played street fighter (terribly) and pacman. I really would enjoy going back there with them. 

At the end of the day, these were some moments I’ll never forget. My father was patient with his children’s photography sessions as we lost ourselves in our respected cameras. 

Appreciate the little things,


Your Path

street photography

Whatever path your passion leads you will be one with trials. You will second guess yourself, but it’s up to you if you decide to turn back or not. If you want to truly live then keep going even if you decide to walk another path. Keep moving forward never take a step down or back. 

Having a passion at times may seem cruel as the path you truly want to take will be difficult. So we opt for a more stable path even if it doesn’t truly lead to our happiness.

When I die, I want people to say he was someone who truly lived. If you think about it, there are many people in your life that chose the easy path. So its understandable if you go down that path. If you ask them I bet almost all of them regret the choice. 

Take your time and find the right path for you,


Now or Never

sky, street photography

I came to the realization it’s now or never for me. I’m 25 years old the perfect deadline to achieve results. I would like to become an amateur professional athlete in basketball and tennis while doing photography and writing. Nothing I want to do for a career is a safe job so I might as well go all out. 

I can’t handle doing the 9 to 5 suit job. I need times where I can be moving around and I truly love the competitive games of tennis and basketball. I’m doing my best to develop the body and mind I need to become what I want. 

It’s really now or never I will tryout in 2017 for both teams. I have a long way to go but I’m excited. I’m motivated but most of all I’m dedicated. Now ot never is my motto now, life is too short waiting. 

“I can accept failure but I can’t accept bot trying” Michael Jordan.

Instead of pondering, tell yourself it’s now or never get your dreams going.

This was at downtown sacramento, I captured a dark shot of my sister staring out into the night sky. I feel the impression of deep thought which is what I wanted to express. I am working with models more and it’s something I enjoy much more than I thought. 

Go with a dedicated mind,




Went out with my family to the old part of my city. We walked around for an hour or two. In this photo, we were exploring for a decent bathroom. Decided to try the river king and we’re quite successful. 

I captured a lot of the moments during this journey but understood when not to take a shot. I will always remember the emotions I felt on that great day. I only hope I can one day be able to fully transfer more emotions through my art.

Tell a story with your art that is able to express itself. I believe that is what makes great art. Not art thats proper or focuses too much on technique. Just create your work the way you want. 



Explore your world

architecture photography, street photography

I’m talking about the environment around you. Explore every depth of where you live even if you been there before. You may discover something new or something you always wanted to capturr but never had your camera. Never complain that you have nothing to shoot thats a damn lie. Shoot old subjects from different angles. Take shots you normally wouldn’t explore different niches.

For instance, I mainly do street but I capture a lot of architectural shots but I venture into abstract, fashion, nature, Industrial, and portrait photography. My main focus is architectural but I capture whatever shot I have a story for. 

The night was young and beautiful as I explored the depths of downtown. The Tower Bridge shined marvelously as me and my family peered to the sky as the day closed. 

Venture into the outside world (be careful),


Know your history

architecture photography, street photography

If we do not understand the past we are doomed to repeat the same mistakes. I love history, besides p.e. it was the only class I got straight A’s in. I love to learn about it and I routinely study my past to discover who I truly am. 

It’s an important concept in becoming the strongest version of yourself.  I think we all need to look back and see what we truly loved to do when we had no restraints. It can show us what our paths should be as well as it can provide with with insight into your photography. 

Why do you take shots of your subjects? What draws you? What shots inspire you?

Look to the past to discover keys to a better present just don’t live in the past,


A great Morning

nature, sky

I never want to be good I want to be great. I never have a goof day I strive for a great day. I have a commitment to myself to be excellent. I’m not average nor do I strive to be. I start my mornings with announcing to myself that I am great and I will go all out today. Finally I say I am grateful to see that sky once more. 

Don’t want to be average? Then don’t act like the average person. Aim higher and be great. Be the best version of yourself every single day. Don’t regret a moment so you can be happy when you no longer can see the sky. 

Took this near old sacramento, it is of the evening sky. Took it with my Cybershot that works when I truly need it to. Wanted to capture the beauty of life.

No regrets be great never good,