D80 – Basic Needs


Figuring out what I truly need and don’t. Keeping it basic like the title suggests. This photo represents that with the faded letter spelling out water and a branch.

I’m understanding more but I haven’t came up with the simplest solution yet. It’s coming together but I have more work to do. I’m struggling through the whole process. I’m hanging on by believing that I will get stronger when I reach the finish line.

Get started on your path right now,



D79 – Mistake

Looked up and captured this shot while exploring my city. I am from Sacramento but I reside in a smaller city called Elk Grove that was apart of Sacramento. So technically I am not living in Sacramento so Elk Grove is a new city to me. Anyway, I like to observe the world and this shot proves that. I’m just thankful that none of the birds dropped anything on me but it was a risk that I was willing to take.

I made a simple mistake that I confessed to. I was scared before the mistake but I looked forward to the new chance in my life. However, the mistake I made will make that change happen at a later date. I’m trying to figure out how to rectify my mistake not just for myself but for my family. I owe them a lot and I never know how much longer that I have them with me. I want to become as great as a person I can be so they can look at me with pride and leave this world knowing that I will be okay.

Keep your head up,


D78 – Living

IMG_20180303_121602-01.jpegKeeping my head up to see the beauty of life. Worked hard by pushing myself past my limits. I enjoyed it now that I looked back to it. It hurt but I was able to overcome the pain. Trying to improve my stamina and endurance walking and playing basketball.

Going to have to focus on yoga and stretching as well in order to better condition my body and mind. Picking up meditation as a way to help me with my thoughts and allow me to practice breathing. Overall, today was a learning day and I still have much to learn before going to bed.

Have fun and explore beauty,


D77 – Push

Exploring the world with an open mind. Finding spaces to capture and record memories daily. Little lost but not really. I’m simply enjoying the process of life. This photo was me experimenting with lines and shadows. I often walk by this place and took a few shots while no one was around. Although it make have been a better shot if I had added a person in. The car is a nice touch that wasn’t intentional.

Had fun today, still pushing myself daily. I am exploring my options and seeing where my heart lies and what talents I have. It’s a true challenge that I am pushing myself through.

That’s all folks!

Find the challenges in your life,


D76 – Heart


Was inspired to take this shot after reading a photo book by Drew Barrymore. Her photos were all about finding heart shapes in the world. Luckily, I found this heart shaped cookie outside of the library after reading the book. To succeed I must look within myself and love what I do even when it sucks.

I’m challenging myself to be brutally honest with myself and become more self aware.

I’m also taking steps to improve my physical state especially my heart. It’s a true challenge but it’s something that must be done for me to live the life I want to have. I’ve found that anatomy is interesting and that keeps me engaged unlike many other subjects I’ve explored.

There’s a long road ahead of me but I’m fully committed to the journey of bexoming the strongest version of myself.

Aim for the heart,


D75 – Standing Out

Enjoying life as I took this photo while on a walk. I was simply experimenting with this shot and exploring what I can do with my phone. I love this shot as I simply love photography. The more photos I take the better I get and the more I critique my photos. I am getting happier and more confident as a photographer. My next step is to keep taking photos, edit better, and upgrade to a dslr.

Overall, I am enjoying the process. If I wasn’t in love with it, I would have quit a while ago. Sure, I’m not always happy with any of the photos I take on certain days. It’s normal but my overall love for creating and discipline will help me get through the bad moments. I didn’t reach 100% today but I will end up around 60% which is better than the normal amount of effort I give everyday. I’m taking time to build my body and mind so hopefully that will enable me to become the strongest version of myself.

Stay disciplined,


Day 74 – Save


Exploring while it was raining and caught this when the rain let up. Was very interested in capturing a shot of the boat before it’s done.  This was me taking a shot from a different angle.

Numbers don’t mean a thing to me, I’m focusing on creating what I want. I am proud of myself for this shot and I hope I can take even better ones in the future.

Spent hours doing what I was suppose to do. I am working at a higher percentage everyday. Was working at a low percentage for a long text, now I’m focused and know what I must do. It’s not always like that but I accept the challenge.


D73 – Losing Information


I’ve had to learn what is truly useless to give energy to in the long run. Like the person who spent time researching information and writing down the info on that flashcard. I had to discover what information is useful to me and which isn’t. Whenever I explore something I have to ask myself “how will this life benefit my life?”.

I had to sacrifice things and pick up things that I may not like in order to better myself as a man and as a creator. I’m having fun during these challenging moments. The people around me are crumbling though. I am not the best communicator, which is something I am working on. I don’t have to justify myself to anyone but I do have to be able to communicate my dreams, goals, and plans effectively in order to actually achieve them. I hope the person who wrote on the flashcard can have a successful life.

Discard what isn’t useful and devour what is,



D72 – Neglect


We seem to Neglect the places we live and ourselves in general. Eating shit will make you feel and look like shit. That’s life and there is no way I’m willing to sugar coat it. Often I see a lot of trash scattered around the city and have seen people simply throw things on the ground. I’ve even been places where people threw the trash down in front of an empty trashcan. A lot of people don’t seem to value the place we live and depend on for our survival.

It can be said the same about our bodies in this day in age. We neglect our bodies for a quick fix of something that is killing us slowly. Even fit people tend to neglect their legs in favor of more popular parts. People tend to neglect their brains as well.

You can see that in the current climate of politics. Everyone wants to talk about feelings but ignore the facts of life.

We must develop our bodies alongside our minds. If we can take our minds we can control our body. If we care for our world maybe neighborhoods wouldn’t look as poorly as they do which would increase their value. All I’m saying is we have a duty to ourselves to truly become the strongest versions of ourselves. We have a duty to the next generation to allow them to grow in a cleaner environment and teach them how to conduct themselves as proper men and women.

This photo reflects that, lazy people with no concept of care for their surroundings or themselves.

Live free and be the strongest version of yourself,


D71 – Master


Just do what you want to do and screw what others think. Be the master of yourself and control your life. The more I create photos that I like the happier I am. I am not focusing on one type of photography. I am simply seeing what I can create at the current level of photography I’m on.

Exploring myself and the world around me. I see the world differently as we all do , however, I pay attention to things that people neglect to focus on. This lock is a symbol of that and my love for the forgotten. I can’t really define my artwork nor will I allow others to do so. I will create what I like without a label. There are too many niches that I enjoy and all the niche seem like they can blend together if done right.

I love the cold metal that appears in this shot. I am a fan of both steampunk and cyberpunk. However, I am not a fan of most Sci-Fi material. I love to see machines but only machines that do not resemble humans. This is a symbol of my growth as I realized what I truly like and dislike plus I can break both down if asked about it.

Anyway, I pushed myself 49% of my capacity which sounds terrible but it’s an improvement. I will continue to try to raise that everyday. I have sacrificed a few things that I know won’t benefit me in the long run. It’s challenging but it most be done for me to grow. I’m also reading a lot more, 6 out of 100 books so far. The biggest hurdle will be coming soon and I am truly scared. I realize I am creating this fear and I must overcome such a simple step to get to where I want to be but it is challenging nonetheless. I can’t afford to make a mistake with this step as it will set me back. There’s too little of time for me to go back to where I was a few weeks ago. I am ready for the world…I will fight this fear and truly sculpt the person I truly am and the world I want to live in.

Be your own sculptor,