D90 – Push

black and white photography, street photography

IMG_20180323_123217-01.jpeg Not religious at all but I found this graffiti to be interesting. I like how the shot came out after converting it to black and white. I don’t always showcase graffiti as I don’t want to support something that I don’t understand or is harmful. I found this graffiti to be not harmful so I captured the shot. It’s also an anti-pc statement in a way.

Walked 8+ miles today, I truly pushed myself. Going to be working hard to not fall asleep before I get a few more things done. Going to try to avoid walking as much as possible but I feel like I will be doing the opposite.

Had a lot of fun playing tennis and talking with my friend. We hang out at least once a month and we tend to push ourselves during tennis. We go out to eat and talk about everything from Asians, politics, philosophy to anime and manga. It’s nice to do that once in a while when I need a break from studying and working.

Kick back once in a while,


D89 – Reach

nature, nature photography, sky

IMG_20180303_104008-01.jpegSimply looked up and captured a “T” in the clouds. It was a nice and sunny day which isn’t all too rare in California. I don’t take too many photos of the sky but this one has to be my favorite.

I’ve been meditating and listening to instrumental music first thing in the morning to slowly wake me up. It’s hoped me, I don’t feel like doing it but I forced myself to. I’m able to control my emotions more. Also been taking cold showers which is really great once you get over the initial feeling of freezing your a## off.

Overall, I’m reaching towards the sky to live the life that I want to. I’ve taken a few steps towards that live but I have to walk up a mountain before I can truly start to see more of the life that I want to life. I’m grateful for the time I have and I will not waste it anymore.

Shoot for your dreams,



D88 – View

black and white photography, street photography

IMG_20180319_114750-01Was out and about when I caught this on a sunny day. The glasses were broken and placed on some concrete. I decided to explore  frame inside of a frame. I enjoyed this shot but I know I can do better. I didn’t want to touch the glasses but next time I’ll let that fear go. I’ll bring some hand sanitizer next time and move the glasses around.

Basically, I’m learning through trial and error. I don’t do well with sitting down and being lectured about photography for months. I prefer to learn then do. Often I will learn while moving. I do force myself to sit and learn from long videos. It helps when I move around as the person talks about a certain subject. Basically I’ve taken what I hate about school and what I liked about school to create more efficient lesson plans for myself.

That’s it for now. I have to start moving or I’ll never leave.

Do what you want,


D87 – Journey of Goals

black and white photography, nature photography, street photography

IMG_20180314_104319-01 It had been raining hard all week and I was able to capture this shot on a cloudy day. I’m getting more interested in capturing the things that normal people always ignore. Worms are apart of that as we try not to step on them but we do nothing for them. It’s not my best shot but I am growing as a photographer and as a man.

Did not go for a walk as I focused on stretching my legs and back. Explored mise en scene and composition which were quite interesting. I am interested in filmmaking, I’ve been apart of two short film productions including one I directed. I am fascinated by shots in films, I tend to judge a film by the shots. Good shots make or break a film for me. I mainly watch dark films and psychological ones so cinematography is important.

I’ve decided to focus on composition and improving my prowess in drawing, photography, and film. I’m pursuing a career in storytelling with the hopes of one-day having the skills to go strictly freelance and/or own my own media production business. It’s simple but hard yet like the work I’m simply trying to enjoy the journey to the destination as I don’t know which way I’ll end up when I reach my final destination. Just going to pick a direction and move towards it.

Keep on keepin on,



Day 86 – Composition Down

black and white photography, nature, street photography

Went around trying to capture frames within the frame instead I found myself plying with compositions like I did with this shot. It’s a simple shot but I enjoyed taking it. I would love to have a model look up at me to add a bit more character to the shot. However, I may just like this shot better than the imaginary one.

Had my rest day today, so no exploring outside. I explored various topics inside from coding to Japanese. I’m going to dive deeper into each subject after writing this post. Overall, today I still pushed myself in learning useful information. I still have to study more and eventually reflect upon what I’ve learned today. I would suggest everyone reflect on every aspect of their especially if they are unhappy with their lives.

Make current decisions that benefit the future you,


Day 85 – Doing Your Part

black and white photography, street photography


Doing your part is a common theme brewing in my house lately. This photo is relevant to that theme as you should give up fast food in order of healthy food. I also found it funny that I saw a bunch of empty McDonalds bags and then a single uneaten apple. I did not have to move anything aroind. This is how I found it, I only worked on the angle.

I’m trying to do my part in this household which is a slow process as it requires me to go through interviews. I’m nervous as all hell but it’s a must for me to get out into the world. I’m developing a solid schedule to be more efficient with my time. Its only been one day but I found it pretty effective. I will continue to do and make improvements daily.

I pushed myself physically and was able to control my emotions so I wouldn’t lash out at someone. So it’s a small improvement but I have to work on it. I simply have started to care more about myself and my life because if I’m not good then there’s no point. I’m going to have to sacrifice more which will be challenging but worth it if I can become stronger. I’m working very hard and I know I can do it.

Well I got to get moving and do some more work before bed.

Have fun and challenge yourself,


Day 84 – Float

black and white photography, street photography


Caught this today on my daily walk when I looked down and the puddles as I came closer. I’ve taken a few shots like this before but this time the leaf is submerged into the water with the stem sticking out. Plus the sky was a beautiful blue with a good amount of clouds which helps this shot stand out more. I love the loneliness feeling this shot gives off. It’s really relevant to what I’ve gone through in the past. I will continue to explore this world and take the photos that I want to take.

Today, I was able to do more earlier and was more productive than normal. I am loving the process as I am feeling so much better than I did last week. Sure, there are areas that I still need to improve. I’m working on a lot of things and transforming bad habits with good ones. I’ve been practicing meditation right after I wake up. It has helped me be less distracted, have better control of my breath and allows me to think.

I’ve discovered some more things about myself that I will examine and relay in the future. Right now I am focused on dedicating myself to my craft and to self development. Not the motivational speeches but by putting in work mentally and physically. I’m awakening to my potential and I will not allow myself to waste my life. I will win because I can and I must.

Reflect on the you now,