Walking into Life

Walking into the life I’ve always wanted is wonderful, but I’ve stopped so many times that I don’t know what direction to take. I need to keep going like the man in the photo and never look back. Even if my path is clouded with shadows, I will still keep going.

Keep going

No matter the odds, I’m going to keep walking like the man in this photo. Even if I have to walk a path heavily shadowed, I’m still going. I would rather die Young and fufilled than live to old age and be a simple cog in the system. This photo symbolizes that very notion. I have to carry on and not live in the past. 

Beauty of NatureĀ 

Took a moment to capture life and slow things down a bit. Returning to form is difficult but I trust the process. Will reach true success not like the Sixers. I take the time to smell the “roses” now to keep a clear mind for the journey ahead. Each photo was captured in the morning with each one reflecting the emotion I felt at the moment. Fallen but not dead, pure despite the shadows of life, and growth in darkness. Each one has more depth than I could ever explain.