D31 – Do You

architecture photography, black and white photography, street photography

LRM_20180126_122011-01.jpegOne element of self-improvement is knowing who you are. I’ve been exploring that a lot lately while taking action. Making some good progress. I know that places like Walmart leave me physically and emotionally drained.  A wave of this hits me whenever I get home from the store. Thats the reason why this photo is so dark. The clouds show that a better environment is elsewhere and that there is still good to see in this day.

D30 – Up To You and No One else

architecture photography, black and white photography, interior architecture

LRM_20180126_121102-1-016 mile walk which was killer on my feet and back. However, I accomplished a lot and got a lot of thinking done. There’s nothing like walking long distances to clear your mind and make decisions. I am developing into a more decisive man and a man of action. Taking everyday slowly and will continue to push myself.

This photo represents care hence the sign to the right. You have to take care of yourself and what you love. I really loved the lighting of the place and wanted to figure out a good way to capture an interior like this. So far this is my best attempt at it. I will continue to try and to experiment in the future.

Day 29 – 2 String Journey and the Crooked Path

black and white photography, interior architecture

LRM_20180126_113014-1-01Watching Kubo and the Two Strings and loving every moment of it so far. It’s a beautiful film, it makes me pumped to create my own beautiful work. Still exploring styles, myself, my photography, and my design work. It’s difficult and at times I question my passions. I take a moment to look at my goals and find myself filled with confidence and a small fire. It’s a great feeling, it’s something I haven’t felt in a long time.

Not every path you take will be straight. At times the path may become crooked. Take a moment to understand why it has and rotate the situation to your benefit. This photo represents just that. The photo gives us a sense of uneasiness which is perfect for the topic at hand.

Remember to truly open your eyes,


Day 28 – Imperfect Nature

black and white photography, nature, nature photography, sky


4 mile walk, 1 2 sets of 6 games of Tennis, and 30 minutes of basketball. It’s been a long day for me and I enjoyed every moment of it. Rewarded myself with Hawaiian BBQ that was amazing. Explored and took a lot of photos plus developed new concepts for photos and my design work.

My mind is clear (despite a headache) and I’m motivated to keep on going on this path of mine. I’m blazing my path every single day with every decision I make. If I make a mistake I go back and fix what I did wrong. I can honestly say I am improving in every category slowly. It’s frustrating but I know the reward is worth it.

This photo simply shows my love of black and white photography featuring nature. It’s simple but I find it beautiful. In that way, this photo does represent my interests. I try to capture photos based on a single word sometimes and today’s was simple.

Day 27 – Go For Broke

architecture photography, black and white photography, street photography

Pushed myself, I was worried but I left that feeling go. I allowed myself to go over certain limits, I had to push back fear. Making a lot of progress towards positive change. I can only take it one day at a day. Afterwards, I allowed myself to rest but instead of sleeping I got up and moved around slowly until it was time to eat. One step at a time, I can honestly say I am happy and I am more motivated than ever to change for the better and be a more decisive man.

With this shot, I focused on experimenting with line an exploring new places. I picked a place with a lot of shadows, didn’t think the shadows would be as cool as they are in this shot. I took one with a straight line but I prefer this shot with a line that seems to flow. I am working hard on playing with principles but at the same time trying to break them or tweak them.

Go for broke,


Day 26 – Promises and Life

architecture photography, street photography

Decided to upload this picture without any editing. I felt like the last time, it was too dark. Which is something I don’t usually do as the darker the better is my usual motive.

This was taken while I waiting to go to a lunch meeting. I had accomplished something before hand and had the courage to do some street photography. So basically, I took photos of people that I never met and will probably never see again. I promised myself I would engage in more street photography and to be accepting of bad looks and possibly angry people.

I promised others that I would continue to better my life which has helped me stay focused. I’ll keep this short, but try to make promises but don’t try to fufill that promise. Instead simply do.

Have fun,


D25 – Principles

black and white photography, nature, nature photography

IMG_20180114_105819-01.jpegPushed myself a little bit today yet continued to take it slow. Working hard to build up mental and physical strength and to strengthen my crafts. I am not making a choice of one passion, I’m exploring my strengths and allowing myself to experiment.

I’m relearning the principles of each passion and working on developing projects that would enable me to explore each one in-depth. Meanwhile, I’m walking daily, lifting weights, playing basketball, and doing yoga to strengthen my mind and body. It’s difficult everyday but I am enjoying the moment. I do struggle with self doubt but I’m doing a good job with dispelling those thoughts when they come. I’m getting better everyday in my pursuit of being the strongest version of myself.

Now that I look at it, this photo is definitely influenced by old Tim Burton movies and other gothic films. I love how it is almost symmetrical. I am found of imperfections especially in nature as it is completely natural.

Dive deep into your passions,