110 – Stand Out


Was walking on a new path when I decided to capture this shot. I would have tried to make it symmetrical.  At least I would have mad the subject straighter, however, the subject gives off a creepy feeling thanks to the shadows and the angle.

Just thinking and changing things in my life. I made a noticable change but it will be much harder to keep up the good habit that I replaced a bad habit with later on in the change.

Ending it here for today. Keep it simple,


109 – Spur


No matter how much darkness tries to corrupt your path, you must keep on moving. I took this shot at my college during a busy time. I liked the shape of the shadows so I crouched down to take a few shots when people started to get into the shot. I simply used patience to create the shot that I wanted. It is a favorite shot of mine but I can see how I can make it better. Would have stepped back a bit so the light wouldn’t be as badly reflected through the glass on the right. I do like how you can only see one of the subject’s hands. It has disappeared inside the darkness thanks to her backpack.

Watching the NBA finals, disappointed that the Spurs can’t win a single game against the Warriors. I know they can do it but they defeat themselves. I have the same problem in my own life but I’m learning faster than they are. I took a step in a positive direction today, however, I need to step a bit faster. I was filled with energy and made more positive decisions than bad ones. That’s it for now but I hope you all have a great day.



108 – Hokusai


Capturing the beauty of life through a simples flower. At least this beauty is true and always exposing itself. In the future, I would get even closer to the flower so it stands out more.

Currently, watching “Miss Hokusai” a Japanese animated feature based on a mix of a manga and historical events. It’s a beautiful piece of work that is inspiring me to get to work. Been reading “Osamu Tezuka Story”, a rather large book about the godfather of manga. It’s cool to know that despite being so busy he watched one day everyday like I do now. He often worked on 8 to 10 serializations while also studying medicine. Through this book I’ve been able to see what it takes to become the best of the best. Its a long of work that never gets easier as time goes on. Got to always strive for the best, keep learning, keep improving, and do what you love.

I hope you are on your right path,


107 – no Ippo


Simple nature shot that I took on a 5 mile walk. I enjoyed taking this shot as it was a peaceful place. It was just a practice shot in a way. I see my mistake as the subject on the right stands out but my eye tends to go to the water. That could just be me, I don’t know.

Taking steps to a better life slowly, making some good decisions to better myself and the people around me. Pushed myself to jog quite a bit tkday, however, I haven’t been that productive today. That will change by the end of the time and I will be much more productive tomorrow. Nothing will stand in my way.

Live strong and step steadily,


106 – Kross


Was resting after playing tennis for two hours when I took this shot. No one else besides my friend were in the building so it almost has an eerie feel to it as if it was an empty memory. Not my greatest shot but one that I enjoyed taking because of what occurred before, during, and after the shot.

Will be putting what I want to accomplish down on paper and commit myself to what I truly want to go after for. I would suggest the same for anyone who is lost in the world and is struggling to overcome their situation and their failures.

Take note,


104 – Climb


Caught this while walking to the library today. I walked by this once but decided to take the shot. I got the composition I wanted in the first shot I took before I kept walking on. I like how it came out, the shadows and even the texture of the shell stands out. It’s a simple shot with leading lines and an emphasis on texture. Going to be keeping it simple in terms of composition and create the photos that I want to capture.

Watched all three NBA games today, the first game was the best to me as I was more invested in the game as I am rooting for the Spurs. Seeing these guys battle it out inspired me to push myself even further. I was able to jog for longer now and a few more times than I did the last time I jogged. A few ideas formed inside of my mind that forced me to change as a person. I understand that I have made so many mistakes in the past and I am in a bad spot because of myself. I’ve kissed the past goodbye and focusing on the now. I’m tearing away all the fear tonight and diving deep into the path I want to create. Basically, going to be talking to myself to figure out how to fix my problems and many other topics before the end of the night.

My Hero Academia manga helped as well and inspired me to think differently about all the ideas that I have. So the theme of the day is to climb and keep on climbing even if you are close to the edge and the sick bastard called fear has his hands wrapped around your neck. Just keep on climbing and always be yourself in the process.

Climb on,


105 – Outside


On a long walk I happened to discover this little piece of litter as I was closing in on my destination. It was interesting piece of litter to me as it features Japanese and stands out in the grass. It’s a simple shot featuring a normally ignored subject. It is something that I wanted to create and did so after a few shots.

I’ve been paying more attention to cinematography when I watch films. Currently, watching “The Outsider” and it features some really nice cinematography. When I see a good shot it inspires me to go out and create my own. Not to copy but to simply create the shot that I want to see. Exploring story-boarding, it is something I did as an animation student in the past but I’m doing it now to structure films that I want to do and shots that I want to capture when I have the opportunity. I’m flooded with ideas at the moment, I just have to execute them immediately.

One thing that I will do to improve my life is to go outside more and simply live a more active lifestyle while creating daily. I would rather fail at this than ignore my passions for something someone else deems practical.

Enjoy yourself and make a small change for yourself,


103 – Adventure


Was exploring a new area and was looking up to the sky when I decided to take this shot. I can see the imperfection of this shot and I know what I would do if I had the chance. I do like this shot, it makes me want to go out and explore.

Watched a Netflix doc TV show called “Tales by Light” which is about various photographers traveling the world and doing their own brand of photography. It fully inspired me, I happened to only watch two episodes so far as I don’t want to binge it. I am a photographer and I will devote myself to my craft like the best of us. It made me want to simply walk out of my house and go explore the world.

Woke up from a nap to be told that a family member was sent to the hospital in critical condition (they are okay the last time I was told anything) So today was an emotional day, I realized how fleeting life can be and I can no longer waste anytime.

Anyway, tomorrow I will explore my emotions tomorrow with my camera, pen and paper. Plus maybe a punching bag as well.



D102 – Kuu


This is the result of me exploring nature. I’m really working on composition and my editing skills. Was able to take a few shots today but I haven’t edited them yet. I pushed myself a bit physically so I’m resting. I was able to finally finish editing my short film I made a whole ago. The program I was using kept crashing while editing and it took me a while to learn how to do a credits page.

That’s it for today. Stay young,


Day 101 – Kings/Penguin


Took this shot a few years ago when I went out to have some pizza with my family. I liked how the building looking and how one business was called “Vampire Penguin”. Will have to edit this shot more but I do how tight the shot feels. I’m exploring emotions through photography and this makes me feel enclosed. Wanted to share a color photo for the first time in a while.

Got a lot of thinking done and have discovered the beginning of my path. All I need to do is to be disciplined and make the right choices for the future me. Been working out on that slowly but will pick up the pace and explore new options. Working to build a career that I will enjoy until the day I die or move on. I have been writing a lot more and envisioning the life that I want to have. Sacrifices have been made and I’m continuing to make some as well as getting rid of material things that I no longer need.

I’m a big King’s fan thus the title of this post is to mark today as the final game of the season for the Kings. It also marks the end of Jerry Reynolds, a long time Kings color commentator who has retired from the position after 20 years. Jerry was the GM for the Sacramento Monarchs, a GM for the Sacramento Kings, and even the head coach for a while. This man bleeds purple with his long time loyalty to this franchise which is rare for this era. Jerry has taught me about loyalty, how to conduct yourself as a professional and how to be yourself.

King for life. Chase your rings,