Just Create

As I explored the depths of my mind to make a decision that will impact my present and future. I took the time to take photos that I like. In doing so I was able to calm myself which helped me think. I proclaimed to myself that I wanted to take photos and write about them plus many other things. 

I have many creative outlets from my passion of writing like poetry, scriptwriting, research papers, blogging, etc. I love it and I get so focused on seeking validation from others when I simply just need to create. I am changing my work ethic to improve my artwork but also to improve the time of time I actually create. 

In the mornings, I am focused on light exercise and writing. I do photography for a while then back to writing. I run several blogs including this one, I update this one at random times, I update another twice a week, and one everyday. I need to be more organized and produce better and more frequently to ever to improve and to make my passions a career.

This shot respersents the steps I must take and have each pillar has a shadow that I must overcome. I may take longer than other people but this is my path and I just need to worry about what I am doing. Once I am further down my path it will be more colorful despite how neutral it may look now. 

Just focusing on move at a time,


Light study

Been experimenting with light at various times of day. Also been doing a lot of low key photography trying to adapt to using a flash. Even read a book on the use of light in photography. 

It was a raining day and I decided to take a photo of the window in my room. Its a simple shot that doesn’t show much except for the window and a slightly lit object on the right side. Maybe the photo is showing that I am only exposing a portion of my true self. 

Would love to do more shots like this. Simple but gets the point across. 

Find the answer for yourself,



Growing up I hardly ever took photos of people. Being a shy introvert I took photos of nature, machines, etc. I did however, take a few photos of people at a wedding. Overall, this helped me develop taking photos of architecture and Industrial subjects. 

Recently, I’ve been taking photos of people more. My little cousin has graciously accepted being my model. I am expanding my photography skills by doing this. I am becoming less shy when I have a camera in my hands. I even take photos of my tennis partners when I waiting to play. 

Not only am I doing portraits but also action photography. I’m doing everything I can to get better. I take portraits everyday now and study each shot. I need to work on my backgrounds and composition. I hate “staged” photos so I ask whatever model I use to act natural. I talk to them while I take photos. This is great experience for when I’m ever working with a paid model. 

Passion is a business

No matter what your passion is, it’s apart of someone’s business. Eventually most of us want to make our passions apart of our work/business. The thing is sometimes money gets in the way. You may not produce the work you dont like because the client likes it or you’ll simply do work for money. 

Or you may just lose your passion after being fired, laid off, etc. We must ask ourselves why we started our work and what our passion truly means to us. We can’t allow anyone to take our passions away from us. 

I’m a big time basketball fan and d-league hopeful. Recently, my hometown team traded a superstar calibur player. He came back here to say goodbye and it was amazing to see the emotion he exposed as he choked on his words. The team used him as an escape goat for all their problems but he is not letting that ruin his passion for playing basketball nor for helping the people of this city. 

I’m sure he told himself it’s just how we do business. No matter the odds never lose your passion and keep charging on.

This photo was taken in downtown Sacramento at night. I was about to get in my car when I turned around to see this. I uploaded a black and white image but today I show it without editing. I wanted to capture the spirit of the team and the hotel that was showing the teams logo on its side. I love the lights on the top and all the colors that don’t seem to be overbearing. I’m trying to evolve as an artist and photographer. I will be attempting not to make all my images black and white. It will be a challenge but one I must take to improve.

Aim higher than the moon,


Better than Ever

After a lot of thinking and some very relaxing meditation. I feel better than ever. I find something that I tried to bury. I’ve walked down a new pathway that has put different doors that will show me different paths that I never thought about before. 

It really does feel good I can say I’m happy for the first time in a long time. I’m keeping it short today, just wanted to post something since I haven’t been active for two days. There was a problem that I was able to fix and I needed time to think. 

My pen is working again and going to have to spend hours crafting words to get back into my groove. This shot was also inspired by Boogie Cousins who has found himself on a new path with new doors placed Infront of him. 

