Light in Your Life

We all need a little light in our life or we will forever succumb to the beautifully cold darkness. Some have more than others but that’s fine. It’s all about taking it one step at a time. You are not lost you may not see it but I’m sure there is a bit of light in your life. Sometimes it is right under our noses because we are looking too hard. 

What was lost can be found. Remember that.

I was just waiting at my grandmother’s house and decided to shoot the interior. The room is always dark thanks to the dark red color walls. I love it, it’s perfect for relaxing and my type of photography. I love blending light and dark together. 

Be consistent and smile,


Life as it is

I don’t live in a big city nor do I live near downtown. So I grew up taking photos of trees, machines, animals, etc. It’s what was available to me as a child. I have evolved, I know take photos of people, nature, machines, buildings, objects, etc. I am much better than when I was a child but back then I was free from self doubt. Which is something we take for granted at that age. I think about my drive back then and hope to build something similar to it so I can evolve even more as an artist, photographer and most importantly as a man. 

On a rainy I traveled with my family to get groceries. I caught this in-between wiping my phone dry and walk-in joyfully under raindrops. I love the darkness present it helps bring out the light of the shot. Thanks to the rain there is a reflection of the darker subjects in the shot. With the reflection it gives the main building a sense of completeness. 

I love the rain,


Dark Times

We all face dark times. It is during these dark times that we truly shine or burn out. Happy moments may be challenging but they are nothing compared to the darkness of life. 

I’m in a dark period that seems like an era. Been here so long I wonder if I placed it upon myself. I realized my passions recently but apart of me already knew about them. Self doubt runs wild but I’m shooting it down with positive thinking. It’s a struggle but I’m so looking forward to the journey to step into the light per se. 

I’m facing my dark times I’m scared and nervous but I’m not giving up. I want my dream life and I want to follow my passions to the very end. Never going to stop until I drop dead. 

This photo was taken near a river in downtown Sacramento. The woman was taking selfies and wasting quality daylight on that task. Everyone has their own habits. I made the photo dark as it looks better and I feel happier with it. 

Face your dark times head on,


In the End: Life is about love and choices

I believe life is about love. Yes, I’m a romantic yet I’m not just talking about having a partner. We have many lives in life that defines ourselves. We love some kind of music, some kind of actress or actor, we love nature, we love some activity, we love the quiet or loud moments, etc. We need more love in this world. I was once consumed by hate and sadness in the form of a coldness that would sweep over my body. I lost apart of myself to it, I was a shell of a human. It was painful to not feel anything. I came to the realization it’s okay to love. I built myself up to be more of myself and to be a stronger version of myself. I accepted that I was a romantic and other things. 
It’s fully okay to be who you are, you will feel truly alive when you do. I hope you might the right choices and the petals of your flower dont fall soon. 

Have you made any choices that make you feel proud today,


Get Lost in what you do

If you can’t then maybe you are doing the wrong thing for the wrong reasons. We focus too much on money although it’s understandable. I’m simply wanting to be financially stable. It’s also a fact that we are greedy. We always want more which leads to our downfall or a lesser future. People who do things only for money often sacrifice relationships and end up being miserable. 

I used to do things just for the money but after much meditation and deep thinking. I realized it wasn’t what I wanted, I want to change the world and tell good stories. To inspire and to evoke emotion from whoever consumes my craft. 

I get lost when I do photography, paint, and write. Basically, whenever I create I lose myself. I’m talented in evoking emotion and placing myself in someone else’s shoes. I believe it’s called empathic intelligence. I was so lost thinking for my passions when I already had them and never really thought about how to make money from them. This realization led to more deep thinking. 

I started to remember all my school years and what made me happy to do. I tuned the world out when I wrote and read books. I dominated bigger kids on the court and fields with my athletic ability. Making a teenage girl smile after crying her eyes out in class when I wrote a rap for her. Watching my animated shorts come alive was a beautiful experience. I get lost in creating and presenting my work to the world. 

Do you get lost?


Self image

Step 4 of the plan to help my depression and anxiety through photography is taking shots of yourself. It could be of your hand, reflection, etc. No one else, which is the difficult part. We tend to shy away from taking photos of ourselves as we are our worst critics. It’s a habit we must break but that is up to you and time. We must accompany the photos with a essay of sorts explaining our story. 

It’s great a way to show who you truly are in the world. We all need that to truly feel alive. It’s time to let go of the negative emotions and move on. Thus I will be doing a series of shots with me as the model in some form. Its a challenge I’m willing to take. Both activities will be tough but I’m so looking forward to the process more than the actual destination. 

Courage to take shots

A while ago I might have not taken a shot like this. I would be nervous but now I’ve learned to capture the shot that I want in a respectable manner. I am not nervous taking shots, I even openly take shots during busy times at school. People will either walk through my line of sight or they will stop and wait for me to finish. Often I will just wave them on and take another shot with them in it. 

It’s an interesting thing to do and I truly enjoy it. I become obsessed with taking shots when I see the subject I want. I’ve even asked my tennis partners if I can photograph them while I’m not playing. I’ve grown a lot and have been more comfortable asking permission to shot as well as doing real street photography. I even tried my hand at using film. It was a very interesting experience I hope I can continue and I plan to learn how to develop them. 

Take chances and be courageous. Step out of your comfort zone. 

This shot was taken inside of a restaurant mid-day. I captured the lack of humans besides the one silhouette of a man and the elements of the furniture as well as the tiled floor. 

Have fun,


Reflection of Life

Sometimes we reach a point in life where we have to make choices. We  can’t be idle as our days are limited. Why hide who we are? At times, it pays to be the subject of your own work. You will realize things about yourself and your “style”. It does wonder for you if you happen to fight an enemy unforeseen in he physical world. 

This shot respersents the beauty of nature and man made structures. The darkness of nature highlights the lighter nature of the bridge. We can see the reflection of the bridge in the water adding to the depth. I am proud of this shot and what it represents to me. 

Take time to understand yourself and your subject,


One subject at a time

Living life capturing the subjects I want to see rather than what others want. I feel free when I do so, I am able to express myself even when I’m not the subject. I can tell stories with words aligned with the photo or with the photo itself. 

Photography can be so beautiful when the photographer is truly into it. Forget likes and comments. Just shoot for you and damn everything else. Keep focused on your subject and the world around you. You never know what you will find or what will find you.

Be brave and take your shots,


Take time to truly live

Experimenting with street photography is quite a task. It’s an enjoyable one at least. I don’t generally take photos of graffiti like this but felt like it represented what I wanted of the subject. 

We go too fast in life and in return life flashes by in a blink of the eye. We cause accidents by going to fast yet we continue. It’s important to slow down and enjoy life. Take it all in and truly explore the world around you and yourself. 

You deserve the time to wander so do it well and always have fun,