A portrait that I took of a friend at a boba shop in Sacramento. We saw a bunch of girls just posing with their drinks in front of the flower wall. So we decide to make fun of them with photography. It was a funny moment in a good friendship. Sadly, I took this with my Samsung J7 sky as I didn’t have my trusty Nikon at hand. I copped the shot and tried to make “Love Colorfully” as clear as possible. AS you can see, I still have a lot of work to do with my portraits.

Phew! It’s been a while, I finally found the time to edit photos and put more time into my passions. Been working like crazy and trying to find a new job. I have found some part time work at a warehouse. I’ll only be there for six months as I am trying to gain new experiences and to add to my resume while I pursue my passions and investing.

Formulating a life plan tonight and will be acting upon it as soon as I wake up tomorrow. I realized that I was too comfortable in life and have been focusing on distractions rather than on my goals. I have cleaned my room and throw away any that didn’t spark joy. I’ve got a few simple photos to edit of the time I tested out my new lens. I don’t want to end up staying where I am at. Next year I’ll be thirty. So I truly have a lot of work to do in order to achieve the life that I want. Progress has been steady but slow. I talk to myself when I get restless and remind myself to be patient as my time will come.

Peace and stay safe,



Back after a short break! Was able to find some photos to edit like the one above. It’s a simple shot I took of an art installation project in San Francisco. We were looking for an exit but we ended up in art.

Was finally able to get some of my photos printed and I have to say that I truly love them. I like how my photos look printed much more than on a digital platform. It was cheap too, 22 photos for 6 dollars. Going to be having more photos printed and eventually publish a photo book. I still have to choose which photos to include with the first book. Will be releasing a poetry book as well but just like the photo book, I have to select what poems to include.

Will be getting creative in taking shots so I can upload here on a more regular basis. Hopefully I will be able to make some great shots happen.

Simple Times

A simple shot I took after leaving the Golden Gate Bridge. I simply wanted to capture these buildings in the background. Now I wish that I could go back to those times. Sure my legs were killing me but I was enjoying life and traveling.

I have a few interviews in the upcoming week. I’m hoping to be out of my current job soon. I am starting to develop depression again. I am doing my best to simply enjoy life but it’s hard when you hate your job with a passion to the point where you don’t care. It’s been a while since I wrote anything so it feels nice to be able to express myself in a way that everyone can understand.

My investments are going well, I’m starting to see results from same of the the gambles I made. Going to be a bit more aggressive while maintaining a healthy portfolio of dividend stocks.

Going to re-start my exercise program and stick with it. I need to get up from this plateau. Will be pursuing writing again, will be giving my pencil a few miles before hitting the hay. Have to be at work at 4 am tomorrow so there’s not a whole lot of time to get ready.

I will be editing more photos so I can update this blog on a regular basis. Have fun and work hard,


A Little Fun

A shot of my friend posing in front of a wall of flowers at a milk tea cafe in Sacramento. We were poking fun at all the girls posing with their drinks infront of the wall. You would be shocked at the number of girls that were doing that. As soon as my friend moved away, a few more girls lined up to take selfies in front of the wall of flowers. It’s thanks to my friends that I’ve been able to practice taking portraits and becoming more confident as a photographer.

Working harder to improve myself and my life. I’ve applied to ton of jobs with very little interaction. I do have an interview on Tuesday and another one on Thursday. The needle is moving, I hope to hear back from a few more jobs before I go on Tuesday’s interview.

Haven’t found the time to study photography or editing but it’s in my queue for tomorrow especially since I’ll be off on Tuesday. Been sleeping a lot after work which leaves me very little time to get things done. It’s a habit that I’m trying to stop which very little improvement. However, once I gradually get back into shape I’m sure things will improve.

Changed my diet a bit, I’ve noticed that it improved my energy levels at work. I’m still experimenting as what I’m doing is just a temporary thing as I continue to find what works for me. I’ll be forcing myself to better my diet with fruits and veggies. It’s going to be hard but I want the results so I must do the actually work.

Get to work,



A shot I took while taking photos of the beautiful water in San Francisco. I’ve reviewed my photos from my trips and I have noticed what I need to improve on. I will focus on improving my photos especially developing my post-editing skills.

Took my new lens out for a spin early in the morning. I played with it and enjoyed the process. Been a while since I took my camera out so it felt like a breath of fresh air. Might post some of the photos here once I upload them to my Google Drive but we will see. I plan to do another photo walk on my next day off which will be Tuesday.

I’m focusing on gaining skills and my health during this world event. Taking time to read and improve my mental health. Now, I will just need to focus more on my physical health so I can truly become the best version of myself.