Have a great night/day,


Self Doubt is killing 

Something I have struggled with for a long time. I’ve been told I have talent in writing poetry but never fully believed it. When I do actually believe it something happens that destroys my confidence. One factor of it is social media.  

I’m confident as a photographer because I take photos I like. But sometimes social media will tear at me when I don’t get any form of feedback. I’m the type of person who feels like something bad will happen when it’s silent rather than when everything is loud. 

I struggle with this so hard that I start to panic inside. I think I may quit at times but I don’t. I simply love creating too much to quiet. I love writing, doing photography, and all my other passions. Yet it doesn’t click inside myself that this is all I need. I simply have to tune everything out and do the work I love.

I think it boils down to fear as I put my heart into my work and I’m more sensitive than I would like to be. I can take constructive criticism and people telling me negative things but it’s worse when there is no feedback. That’s when I start to worry and when I start to crash. 

Working hard to build myself up,


Hate’s End: Letting Go¬†

For a long time I created my work with hatred and sadness. My poetry was able to convey every negative emotion that I bottled up everyday of my life. Maybe this is way my photography tends to be darker. Not in terms of subject matter but overall lighting. 
I would get comments like “you took the words out of my mouth” or “I wish I could say that”. I’ve posted my poetry on DeviantArt for years now and I’ve grown as a person and artist because of it. I really don’t care what others think. However, if I able to evoke emotion from someone then I’m happy. 

Today I simply wanted to write about my experience with hate. I had a lot of hate/anger towards my mom as I felt abandoned as a child. Would cry a lot at nights when I was younger wishing for the complete families like the ones on TV. 

I have trouble communicating verbally as I have a lisp and been the subject of bullying in the past. So creating artwork in any medium helps express myself without hearing backlash from the way I talk. Through art I have been able to let the hate go but in comes a new feeling. Will my work still be great if I don’t express anger or hatred even sadness? It’s an answer I must find within myself. 

I can’t promise that I won’t be sad in the future because that’s life. I am focusing on being a more positive individual thus I shall let hate go. Replace it with an attitude of I just dont care enough to hate and replace the thoughts with more positive messages. 

My passion is creation but my purpose is to stir up all the emotions and memories of your past and present inside of you to make you feel something. 

Someone tried to ruin my shot but I like it better. I told them to keep their hand up and I snapped away. The hand is letting go of negativity to truly live a life worth living. 

Be positive and smile,


One photo and One word at a time

It’s basically one step at a time. Don’t focus on more than one photo until you are done with that photo. Don’t try to do to much and simply explore. 

Writing is a breeze at times but other times the blank plank is haunting. The first sentence has to be written a dozen of times because it just doesn’t feel right. Whenever I write I write with no goals and simply focus on one word at a time. I never edit while I write, I let every word go and when I’m finished them I edit. 

I never edit a photo on the spot I keep taking shots and put the great photo I’ve just taken to the side. If you are having troubles with writing or photography just focus on one word or photo at a time. It’s okay to struggle as you become better by doing so. 

This photo was taken at my college as I was exploring as the light darkened. A woman was walking and I simply wanted to capture her silhouette as she walked her path. 

Have a great day/night,



Working on photos that I really enjoy taking. This is a project of self discovery. I am taking shots that I feel like represent my likes and style. I love the contrast between light and darkness. Really want to explore contrast between black and white vs bright colors like Tim Burton achieved in Sweeny Todd

I’m making drastic changes to my life that are inspiring to carry on. I was raised by people who always did things at the very last minute or not at all. I’ve decided to do things faster and more on time. I eat healthier with less portions. I turn the TV for hours now. The only time it’s on is when I watch relevant videos on YouTube, when the Warriors or Kings play, when I play video games with my little cousin and when it’s 10pm and I allow myself to watch movies and dramas. 

All these changes are new but I am ensuring my success by changing habits. I’m more in touch with who I truly am which is making me feel better throughout the day. I don’t feel like I am wasting my day or time anymore. I have also been taking my DSLR with me more. As I am exploring my creativity and developing my personal style with it. 

Overall I learned there is still a light on at the end of the hall telling me I still have time.

Follow your heart,