Day 21 –

DSC05453-01.jpeg¬†Been making small decisions daily in order to build myself up to making big ones when I need to. Along with this, I’ve been reflecting on my actions daily and making better overall decisions which leads to better action. Won’t say it is easy nor will I say it leads to fast results. It’s a slow process but as long as I am moving and not¬†stagnating then I am making progress.

It’s not the only way but it is the best way for me. I’m working hard on improving my crafts to become a true polymath and to lead a happier life. Not every day is a plus for me but I reflect what went wrong and seek to improve and not make the same mistakes twice.

My goal is not money or status but rather work that I can mold into becoming my dream job. My other goal is to be the best version of myself which is slowly coming to fruition.

The photo is simple because the simplest answer is generally the best solution. I am expressing my love of looking at the sky and my love of film noir, nature, and noh.

Simply be you,


D20 – In the City

IMG_20180116_120043-01.jpegFound myself deeper into the city than I usually would be. I had to attend a meeting that would get my life on the right track.

This photo simply was capturing people as we waited to catch the light rail. I stood patiently for the train to come in and was able to capture two things at once. Basically, it’s about knowing where you are going and the purpose of your journey.

Explore in depth,


D19 – Limit


Going past my limits a bit every single day. It’s very difficult but I am enjoying every moment. I am being a Sixer and trusting the process. But I’m not disillusioned by it, I understand that I must put in a lot of work every moment of the day.

This photo represents me trying to find my direction when I simply have to just get going. I’m the only one who can stop me and I have to make decisions that reflect my true desires.

Be you and be true,


Day 18 – Stop


Working harder than ever before. I’m struggling to stay awake around 11am but I fought through and will continue until my body releases I need more energy. I add a little more love in my life everyday. I’m pursuing the life of a polymath.

This photo simply shows that I am at a stop but not the end. I will continue my journey.

Go with love,


Day 17 – Play

Took a step towards a better future today by simply doing one thing. I won’t be specific but I simply attacked my fear head on and came out the other side with one foot in the light. I am proud of myself, I have accomplished a lot in just two days that I have a lot of confidence in the direction I am going and most importantly in myself. I am not the person I was last week and I am proud of that fact. It’s been a long time since I have let myself accomplish something that actually matters.

Only 17 days have past in this year and yet I feel still alive before the safety net was pulled from underneath me. I am guilty of being lazy and of playing too much. But that’s not who I truly am and I have fought hard to make sure I understood that. I have done so much and changed tiny bad habits into good ones. Everyday is a simple step into the giant strides I will take later on. Every ounce of pain will be worth it in the end. Baby steps turn into giant strides.

This photo has a film noir feel for me and I love it. Sure the subject is basic but it’s beautiful in that regard. I wanted to capture the beauty of the flower and I believe I have captured it yet still shadow the rose in my style/my sense of beauty.

Live a beautiful life,


D16 – Time Will Tell

IMG_20180115_122700-01Sometimes you can’t tell who will be in your life forever or those that spent time by your side to only pass you by. I came to this thought as I was hanging out with a friend. I believe this friend will be around for a year or two longer and that will be it. I hope that’s not the case but only time can tell.

I was able to accomplish something today that enable me to grow stronger and take a step towards a stronger me and better life.

This photo represents what I mentioned above. I saw a homeless man looking around trash cans and captured this shot as he gave up and kept walking. I captured the glass to show that even if they don’t walk with you now that you should still walk together in your memories.

Have fun and never regret the expiration date of a friend,


D15- Failure is Natural but Regret is Stupid


Exploring the world and experiencing life will cause the title of this post to be true. It’s something I’ve learned from my philosophical studies from stoicism.

You just go on even when the world starts to fade and there’s no sign to point you in the right direction. You just have to close your eyes take a moment to gather yourself and come to the realization that there is nothing to fear. Embrace the darkness and allow yourself to see the light of living. There is something pointing you in the right direction. You have to simply start to walk and eventually you’ll run and run until the come days that darkness surrounds you forever.

This photo represents what I just mentioned. I was exploring somewhere new and found a new path to capture. It’s as simple as that, I enjoy the discovery process and have come to terms with becoming a master of a few rather than one. I like this photo for the feeling it gives and for it’s light.

Dare to experience life,


Day 14 – Be Water

DSC05462-01.jpegWorking as hard on my mental health as my physical health and my crafts. Studying philosophy from various sources has helped me better understand and how to ask the right questions that evoke the simplest answers. Big fan of Bruce Lee and have been studying his philosophy hence the title of this post.

I’ve been adaptive in my life and have come to the realization that there is no one way nor one solution. The best option is to adapt to the situation and act accordingly. To not choose one path but to make our own and we can add to the path as we go along as life changes as do we. Who you are yesterday isn’t who you are in a week or a month later.

Thus I took this photo on a walk. I wanted to make it darker but felt like this the perfect way to display the story of the environment. It represents what I mentioned above. Our path may expand as long as we adapt to whatever happens to our life. Sometimes you control an element on your path and other times it simply happens. Be water my friend and become who you truly are.

Adapt well,


D13 – Human Nature

DSC05448-01Daring myself to get lost in nature and simply breathe and think. Exploring has helped me further understand myself and my crafts. I enjoy being in nature without a care or any pressure to be anywhere. It’s a perfect place to slow down and smell the flowers.

This photo represents the paths I can take and the one I am currently on. Something is telling me to stray from my path, but I am keeping my head up and exploring the path I’m making. Not following instead I am making my path. This photo is another one I am proud of, I am thinking of adding a hint of blue in the shot. Will continue to experiment everyday.

Live hard,


D12- Born to…

DSC05443-01I’ve asked myself the question “what was I born to do?” a lot. However, it’s hard to come up with a single thing. Whatever I choose is broad. I love photography, writing, films, and basketball. I thought I would have to keep them separate. Through walks and meditation as well as long talks with myself (not crazy) I decided to adopt them all into one. I haven’t worked everything out but I’m adopted the title of story teller rather than a specific job title. I can’t pick one I know my life would be hell if I had to choose.

This shot was one I took as I explored my photography and the paths I can take in life.

Live well,