My Work, My Voice

I find it difficult to talk about my emotions. I create my poetry, photography, stories, and paintings for myself. I create what I like and I have to remember that every single day. Each piece of work I do has a piece of my heart, regardless of how it is viewed. My work matters to me, it represents who I truly am. Each line is like a scream from inside of em that no one around me can hear. You can ignore me or praise me. I don’t care, my creations are for me. 

Walking away from Validation

Seeking validation has been a titanic problem for me. I’m taking measures to simply not worry about numbers. I set up a schedule to upload and when I am not doing that my phone is off. Numbers are just numbers! It’s hard, yet I want to continue to eliminate it from my life. I’m only uploading content that matters to me and that’s all. My work is my voice, so you can absorb it or ignore it. As long as I put it out there into the world no opinion matters more than mine. 

Stay fresh,


The Unexpected

People will either wait for you to finish taking a shot or they will simply walk into your shot. I prefer the latter but I respect both. I enjoy adding a human element to my photography regardless of the main subject is a piece of architecture. 


Working hard to experiment more and develop my style as well as my ability with composition. Was exploring and caught the school theatre with the trees present in front. I love the Design of the building but I’m not sure I would have trees there. 

Have a great day,


Exploring my life

Simply thinking but also acting. I’m spending more time simply being creative and doing things I want. I’m exploring all aspects of my creativity, while doing my best to ignore the numbers. 

This photo was taken at night in downtown Sacramento on a cool night. I was walking to back to my car and took a moment to capture the beauty of the Tower Bridge. I love the color and all the lights mixed with the darkness. 

It really helped represent my new work ethic. While others sleep I’m working and they are wasting time I’m working. Steadily improving in everyway while some downs here and there. I’m keeping my head up and not letting it get to me. 

Have fun!