Experimenting with Drone Photography

A shot of the parking structure at Cosumnes River College. Was heading out with my friends when one of them allowed me to use their drone to shot some shots last year.


I truly experimented with what kinds of shots that I wanted while still exploring the limitations of the drone itself.


Wondering which direction I should take my experimentation.


My favorite shot of the experiment. I enjoy the overall pattern and the breaking of the pattern despite the structure not being captured straight. I was proud of this shot, so much in fact that it’s hanging on my wall.

It was my first time experimenting with drone photography but hopefully it won’t be my last. Sadly, my friend’s drone was stolen and I never made an attempt to buy a drone myself. So I have to simply wait and buy a drone myself if I ever want to experiment again.

It was truly a good learning experience, I would suggest any photography and/or videographer take part in their own drone photography experiment.

Soulless Garden & Pocari Sweat

The few positive results of me and my friend’s journey to San Jose. We went to the Japanese friendship garden and let’s say we did not see what we expected to. Anyway, I was able to capture a few good shots with my camera (I miss it – enter crying face emoji). If you have seen my previous work then you should know that I like to play with shadows and capture people in natural situations. Some people may think that the subject of the shot is an angry participant but it’s simply a shot of my friend as we crossed the threshold of a soulless garden.

That day was a long day as we had already drove to Milpitas earlier to have some fantastic Vietnamese food before heading to Palo Alto. We managed to walk the long road to Stanford University before making the much shorter seeming way back out of the campus. San Jose was suppose to be the cherry on the top of a very good day but it was more of a disappointment than I could ever imagine.

However, me and my friend still had a blast. We managed to find this small Asian grocery store that stocked one of my favorite drinks, Pocari Sweat, which I was ecstatic to find. If you haven’t had it before, I would heavily suggest it. I generally say to new drinkers that it tastes like flat 7up or Sprite with less sugar. It may not sound good but I have hooked two people to it so far.

This journey to Palo Alto & San Jose was one of the many small trips I’ve taken this year. I also travel through my job around Northern California so I have to places that I never heard about it before like Cool, Shingle Springs, Cameron Park, and many more small towns. So this is the just the tip of the iceberg of what I have to share.

Hope you enjoy the journey that I am sharing on this site. If not and you are even more of a visional person then check out my Instagram. If you are here for the long ride, hop on and stay tuned in.



Focusing In

It’s been a while since my last trip thanks mainly to the pandemic. I took a break with my friend and went exploring in Palo Alto & San Jose. It was fun exploring Stanford University for the first time. There wasn’t a lot of people which made it easier to take shots of the architecture. I truly love the campus as it has a historical and peaceful atmosphere.

I’m starting to focus in on my goals and dedicating all the time that I can to do what I love. Sure, I still have to work a normal job but I’m working on sitting on more cash while still living life. One of my current co-workers has become one of my friends and has been inspiring me creatively. We have been challenging each other creatively which has been a nice change of pace.

Will be diving deep into Skillshare by taking courses on Iphone photography, video editing, and a few other subjects. Slowly but surely I will become more of the man I seek to become.

Stay focused,



Explored Palo Alto for the first time with my friend. We found this tunnel near Stanford University and I took a moment to shoot a few shots including this one. It was a spontaneous shot but my friend was gracious enough to pose for me. It was a good trip, explored Stanford and downtown Palo Alto.

Decided to commit myself to pursuing the greatest version of myself. I am committed to ending my bad habits and adding them with good ones. I’ve already started the process but I have a good amount of work to do. But I know I will prevail in the end. A co-worker of mine has motivated to make the commitment and inspires me to continue my process of pursuing my freedom.

Still shooting with my iPhone 11, will be taking a iPhone photography course to hopefully improve my skills. Eventually, will buy a new Nikon camera. I am thinking about the Nikon D5500 or the 5600. We will have to see in the near future.

I’m dedicated to this new journey I have descended upon. It’s starts tonight.

Have a good night and will write again soon,


Life is a Complex Beauty

I find comfort and risk in taking photos like this one. It is a simple photo of a darkened hallway but I find myself drawn to taking these kind of shots. I like the beauty of the darkness and gorgeous contrast of the light finding it’s place in the hall. I have a few photos on my bedroom wall so I can always look and reflect on certain shots. A lot of them look like this or have similar effects. I am proud of myself and proud of how far I’ve come from my childhood point and shoot days.

For a moment there I was struggling with self doubt but still kept my head up. I had to really take a step back and tell my self doubt that “I’ve got this”. It’s worked so far. It’s a struggle but I will continue to pursue my freedom. Sure, I’ll get lost at times but I will just pave another path until the day I can truly say that I am free and that I am home.

