Another shot of my friend as we explored the beaches of Bodega Bay. I believe it is one of my best portraits but I can see that it needs some work. I like his expression and his eyes. This angle really shows off the difference between his eyes. The shadow is casted nicely on his face. I feel like the weakest part of the shot may be not making the shot tighter or cropping some of his hat. It makes me want to return and experiment more by having him remove the hat or me getting closer with my camera. It actually was for the best that he kept the hat as the sun was getting into his eyes and I like the shadow.

These adventures truly make me happy. I enjoy exploring new lands with my best friend and my camera. Over the years I have learned when I should have my camera out and when I just need to embrace the moment. However, my mind is put at ease when I realize I always have another camera in my pocket. I’ve come to realize that life is short and I need to focus more of my time on my passions and structure my life around them. I’m in the position to take risks so if I work hard and constantly improve I will end up getting what I need and the life that I want.

I’ve been down lately but I’m doing my best to continue to keep my head up and keep on moving on. I see the mountain and I’m slowly but surely carving my own path up that mountain.

I’m working on my plans for this site and it’s redesign. It will take some time but it will be good for me to do.

Keep your head up and keep on moving on,



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