Just a quick post as I felt writing but have to get prepared for work now.




Portrait of my friend as we walked the streets of San Francisco. I realized as soon I uploaded the photo that it was too dark. I’m going to have to re-edit and willing put time aside to study editing and actually apply what I learned.

Pursuing new job opportunities as it’s truly time for me to leave my current 9 to 5 job. I’m looking for jobs in different fields while also willing to take another job in retail but I wouldn’t stay longer than six months. I’m looking for experience and new skills that would be beneficial for me to learn.

Besides that, I’m focusing on making my passions my career and working on fitness. Really hit rock bottom and need to get my ass moving.

About to crash, so I’ll end it here. Goodnight/good morning,



A shot of my friend as we wait for our boba milk teas at Cafe Hana in San Francisco’s Japantown. I’m grateful that my friends don’t mind me taking photos of them while on our trips. It helps me practice my skills and makes me energized when I capture a good shot.

Yesterday was a very productive day for me. I was able to completely clean my room and get most of it organized. Did work for my side hustles & made a little cash. My investment portfolio is up at the moment. I’ve been studying investing practically everyday and I’m learning how to apply what I learn successfully.

I’m taking to reflect on my life and current choices that I need to make. I’m doing the little things that will improve my life because they eventually will turn into something big. I have a lot to achieve and no excuses to not go after what I want. Now is the time while I am still young.

On a side note, really need to learn how to edit photos better. I’ll be going back to my Golden Gate Bridge photos and re-editing them as I am not satisfied with them. It’s good motivation for me to actually start to dive into gaining more in-depth knowledge about the editing process.

Well got work in a few hours, so I’ll end it here with a good night/morning.




Working hard to improve my portrait skills. I mainly focus on street and architecture photography but would like to dive into more portraits. It’s kind of hard to do so at the moment due to the virus. I’ll be putting myself out there once this ends. It’s scary but I’m willing to face that fear for the benefit of my future. Going to try to take a photography course at a community college in order to learn how to work in a studio.

My thoughts are unorganized as I’m trying to combine passions but can’t figure out how yet. I have a few ideas but will have to give it more thought.

Have fun,



One of my better portraits that I took on the first trip of 2020 in January. I like the shadows on my friend’s face as we walk further onto the Golden Gate Bridge. I like the imperfectness of this show. The focus is on the subjects face as I did a good job with blurring out the background. I’m still getting used to taking portraits but hopefully can do so soon.

I’m a photographer and a writer but I haven’t done much of both lately. I took my camera out today to test out my new lens but that’s the first time in weeks. I do edit photos regularly so I can share them on this blog. Might need to finally get off my ass and design my room to better suit my endeavors. Will be going on more photo walks and hopping on my motorcycle to go places.

Writing-wise, all I’ve been doing is writing for this blog and occasionally writing scenarios. If I want to both fields apart of my career I’m going to have to cut the shit out and get to work. The hardest part is starting but I truly love both fields so it’s time that I reflect that with my life. I’m determined to do so as I feel that if i don’t I will never truly be happy with where I’m at in life.

For now, I will be working structuring my posts better, writing, photography, fitness, Japanese, and investing. So I should never have a dull moment.

Pursue your happiness,



A shot of my friend exploring art and trying to find an exit. This was a send off trip as he shortly left to join the military. So this is a great photo to represent a good time and to showcase his departure. Might try to re-edit this shot and work on the walls.

My new camera lens came in and I’m happy with it so far. Will take better photos of it tomorrow and showcase it. Going to break it in on a photo walk. I am more willing to invest into my passions and myself. I normally don’t because I don’t like to see my bank account balance go down. Haha I’m sure that’s most people but I’ve decided not to wait and work hard towards my goals.

Going to be buying a zoom lens next and a new phone next. I’m not too happy with the kit zoom lens I have and my phone is shitty at best. However, will space out my purchases in order to keep my finances healthy especially during these current times.

Viewed a webinar about investing yesterday and set a goal for my investing. Which is to earn 70k from the stock market. Right now, my portfolio is worth $984, so I have a long way to go. However, now that I have goals towards investing I can better determine which stocks to go for and my approach to investing in general. Going try my hand at being a more aggressive investor. Will be continuing to study investing and put in 100 dollars every two weeks.

Besides that, I focused on my side hustle of re-selling on E-Bay. I’m not making much money doing it but the small amounts I am earning are adding up. Also decided to go to Japan in April of 2021 so I’ll be saving up for that. Applied to a few jobs that will teach me new skills and hopefully diversify my resume. Was turned down by one but I’m hopeful that I’ll hear back from one of the others.

Get your goals down and the work will be easier as you at least know your starting point.

Enjoy your life,