Today, I started anew. Not just with a new day, but a new attitude aka a better me. I cleared my mind of negative thoughts and proceeded to do things that are good for me like reading and a quick sessions with barbells. 
Working hard on developing myself and not focusing on improving. I am keeping my head up and allowing myself to simply dive into whatever I’m doing with a free mind. I’m only doing that I may not like but I know those activities will help me in the future. 

I’m starting to regain something I let go..Myself. 

Go and live,


Exploring Architecture part 2

Explored halls and captured new areas on my photo walk. I enjoy taking photos of architecture with nature. It’s something I was forced to explore since all the architecture around the school has trees around them. Always exploring and always improving. 

Exploring Architecture

Went around campus, looking for new and old subjects. I captured without holding myself back. I indulged my creative impulses and took every shot that I wanted to. I am working hard on applying the principles of photography as well as how to break them to make better shots. 

Life of Nature 

Exploring around and found a bunch of flowers. I went and captured them in various stages of life. Some haven’t blossomed while others were dying on a stem or dying on the floor. I try not to just capture normal flowers, I experiment and capture them from different angles and stages. I dare myself to challenge myself each time I pick up my cameras. 

Still here

There are still pay phones all around the college I attend. I have always wanted to capture one. On that day, I happened to find one in a wonderful area and snapped away. I love the darkness around it but also the light of the bricks. Going to start a project where I capture objects and places that are no longer relevant in the society we live in but were apart of my childhood. 

The second picture is of course of a dark hall. I like dark interiors and using contrast of black and white as if they are fighting each other to be the dominate one in the shot. 

Exploring and Playing

Went exploring for new areas to capture. Always wanted to take shots of these two buildings but there tends to be a lot of people atound during the week. So on a Sunday, went around capturing all the architecturial and Industrial objects I wanted to. We all need need these kind of days. Just shoot away without a care. 

Architecture with Human elements

I’m exploring using human elements in my architecture photography to present a less “empty” shot. This shot features a long hall with two people who don’t have much space between them. The man’s head is turned towards the woman. This could be an unrequited love as the woman isn’t paying attention. 

The light shows there is a chance for a happy ending but it will be a long journey. Using the hall is excellent to showcase this. Made it black and white to help expose the subtle elements ever more. 

Visual with depth

I never aspire to create something that’s just visually interesting. I don’t create to make things like Avatar. My work has depth but each photo has different meanings to different people. 

One must look inside

To realize

What they are always had

Is more than what they sought

Forget asking outside

Look to inside of yourself

You have the solution

Just ponder for a while

And you shall overcome any trial