Day 45 – Walk Through Your Mistakes

architecture photography, street photography


Took this photo recently and wanted to experiment with angles. I am testing out how to evoke emotion from my photographs, a few of the new ones do give off some uncomfortable emotions. It’s something I am exploring with keeping it simple and paying attention to the background.

I admit I’ve been lazy with creating in general and life. But no more, it’s a struggle but I’m getting up and making changes everyday that will enable to live a better life and become the strongest version of myself.

Play through your mistakes,


Day 44

architecture photography, black and white photography, Industrial photography, street photography


Just going out there and seeing what I can do. I took this photo a while ago but recently edited it. The focus is yellow and the grittiness of the light rail. It’s a simple shot that I enjoy. I am aiming to simply create things I want to do, even if no one checks the photos out or this blog. Every piece of art is a hit or miss, instead of feeling down I use this as a little gas for motivating myself to go further and create even more.

Just going to keep it simple today with the little insight of my life. I’m exploring my options and problems to come up with the right decisions for me. I’m planning with my mind on many steps ahead so I never lose sight of where I truly want to be. So basically, I’m investing in the long term even if I have to struggle now. That’s it for now, back to editing.

Always speak from your heart without guilt or shame,


Day 43 – Start

architecture photography, black and white photography, interior architecture

DSC05295.jpg Had a great day realizing what weakness of mine that I needed to work on. At times I take things too seriously and can say some things in the wrong tone. Working to rid myself of that weakness and speak from an open and honest heart while not attacking anyone.

This photo is my attempt to explore interior architecture. I’ve taken a photo of this hall before but not at this angle. My goal was to show contrast, invoke an emotion, and to work with lines. I believe I accomplished all three to some degree. I do some things I may change the next time I capture this place.

Steadily, I am seeing an improvement in my photography and art in general. It’s an exciting thing to noice especially when you pour everything into your crafts.

D42 – Droplets of Happiness

black and white photography, nature photography


Editing more and more photos, trying to get better at my craft. The more I edit the more that I like it and find myself getting lost in the process. This photo simply came out of my obsessive need to capture flowers in certain stages. This shot was done early in the morning on a college campus. I was able to make the droplets stand out better than usual. I’m quite proud of this photo even if I can see how I would approach it differently the next time I took a shot like this.I don’t know about flowers in general, I simply capture them in no stereotypical ways. This stems from my first and currently only photography class I’ve taken when the teacher forbid us to take photos of flowers unless they were dead. This barrier actually fits my style better than if I took a photo of a healthy red rose.

Progressing into doing videos as well. Currently, I’m studying up on film-making in general mainly through YouTube, watching films, and shooting videos. I have a lot of video editing to do as well. Tomorrow will be an editing day and hopefully I’ll get a lot done. Been studying psychology, I’m still learning the basics of it through a used textbook. I’m really enjoying it even though it can be difficult to understand at times. I find myself understanding the more I read and review.  Overall, I am enjoying life more and taking one day at a day. This helped me out a lot mentally and hopefully will continue to do so.

Explore the world,


Day 41 – “Gothic”


This photo is of a wall with a lot of vines that I wanted to capture and make black in white to feature a darker subject. The idea was to create a “gothic” image. I was influenced by Tim Burton movies, Casper, and old Scooby Doo episodes. I am trying to experiment and showcase these interests/influences while creating my own style. It’s a work of progress that I seem to be enjoying a lot more now that I made some changes with my approach to photography.

I’m glad that I didn’t make the sky look white as I enjoy the darker sky. It helps to create the overall mood of the shot, a white background would make it seem too conflicting. I like this photo more by simply discussing it. I’m learning how to be more critical about my work and how to understand what I truly want to create. Baby steps into giant strides.

Have courage to press the shutter and explore your influences,


Day 40 – Experiment

nature, Portrait photography


This photo was taken near seven pm in a field surrounded by a simple dullness the suburbs. I felt the field to be beautiful, I was used as a model for a few photos and also took photos of her in the field. It was the first time I worked with a “model”. It was a wonderful experience to learn from. I learned how to experiment with a short time amount of time. I enjoy the feeling of warmth from this photo. I took it a while ago but just edited it yesterday. I hope to be able to do much more people photography.

Go out and experiment,


Day 39 – Simple

architecture photography, black and white photography, street photography


Exploring simple editing while trying not to make the photos I take dull. This is a building I have taken a lot of photos of but I have never been satisfied until I took this photo. I love how much control I have in Lightroom over a simple app but it makes me want to improve my editing skills as my free trial of Lightroom will end soon. I will edit a lot more photos and will continue to take a lot more photos while understanding why I am taking each photo.

Working hard to learn new skills and develop old ones. I’m discovering so much about myself and I have decided on a few things but I will write about my decisions later on when I put them into action.

Sometimes the best bet is to keep it simple,