Day 39 – Simple


Exploring simple editing while trying not to make the photos I take dull. This is a building I have taken a lot of photos of but I have never been satisfied until I took this photo. I love how much control I have in Lightroom over a simple app but it makes me want to improve my editing skills as my free trial of Lightroom will end soon. I will edit a lot more photos and will continue to take a lot more photos while understanding why I am taking each photo.

Working hard to learn new skills and develop old ones. I’m discovering so much about myself and I have decided on a few things but I will write about my decisions later on when I put them into action.

Sometimes the best bet is to keep it simple,


Day 38 – Delete: Journey of Discovery

IMG_20180203_160057Had a heart-to-heart conversation with myself and examined my photography. I understand I have a long way to go and that I still need to focus on the type of photography I truly want to do. I deleted photos from my instagrams, I had delete over 300 photos and was left with about 79. It made me realize that I haven’t been doing anything to improve. A lot of my shots are not straight, sometimes I focus too much on editing and not the shot itself. It’s all things that I will work on from now on. I went out and shot some basic photos at WalMart. I was able to see some problems and I have decided on what genres of photography that I actually want to do.

By no means, will I quit photography. I will however start to explore what photography truly means to me and have it be reflected in my work. One element that really inspired me was reading Stanley Kubrick’s biography on Wikipedia. I was able to see what he did and how he started. Say what you will about his films, but the man is a legend and he simply grabbed a camera and shot. I was left speechless in a way, I don’t like all his films, however, I do like his camera work. He was able to create the way he wanted and wasn’t lazy about it. Most importantly, he was a shy introvert as well. It showed me just because you are shy and quiet doesn’t mean you can’t become a remarkable photographer or a legendary film director.

From this, I decided to focus on what I want rather than what is so easily available to me. I deleted a lot of photos that were simply taken because I wanted to update my Instagram and this blog. However, that will stop now. I will focus on improving and taking my time with each shot to communicate what I want and to capture shots that have a true impact.

The photo above was an experiment I conducted in Lightroom. It was my first time using Lightroom and I explored it heavily. I like the blue tones that Guillermo Del Toro adds to his films and wanted to borrow it to see if I could make it my own. I am happy with my outcome for the simple fact that the photo is straight, I love the diversity of the colors. I do notice flaws in the shot and will continue to work on it and my photography overall.

Dare yourself to critique yourself without putting yourself down,


Day 37 – Time


Daring myself to explore different genres of photography and to be more courageous. This photo is a step towards positive progress. I will continue to explore street photography and explore new areas.

Been hitting the books and the streets rather than consuming media. Exploring my mind and actions to understand who I am and how I tick. I’m happy with the progress but I am not satisfied. I’m hungry and that is a wonderful thing. It’s keeping me motivated on what I am doing.

Stay focused,


Day 36 – Ending Bad Habits

First off, I don’t smoke. This photo represents throwing habits away but in a proper manner and not destroying the environment. I have started to tackle each bad habit that I have and analyzing as to why I have that habit in order to stop it. One habit of mine is to not be active everyday, so everyday I get up and take a walk everyday. Getting in touch with nature has helped me curb many bad habits thanks to one simple step.

Not only that, I have been eating better and doing more. It’s tough to change but I am in love with the process. I am in love with the pain and challenge as I grow stronger mentally and physically. I think you have to be in love with both in order to fully change and stick to the changes.

Quit a bad habit today, tomorrow is too late. Start right now!

Fight the pain,


D35 – Walk Tall and Fly Like An Eagle

Exploring reality and myself while getting out of the house. I am starting to realize some answers to questions that I have always asked myself. It’s becoming clearer to me as what to do with everything in my life. Slowly but surely I am making the necessary changes to live a better life. I know that there is a giant wave of negativity coming my way soon, however, I will not let this wave destroy me.

It’s easier said than done but I will continue to go like Eagles did against the Patriots. I’m willing to bet it all to capture every 1st down until I get into the end zone. I won’t rest until the job is done even if I have to fight every minute. I will not breakdown until all my problems are behind me.

This photo represents my journey going through life. I may be at a standstill but I am a bridge that will allow me to get to somewhere better. I enjoy this photo a lot because of the good day I was having and the overall style of the photo.

Fly like an eagle,


Day 34 – In the End

LRM_20180125_112410.jpgIn the end it doesn’t matter what people want for you. It only matters what you want as only you can live your life. Try not to be anyone else but yourself. You are here for a reason and that is to live and create.

Much better day mentally. I got over my emotional hump and put myself back on the right track. Pushed myself to the limit today and currently resting before I continue to work until I can think clearly anymore. Here’s to trusting the process. 🤗

Dare to create and to live,


Day 33 – Snap to the Bottom

Lost in so many ways, expect for the right way. Workin hard in every aspect of my life but like the Bone Thugs N Harmony song “I Tried” I take one step forward to go three steps back. I still have something to live for, so I am not totally lost. It is going to become more and more difficult for me to breathe easily without stress. I have a lot of questions to answer and a solution to find. Hopefully, I am able to find a simple solution to everything. I feel like its staring into my face but I can’t seem to find it.

I can’t say things are the same as a few years ago. I am a much stronger person but I realized today I still have a long way to go. However, I will not sink back to who I was. Even if my personal life is suffering, I will continue to move forward as a man and become the strongest version of myself.

This photo represents my path that is currently split in half thanks to an imperfect shadow. This is the nicest representation I could find in my archive that shows how I feel without showing an extremely dark photo.

Keep your head up,


Day 32- Near Failure

LRM_20180126_121030-1-01I need to work on my time management skills. Nearly failed but was able to upload at last minute. I’m glad I am still able to keep this going and be a man of my word. Have a lot of actions to take and plans to make. A difficult  time is upon me. No matter what choice I make, I will need to work extremely hard to stay on track.

This photo was a quick shot and practice for shooting interiors. Tried to take photos of aisles that had many colors to see what I can do with each shot. I think this shot worked out well color wise.

Make a change,