Day 83 – Nice


IMG_20180223_101349-01.jpegWas exploring a new area of the town I live in when two mormons rode by and greeted me. They were nice and simply rode away after saying “I’m fine thank you”. I believe it was around 10 am so the sun is out and peeking through the trees.

I’m exploring more and finding ways to take photos of people. It’s something I like and I’m doing it more. It’s a struggle as I am a shy introvert but I’m breaking out of my shell more when I have my camera.

The day is not over but I was able to push myself and I’ve completed more today than yesterday. I’m still operating at 65% but hopefully today I can get closer to 70% before midnight. I got rid of some toxic things and replaced them with relevant things and better habits. Got to explore more and develop some results before I go to bed for the last time.

Be kind not nice,


D82 – Shadows

architecture photography, black and white photography, street photography

DSC00251-01.jpegExploring Shadows while on a long walk. I enjoyed taking this photo a lot as I was able to capture all the shadows and showcase a slower pace of life with only one car in the frame with no blur. It’s a simple shot but it represents a slower pace of life.

Was able to go beyond my normal capacity today. I believe I was able to reach 70% but I will have to see after this post. I was able to get a lot of done and started my day off right with meditation and instrumental music. I did slip up a bit but I was able to pici myself up. Working hard to continue to improve and enjoy life. I’m close to discovering the simple solution to each problem I have.

I can honestly say that I was happy today. I’m showing progress but I instead that I have a lot more to do. I need to get a move on and get out into the world before it is too late.

Date to experiment,


D81 – Up

architecture photography, black and white photography, interior architecture, Uncategorized


Exploring reality with philosophy and photography. Took this shot while I was preparing to leave the local library. It’s a place that I come to when I want to do some work without my back hurting from a bad chair and to get away from my four walls. I like this library as the second floor is for adults with the bottom floor for children. It makes it quiet and a more enjoyable reading experience.

I was interested in the light and decided to take this photo as I made my way down the stairs. It’s not always like this since it’s pretty rainy lately. On this day, I explored philosophy and my own mind. When I go to the library, I get work down. I might be there for three hours and get a good amount of work done in an hour and a half. I’m still exploring my options and the library helps wonders with that. I haven’t found the simplest solution but I am working even harder on it. I’m trying to remember the Bruce Lee quote “Feel don’t think” it’s harder than you may think to put into practice.

I completed a section of a free coding camp. I wanted to think about how I feel while doing it but I focused on doing the task and told myself I will think later. I don’t know if coding is my thing as I don’t feel nothing for it and have studied it in the past. I will continue to explore and will work even harder to get to the life that I want and to be the man I know that I can be.

Stay strong and feel,

D80 – Basic Needs

black and white photography, street photography


Figuring out what I truly need and don’t. Keeping it basic like the title suggests. This photo represents that with the faded letter spelling out water and a branch.

I’m understanding more but I haven’t came up with the simplest solution yet. It’s coming together but I have more work to do. I’m struggling through the whole process. I’m hanging on by believing that I will get stronger when I reach the finish line.

Get started on your path right now,



D79 – Mistake

architecture photography, black and white photography, Industrial photography, street photography

Looked up and captured this shot while exploring my city. I am from Sacramento but I reside in a smaller city called Elk Grove that was apart of Sacramento. So technically I am not living in Sacramento so Elk Grove is a new city to me. Anyway, I like to observe the world and this shot proves that. I’m just thankful that none of the birds dropped anything on me but it was a risk that I was willing to take.

I made a simple mistake that I confessed to. I was scared before the mistake but I looked forward to the new chance in my life. However, the mistake I made will make that change happen at a later date. I’m trying to figure out how to rectify my mistake not just for myself but for my family. I owe them a lot and I never know how much longer that I have them with me. I want to become as great as a person I can be so they can look at me with pride and leave this world knowing that I will be okay.

Keep your head up,


D78 – Living

black and white photography, nature, nature photography, street photography

IMG_20180303_121602-01.jpegKeeping my head up to see the beauty of life. Worked hard by pushing myself past my limits. I enjoyed it now that I looked back to it. It hurt but I was able to overcome the pain. Trying to improve my stamina and endurance walking and playing basketball.

Going to have to focus on yoga and stretching as well in order to better condition my body and mind. Picking up meditation as a way to help me with my thoughts and allow me to practice breathing. Overall, today was a learning day and I still have much to learn before going to bed.

Have fun and explore beauty,


D77 – Push

architecture photography, black and white photography, street photography

Exploring the world with an open mind. Finding spaces to capture and record memories daily. Little lost but not really. I’m simply enjoying the process of life. This photo was me experimenting with lines and shadows. I often walk by this place and took a few shots while no one was around. Although it make have been a better shot if I had added a person in. The car is a nice touch that wasn’t intentional.

Had fun today, still pushing myself daily. I am exploring my options and seeing where my heart lies and what talents I have. It’s a true challenge that I am pushing myself through.

That’s all folks!

Find the challenges in your life,