D82 – Shadows

architecture photography, black and white photography, street photography

DSC00251-01.jpegExploring Shadows while on a long walk. I enjoyed taking this photo a lot as I was able to capture all the shadows and showcase a slower pace of life with only one car in the frame with no blur. It’s a simple shot but it represents a slower pace of life.

Was able to go beyond my normal capacity today. I believe I was able to reach 70% but I will have to see after this post. I was able to get a lot of done and started my day off right with meditation and instrumental music. I did slip up a bit but I was able to pici myself up. Working hard to continue to improve and enjoy life. I’m close to discovering the simple solution to each problem I have.

I can honestly say that I was happy today. I’m showing progress but I instead that I have a lot more to do. I need to get a move on and get out into the world before it is too late.

Date to experiment,


Embrace life


Sometimes all we need is a fresh breath of air. Getting out and embracing nature is one way to positively affect our mind and body. We live such fast pace lives that we neglect our own health or ignore the beauty right under our noses.

This was taken with my Cybershot as i was walking and talking with my sister. It was a good day and got a lot of cardio in. We walked for about 2 miles while trying to take cover from the blazing heat. Ran into a nice biker and truly enjoyed the walk.

Embrace nature and clear your mind of negativity. Focus on what you can control.