120 Rest X


Took a short break to take this shot when I was on a four mile walk. It’s simple, I wanted to capture this thing that Ive walked past many times. I might have tried to have the shot be more symmetrical but I enjoy the imperfection in this shot.

I’m starting to see an improvement in my shots and my willingness to wait for the shot I want. Was able to do some yoga that helped clear my mind enough to make some decisions about my life. Still have some things to figure out but I feel like I’m going in the right direction for the first time in a long time. The yoga session also taught me that I need to slow some things down and to live in the moment.

Will continue during yoga for thirty days to see how it impacts me down the line.

Try to complete your own 30 day challenge to improve yourself

Be free,


119 – Creating A Path


The light come in through the trees as I barely began my journey. It’s simple as I allow the light to guide the eye. I like taking shots like this, it was unplanned and the area inspired me to shoot.

Working on my own path, I’m getting closer to laying down the foundation I’ll need to have the life that I want. Doing simple good habits everyday and paying attention to things I do in order to better schedule my day and throw away the things I truly don’t need. My life is getting clearer and becoming more balanced. I still have a long way to go, the first step is to simply take action.

Run wild,


117 – New Beginning or New Ending


Caught this simple shot early in the morning as I was beginning a four mile walk. I like the shot but I can see how I could improve it the next time I get a similar subject.

Exploring reality and my own mind. Spent a lot of time without my TV on or YouTube. Basically, spent the day thinking and reading. I still have to figure the simple solution to my main problem. It’s going to be tough but I’m doing my best to sort things out.


Be disciplined and free,


116 – Abstract Thought


Trying to focus but everything simply becomes like this shot. I end up saying wtf is this. Despite that I like this shot. It’s the inside of a fallen cone. A simple shot showing character of a forgotten shot.

Will be trying to improve myself and make the right decisions to get my life on a roll.

Be free and disciplined,


115 – Philosophy


This shot makes me think about life whenever I see it. I enjoy the water droplets on the main rose. None of the flowers have bloomed yet so like my thoughts they are not fully developed. Don’t know much about flowers but I believe I am right. Exploring nature photography with different subjects like these.

Accomplished a bit but I am not satisfied. I failed twice today but I plan to make better choices from now on. I can only control my urges until I develop better habits. I have to face this challenge head on as I am the one that caused it.

Face your past and live in the present,


114 – New Day


Took this shot around 7am, while on a four mile walk. I was fascinated with the scenery and took my time capturing this shot and others. I have a black and white edition but chose to showcase the colored one.

Spending more time outside and more doing actually doing things. I was able to take a step in the right direction but I have so much more work to do to get the results that I want. That starts with me changing daily habits from bad to good. I do have a few more bad habits that I’m starting to fix. I’ve taken positive steps towards doing that, however, I’ve had small failures changing. I see those failures as continuing challenges I take tackle everyday.

Embrace change,


112 – Shady Flow


My favorite shot I’ve taken of this area. I can see the imperfections in this shot and know what I can do to improve it. I like the lines in the shot and the reflection of the trees. The more I look at it, the more I like this shot and start to see new things about it.

Walked 8 miles today, took a lot of photos on this enjoyable journey. I still have to upload them and edit them. Pushed myself a lot today and I feel that I’ve been stronger mentally and physically. I’m glad that I am putting in work to improve both of them as I’m finally starting to see changes and the positive results of them.

Dare yourself to get lost,



111 – Free


We often lock ourselves up and forget about what is truly holding us back from doing what we want. My desire was to express that in this shot. I might have made the lock and chains more visible, however, I do like how this shot turned out.

Breaking free from the past to focus on the present. Writing down what I am going for and commiting to a deadline. It’s going to a challenge that I can’t back down from or I will forever regret it. I will only fail if I don’t start, finish or quit. I will come out of this as a winner no matter what path I choose to create. When I’m the strongest version of myself I will be living the life that I’ve always wanted.

Be free,