Went out with my family to the old part of my city. We walked around for an hour or two. In this photo, we were exploring for a decent bathroom. Decided to try the river king and we’re quite successful. 

I captured a lot of the moments during this journey but understood when not to take a shot. I will always remember the emotions I felt on that great day. I only hope I can one day be able to fully transfer more emotions through my art.

Tell a story with your art that is able to express itself. I believe that is what makes great art. Not art thats proper or focuses too much on technique. Just create your work the way you want. 



Explore your world

I’m talking about the environment around you. Explore every depth of where you live even if you been there before. You may discover something new or something you always wanted to capturr but never had your camera. Never complain that you have nothing to shoot thats a damn lie. Shoot old subjects from different angles. Take shots you normally wouldn’t explore different niches.

For instance, I mainly do street but I capture a lot of architectural shots but I venture into abstract, fashion, nature, Industrial, and portrait photography. My main focus is architectural but I capture whatever shot I have a story for. 

The night was young and beautiful as I explored the depths of downtown. The Tower Bridge shined marvelously as me and my family peered to the sky as the day closed. 

Venture into the outside world (be careful),


Know your history

If we do not understand the past we are doomed to repeat the same mistakes. I love history, besides p.e. it was the only class I got straight A’s in. I love to learn about it and I routinely study my past to discover who I truly am. 

It’s an important concept in becoming the strongest version of yourself.  I think we all need to look back and see what we truly loved to do when we had no restraints. It can show us what our paths should be as well as it can provide with with insight into your photography. 

Why do you take shots of your subjects? What draws you? What shots inspire you?

Look to the past to discover keys to a better present just don’t live in the past,


A great Morning

I never want to be good I want to be great. I never have a goof day I strive for a great day. I have a commitment to myself to be excellent. I’m not average nor do I strive to be. I start my mornings with announcing to myself that I am great and I will go all out today. Finally I say I am grateful to see that sky once more. 

Don’t want to be average? Then don’t act like the average person. Aim higher and be great. Be the best version of yourself every single day. Don’t regret a moment so you can be happy when you no longer can see the sky. 

Took this near old sacramento, it is of the evening sky. Took it with my Cybershot that works when I truly need it to. Wanted to capture the beauty of life.

No regrets be great never good,


Don’t be a victim

In modern society there are too many of us who take the victim mentality. We need to move away from that and act with purpose. Allow the wrong doings done to you to be fuel to your fire to achieve. Allow yourself to stand up and live. 

Fight for what you believe in and never allow yourself to cave into despair with a victim mentality. You will never truly be alive doing so. Protect yourself and your beliefs. 

This photo is from my street photography Instagram: davidrobbinfield. It was taken on a very foggy morning, saw a pray mantis and wanted to capture it’s pose the fog trying to consume everything around us. 

Be strong,


Touch the Sky

We all want to reach limits to surpass them. We all want to touch the sky but we tend to aim lower which helps cause the darkness of fear and doubt to consume you. But like my favorite rapper, Eminem, I’m going to aim for the moon because even if I fail I’ll end up in the stars. High above the people deemed average. 

We have to work hard to achieve what we want. So aiming low will never help you. Have small goals that lead to a big goal. Never aim low though or you will regret it. Be honest with what you want and start running for it. Get it and never let go but allow yourself to change for the better as you may have a different goal that develops over time.

Aim him and swing for the fences,


Every Rose is beautiful even when they age

I didn’t stage this shot, someone had put a rose through a fence. I captured it hoping to expose it’s beauty despite it dying. Obviously the rose is a metaphor for women. Each women has their own beauty even if they can’t see it. 

I aimed to create a soft photograph to create a somewhat romantic mood. With slight light escaping from the right side and the fence adding some depth. The light side was meant to add some depth to the shot and allow to show that we tend to hide beauty without realizing we can expose beauty by simply accepting it. 

We have to take care of natural beauty of life.

Have a great day,


Reflection of self

You truly need to be in touch with yourself in order to be the greatest version of yourself. But you often explore who you are through your craft. Thus we are always striving to find ourselves.

We tend to have a firm grip on who who we are fundamentally but there is always much more to learn. So never stop learning. 

This photo is of the Winn center at Cosumnes River college on a rainy day. Taken with my Galaxy sometime during the morning before the puddles dried up.