Back Then to Now: Path to success

architecture photography, street photography

A few years ago, I explored a new place to take photos for my photography class final. This was one for the photos but I didn’t use it as one of three final pics. I enjoy this shot and as soon as I saw it I felt inspired to write. 

I didn’t know what the building was. It was run down with a gaping hole and all the entrances were closed off. It’s in my nature to capture subjects like this. 

Some of us may think that any ladder to success, to goals or our dream lives is out of reach. But if you learn parkour they won’t be. Sometimes all it takes is to go a different way. No path is straight your path will curve, will go up and down. It’s all about how you handle it. Eventually you will be able to grasp that ladder and reach the top. 

Don’t look down once you do or you may lose everything. Keep your eyes on the present. 

I believe you will be able to reach the top of wherever you want to go even if you don’t believe..I do,



architecture photography, Industrial photography

I enjoy capturing machines and architecture. They are sometimes viewed as being cold and lifeless. To me they are beautiful at times. They are history and I love history. I’m one of those people that values life rather it be breathing or not. 

I went with a simple shot of a tower from an angled position. There were wires running behind it which kind of faded into the background in a good way. Wanted to show my appreciation for subjects like this. 

Have fun,


Time to Grow

architecture photography, street photography

Times are tough for everyone, but it is the best time to grow. When you have your back against the wall you only one way to go. That’s forward! If you fall, fall forward and pick yourself up. Never step down, keep your eyes on the prize and grow as strong as the tree in my photo. 

I’m heading on a path that will allow me to grow. It’s a challenging path but I’m staying positive. It’s not a hard path but a character building one. So many decisions to make in such a short time but I will decide today. I will fight myself today and defeat myself so I can touch the sky. 

When I defeat myself no one can touch me. We must face ourselves to face others. Remember impossible is just an opinion. It’s not truth, just tell yourself “I’m possible”.

Time to go! Keep your head up and smile,


One inspiration: Gothic + Tim Burton

architecture photography, nature, street photography

I love the way trees look without leaves. That gothic look is marvelous as if it was in an old vampire film. I love the contrast between white and black. It’s an easy thing to do in photography but I find it hard to master. One such person who mastered it is Tim Burton. 

His films Sweeny Todd, Edward Scissorhands and many others have influenced me. I love Victorian era architecture and many gothic elements. I want to be able to use contrast with black and white vs birght colors that he showed during the beach scene in Sweeny Todd. It was such a visual treat that influenced my way of thinking and art style. 

I seek to be able to take photographs with gothic subjects especially Victorian era architecture. I plan to use gothic models in the future and create my own world with a gothic touch. 

This photo is of a building at Cosumnes River College that lays below a massively beautiful tree. I love the shadow that is so solid that it appears to consume everything in its path. 

It’s up to you to find your inspiration we all have some,


Time for Living

nature, street photography

Flowers that never die but never truly live. Wrapped in plastic and sold cheaply for all to adore. I caught these flowers while waiting on line at a WalMart. I simply captured it for me, I enjoyed the subject and the shot seemed right. Hard to explain, in layman’s terms I simply went with my gut. 

I love the effect that the plastic gives to the flowers. I will revisit using plastic in my shots in the future. I am looking to expand and improve. It’s truly time for me to get my head out of my ass and start truly living. 

Not the time for dying but living,


At the right place

street photography

I never expected to capture this shot when I arrived downtown. I simply was capturing the Tower Bridge and the sunset. I am glad I got this shot, I love the darkness of the water and how the boat stands out. As if it is forever frozen yet in the shot it looks like it is still moving. 

I don’t judge my subjects I just capture. I capture things in the moment and sometimes people fail to realize a missed subject. Someone thought it was pretty weird for me to take photos of a burned shed. I did it anyway despite her judging eyes. I don’t care what the world thinks I do photography for myself. I have subjects I want to show and stories I want to write. If my heart is not in my work then I have no reason to do it. That’s the kind of person I am, my art is myself. If I can help others on the way then so be it. I enjoy it hearing or see tears fall or smiles crack as someone reads or views my work. Changes are happening and it’s now or never. 

Go for broke,


Different angles

architecture photography, street photography

I took about thirty shots of the Sacramento Tower Bridge from different angles. I do this out of habit. I try never to capture a subject straight on unless there’s not a possibility of another angle or there is something in the background that I dislike. It helps my photos to have more depth by taking them from different angles. 

I do things my own way. I’m always returning to subjects if I can and taking the shot from a different angle than the one I chose. This is how I improve not only my artwork but my attention to detail as well as my confidence. 

Never stop improving,