Hate’s End: Letting Go 

sky, street photography

For a long time I created my work with hatred and sadness. My poetry was able to convey every negative emotion that I bottled up everyday of my life. Maybe this is way my photography tends to be darker. Not in terms of subject matter but overall lighting. 
I would get comments like “you took the words out of my mouth” or “I wish I could say that”. I’ve posted my poetry on DeviantArt for years now and I’ve grown as a person and artist because of it. I really don’t care what others think. However, if I able to evoke emotion from someone then I’m happy. 

Today I simply wanted to write about my experience with hate. I had a lot of hate/anger towards my mom as I felt abandoned as a child. Would cry a lot at nights when I was younger wishing for the complete families like the ones on TV. 

I have trouble communicating verbally as I have a lisp and been the subject of bullying in the past. So creating artwork in any medium helps express myself without hearing backlash from the way I talk. Through art I have been able to let the hate go but in comes a new feeling. Will my work still be great if I don’t express anger or hatred even sadness? It’s an answer I must find within myself. 

I can’t promise that I won’t be sad in the future because that’s life. I am focusing on being a more positive individual thus I shall let hate go. Replace it with an attitude of I just dont care enough to hate and replace the thoughts with more positive messages. 

My passion is creation but my purpose is to stir up all the emotions and memories of your past and present inside of you to make you feel something. 

Someone tried to ruin my shot but I like it better. I told them to keep their hand up and I snapped away. The hand is letting go of negativity to truly live a life worth living. 

Be positive and smile,


One photo and One word at a time

architecture photography, interior architecture, street photography

It’s basically one step at a time. Don’t focus on more than one photo until you are done with that photo. Don’t try to do to much and simply explore. 

Writing is a breeze at times but other times the blank plank is haunting. The first sentence has to be written a dozen of times because it just doesn’t feel right. Whenever I write I write with no goals and simply focus on one word at a time. I never edit while I write, I let every word go and when I’m finished them I edit. 

I never edit a photo on the spot I keep taking shots and put the great photo I’ve just taken to the side. If you are having troubles with writing or photography just focus on one word or photo at a time. It’s okay to struggle as you become better by doing so. 

This photo was taken at my college as I was exploring as the light darkened. A woman was walking and I simply wanted to capture her silhouette as she walked her path. 

Have a great day/night,



architecture photography, street photography

Working on photos that I really enjoy taking. This is a project of self discovery. I am taking shots that I feel like represent my likes and style. I love the contrast between light and darkness. Really want to explore contrast between black and white vs bright colors like Tim Burton achieved in Sweeny Todd

I’m making drastic changes to my life that are inspiring to carry on. I was raised by people who always did things at the very last minute or not at all. I’ve decided to do things faster and more on time. I eat healthier with less portions. I turn the TV for hours now. The only time it’s on is when I watch relevant videos on YouTube, when the Warriors or Kings play, when I play video games with my little cousin and when it’s 10pm and I allow myself to watch movies and dramas. 

All these changes are new but I am ensuring my success by changing habits. I’m more in touch with who I truly am which is making me feel better throughout the day. I don’t feel like I am wasting my day or time anymore. I have also been taking my DSLR with me more. As I am exploring my creativity and developing my personal style with it. 

Overall I learned there is still a light on at the end of the hall telling me I still have time.

Follow your heart,


My darkness

architecture photography, street photography

Playing with camera I lowered the settings to make it a little darker and the weather was just right to help darken my shot even more. I captured this with the right amount of darkness. I love taking shots like this, I love dark things as you probably would have guessed if you have seen my work before. This of an overpass as I went under it. It almost feels like I captured a brush stroke. 

My darkness is self doubt. When I upload to social media I think if my photography is good or if my poetry actually works on people. This leaves me creatively crushed with an self imposed block. I have to battle this feeling and keep fighting myself. I am taking it one step at a time. Keeping positive and eliminating negative thoughts. Everyday is a battle of understanding, self love and passion. 

Can you name your darkness?

Have fun,


Searching for my Place

architecture photography, street photography

Traveling a dark path until I realize what should brighten it. The world is vast yet so small. It is ugly but beautiful. I explore where others are not brave enough to go. I challenge the man in the mirror first as he is the greatest foe. A fool am I, searching for what I already know. Capturing life with light, writing what I can’t say and creating for myself and the smiles and tears that make my day. 

I breathe to create, a god of his own kingdom. Taking nothing to form something.  It’s everything to me, I must create as I must be free. Or else I will truly be a shell of life. I reach for the sky not submitting to any force but my dreams. 


I Love the Night

architecture photography, street photography

Was waiting to leave when I turned back and saw this building lit up. It’s something different, I had my Cybershot so I was able to dull the lighting. I really enjoy taking night shots especially when I am in a safe place. 

I believe photography is trial and error. I’ve taken so many night shots in my past that I feel like I am understanding what works and doesn’t work artistically and gear wise. I love being able to see how I improve. I look back at old photos like an artist looks at their work from years ago. I dont cringe but rather I still understand why I took each shot. 

I pick out things that I could improve on and things that I often use in my shots like a particular subject or eye height. I suggest you try night photography whenever you can and don’t be afraid to keep your photos. You will improve, it’s all trial and error. 

Have a great night,


Revaluation of self 

architecture photography, street photography

Returned to a previous subject but this time I captured it up close and install different angle. I enjoy this shot as the building really stands out to me. I love the atmosphere it’s a big calming to me.

Been studying my work more and more as well as shooting away with my camera. Trying to see in what ways I could approve and realized how to do just that. This shot was an experiment to see one way I could improve which is catch more dynamic shots of architecture to avoid a flat look. 

Working very hard to understand myself and my work is a reflection of that. Taking a step forward to a better self and a better future. I am keeping my head down and focusing on my work as I explore the world and myself.

Never stop growing,