Been Too Long

I’m happy to say that I am back on this site and will be continuing to work on my purpose. I have no excuses for being gone so long but I swear to myself that I will be active.

I was able to leave my previous retail job for a higher paying job with more benefits and more freedom. So I am in a better place than I was when I stopped writing here. Sadly, my Nikon D3300 was submerged in Folsom Lake so it’s out of commission. I’m working hard to get another DSLR but for the meantime will be shooting with my iphone 11.

It will be a challenge but my phone has a good enough camera to satisfy some of photographic urges. I’m simply trying to live my purpose and act accordingly. I can’t be lazy anymore and expect things to turn out well. Got to get off my ass and get to hustling. Returning to this blog is a simple step in the right direction for me.

Will be investing more in myself and less in entertainment. The only thing I can do is to prove it with my actions as words are just words.

For now, have a good night and stay safe.


New Beginning

A simple shot of good times to showcase new beginnings.

Been a while since I’ve updated this blog. I haven’t been taking photos sadly but that will change once I get an off day. I have a new job and will finally quit my retail job. I’m trying to learn how to edit better thru Lightroom and Photoshop. Will be taking a class on the subject matter on Skillshare very soon.

My new job is physically taxing but financially much better than my retail job. I’m hoping that Saturday will be the last time I clock in and out of my retail job. I’m going to miss some of my co-workers but I know that the job isn’t in my future plans and is truly toxic. I am acting on a six month plan that I made up a few weeks ago and so far it is working out well. There’s a lot for me to do but I’m going to push myself to get uncomfortable in order to be the greatest version of myself and to live a happier life.

Peace & stay sane,



A portrait that I took of a friend at a boba shop in Sacramento. We saw a bunch of girls just posing with their drinks in front of the flower wall. So we decide to make fun of them with photography. It was a funny moment in a good friendship. Sadly, I took this with my Samsung J7 sky as I didn’t have my trusty Nikon at hand. I copped the shot and tried to make “Love Colorfully” as clear as possible. AS you can see, I still have a lot of work to do with my portraits.

Phew! It’s been a while, I finally found the time to edit photos and put more time into my passions. Been working like crazy and trying to find a new job. I have found some part time work at a warehouse. I’ll only be there for six months as I am trying to gain new experiences and to add to my resume while I pursue my passions and investing.

Formulating a life plan tonight and will be acting upon it as soon as I wake up tomorrow. I realized that I was too comfortable in life and have been focusing on distractions rather than on my goals. I have cleaned my room and throw away any that didn’t spark joy. I’ve got a few simple photos to edit of the time I tested out my new lens. I don’t want to end up staying where I am at. Next year I’ll be thirty. So I truly have a lot of work to do in order to achieve the life that I want. Progress has been steady but slow. I talk to myself when I get restless and remind myself to be patient as my time will come.

Peace and stay safe,



Back after a short break! Was able to find some photos to edit like the one above. It’s a simple shot I took of an art installation project in San Francisco. We were looking for an exit but we ended up in art.

Was finally able to get some of my photos printed and I have to say that I truly love them. I like how my photos look printed much more than on a digital platform. It was cheap too, 22 photos for 6 dollars. Going to be having more photos printed and eventually publish a photo book. I still have to choose which photos to include with the first book. Will be releasing a poetry book as well but just like the photo book, I have to select what poems to include.

Will be getting creative in taking shots so I can upload here on a more regular basis. Hopefully I will be able to make some great shots happen.

Simple Times

A simple shot I took after leaving the Golden Gate Bridge. I simply wanted to capture these buildings in the background. Now I wish that I could go back to those times. Sure my legs were killing me but I was enjoying life and traveling.

I have a few interviews in the upcoming week. I’m hoping to be out of my current job soon. I am starting to develop depression again. I am doing my best to simply enjoy life but it’s hard when you hate your job with a passion to the point where you don’t care. It’s been a while since I wrote anything so it feels nice to be able to express myself in a way that everyone can understand.

My investments are going well, I’m starting to see results from same of the the gambles I made. Going to be a bit more aggressive while maintaining a healthy portfolio of dividend stocks.

Going to re-start my exercise program and stick with it. I need to get up from this plateau. Will be pursuing writing again, will be giving my pencil a few miles before hitting the hay. Have to be at work at 4 am tomorrow so there’s not a whole lot of time to get ready.

I will be editing more photos so I can update this blog on a regular basis. Have fun and work hard,