My darkness

Playing with camera I lowered the settings to make it a little darker and the weather was just right to help darken my shot even more. I captured this with the right amount of darkness. I love taking shots like this, I love dark things as you probably would have guessed if you have seen my work before. This of an overpass as I went under it. It almost feels like I captured a brush stroke. 

My darkness is self doubt. When I upload to social media I think if my photography is good or if my poetry actually works on people. This leaves me creatively crushed with an self imposed block. I have to battle this feeling and keep fighting myself. I am taking it one step at a time. Keeping positive and eliminating negative thoughts. Everyday is a battle of understanding, self love and passion. 

Can you name your darkness?

Have fun,


Searching for my Place

Traveling a dark path until I realize what should brighten it. The world is vast yet so small. It is ugly but beautiful. I explore where others are not brave enough to go. I challenge the man in the mirror first as he is the greatest foe. A fool am I, searching for what I already know. Capturing life with light, writing what I can’t say and creating for myself and the smiles and tears that make my day. 

I breathe to create, a god of his own kingdom. Taking nothing to form something.  It’s everything to me, I must create as I must be free. Or else I will truly be a shell of life. I reach for the sky not submitting to any force but my dreams. 


I Love the Night

Was waiting to leave when I turned back and saw this building lit up. It’s something different, I had my Cybershot so I was able to dull the lighting. I really enjoy taking night shots especially when I am in a safe place. 

I believe photography is trial and error. I’ve taken so many night shots in my past that I feel like I am understanding what works and doesn’t work artistically and gear wise. I love being able to see how I improve. I look back at old photos like an artist looks at their work from years ago. I dont cringe but rather I still understand why I took each shot. 

I pick out things that I could improve on and things that I often use in my shots like a particular subject or eye height. I suggest you try night photography whenever you can and don’t be afraid to keep your photos. You will improve, it’s all trial and error. 

Have a great night,


Revaluation of self 

Returned to a previous subject but this time I captured it up close and install different angle. I enjoy this shot as the building really stands out to me. I love the atmosphere it’s a big calming to me.

Been studying my work more and more as well as shooting away with my camera. Trying to see in what ways I could approve and realized how to do just that. This shot was an experiment to see one way I could improve which is catch more dynamic shots of architecture to avoid a flat look. 

Working very hard to understand myself and my work is a reflection of that. Taking a step forward to a better self and a better future. I am keeping my head down and focusing on my work as I explore the world and myself.

Never stop growing,


Walking home

Walking with my younger cousin I saw this house and knew I had to capture it. I decided to keep it colored and from a distance. I like that I included the trees. I normally don’t take photos of residential places but I still do it once in a while. It’s not something a lot of people do which is a good thing. I do it mainly to gain the experience and express the ideals of a “home”.

I have to move this I will be looking at a lot of new residences. I am staying positive and thinking about all the new subjects I can capture on a new area. 

Stay positive & keep smiling,



The man in the shot doesn’t know his purpose in life thus there is darkness all around him and he is clinging to it. He doesn’t realize there is light behind him. The man is my grandfather who seems himself worthless. 

He spent 25+ years as a heating and air technician. He was great at his job earning numerous awards and being dubbed the best technician in California. He hated the job but he did it to take care of his wife and his non biological grandchildren. That all changed three years ago when he tore muscles in his shoulder and back while on the job. Now that hated job was gone and so was his self worth. 

I think it’s my duty to him and my grandmother to live my life to the fullest. They sacrificed for me so I won’t ever let them down. I’ve been troubled with defining my purpose like my grandfather. 

I’ve been thinking deeply about this. I first thought my purpose was to create art that inspires others to smile, laugh, cry, etc. It further developed when I saw a picture on the internet. I will be the one to walk into the darkness holding a torch to guide you along my journey. To show everyone that there is light, all you have to do it reach for it. Like I’ve told my grandfather, it all starts within you. Search your entire being and you will find the answer to your purpose. 

Define your purpose and act,


Try Try Try and Try Again

If you fail keep trying. Pick yourself up because no one else will. It’s okay to fail but it’s not okay to not get back up. I have tried to capture this building to my liking since I started to go to this school. I finally was able to do it this week.

I am proud of this shot. I love the shadow that seems to engulf the shot. I also appreciate the doors that reflect a little. 

Anyway, it’s now or never. So never give up and never give into fear. Live with your head up and your eyes to the sky. 

Have fun,


Knowing where you are going 

Like the girl in the shot who knew where she was going when need to follow her lead. Keep your head down and improve when you lift your head up you will realize you are where you wanted to be. When we just focus on the end goal we need to not be able to arrive there.

Focus on what you are going and you will be there in no time. 

This was taken while I was waiting for my class to start. I wanted to capture someone walking towards the light. The ground really didn’t help expose her shadow but I like the harshness of it. 

Keep on keeping on,