A Little Fun

A shot of my friend posing in front of a wall of flowers at a milk tea cafe in Sacramento. We were poking fun at all the girls posing with their drinks infront of the wall. You would be shocked at the number of girls that were doing that. As soon as my friend movedContinue reading “A Little Fun”


A shot of my friend as we wait for our boba milk teas at Cafe Hana in San Francisco’s Japantown. I’m grateful that my friends don’t mind me taking photos of them while on our trips. It helps me practice my skills and makes me energized when I capture a good shot. Yesterday was aContinue reading “Reflection”


Working hard to improve my portrait skills. I mainly focus on street and architecture photography but would like to dive into more portraits. It’s kind of hard to do so at the moment due to the virus. I’ll be putting myself out there once this ends. It’s scary but I’m willing to face that fearContinue reading “Portraits”

Portrait of my family as we explored the historical part of my city. I think it’s decent but I really need to work on my portrait game. There are good leading lines and I think it has good composition as well. Might be a little too plain or too simple to truly work. Finally, IContinue reading

Takoyaki Woman

Stood there long enough for an elderly woman to walk behind the old man featured in previous shots. I really enjoy these series of shots as I do have two more featuring the takoyaki man. I like the line that the people kind of form based on all of their goals. I like the goalsContinue reading “Takoyaki Woman”

Day 7 – Free

Another shot on the beach, the horizon line isn’t perfect straight but I like that effect for this shot. Not my favorite shots nor my best but it gets what I sought to do right and that is to capture a moment and to tell a story. Was carefully examining the area around me andContinue reading “Day 7 – Free”

Day 4 – Document Life

Another beach shot, this time I was preparing to leave the beach when I took this shot. It’s simple but you can find a story in it. I like to document life and it’s one of my passions that links me to photography and video. Made a little progress today. I was able to developContinue reading “Day 4 – Document Life”

Day 11 – Failure & Goals

On my trip, me and my friend decided to walk from our hotel to the beach which was about an hour and forty-five minutes away. So this shot at the beach is a sign of victory of achieving that small goal. I took a few more shots at the beach that I will share later.Continue reading “Day 11 – Failure & Goals”