Progression & Reflection

black and white photography, Portrait photography, street photography

My first day/night at Bodega Bay, CA. Sadly, by the time I stopped the car at the closest beach to our hotel the light was basically gone. I managed to capture a few shots like this. I wish I captured more of his face but only a little more. It would have been nice to capture more of his eye and I think the background is perfect for a post about reflecting.

I like this shot but I feel like it needs something more. Sadly, the exposure isn’t the best, so I had to drown his with blacks in order to hide the noise. For some reason, I really enjoy the sunglasses in his hands and sadly it seems it’s to be the main focus for this shot. I would go back and capture more of his eyes while having him remove his mask or experiment more with taking beach level product photos of his sunglasses.

Unfortunately, I’ve been stuck at home for a week or so. I haven’t taken many photos, but I am planning a minor shoot tomorrow if the lighting is right and scheduling works out. I still have to reach out to models to see if I can broaden my photography skills and portfolio. It’s something that I need to do in order to progress further into this field. Also, venturing into interior photography thru watching YouTube videos and practicing out what I learn. Improving slowly with my portraits and architectural photography. I’ll get to where I want to be in the end. Just got to take it day by day.

That’s it for now, I’ll be back soon!

Look Up

architecture photography, black and white photography

A shot I took of the Kabuki Hotel in San Francisco when I went in 2021. It’s a pricy place but it’s well worth it for the atmosphere, room, and location. If you ever have the chance to stay in SF then be sure to check this place out.

A more stylized image of the Kabuki Hotel. It sucks that I only stayed there for a day but I did make sure to fully experience as much I could. Thanks to the pandemic the hot spring baths were closed but a lot of the surrounding areas were open. It’s a peaceful place to stay in a chaotic city like San Francisco. Plus it was fun to see the fog begin to roll over the hills.

Been staying more architecture photography and videography lately. Haven’t taken a picture in a while which makes me a little anxious to get back out there. Been working my a?! off in my normal job and in studying videography. I tend to make more time for photography and to continue to improve myself and my work.

Progress of Editing

black and white photography, Portrait photography

A close-up shot of my friend on the soft beaches of Bodega Bay, California. I enjoyed this shot as it shows my progress as an editor. My friend has moles on one side of his face and I was able to edit them out through Lightroom. I think I did a decent job but I am excited to learn more about editing photography. It’s a good step in the right direction.

What do you think? Did I do an okay job at editing out his moles?

I watched an 18 minute Skillshare video and the only thing I learned from it was how to use the healing tool in Lightoom. I am struggling to find a good photography course on editing and portraits on Skillshare that fits my style or at least keep my attention. Hanging in there the best that I can. I am motivated more than ever to keep pursuing my joys in life.

First conquer Lightroom then Photoshop! First conquer light then portrait photography!

Objects & Footprints in the Sand

black and white photography

I saw this lock on my hotel room and was simply compelled to capture it in the most beautiful way. I believe I did a great job capturing this simple subject. This is a hobby of mine inside the broad world of photography.

Trying to set the mood for a short film about alcholism

A simple photo with no purpose. Now that I see it on here, I realize it may be too dark. This brings up the fact that I need to learn more about editing.

A shot of a couple walking the beautiful beach of Bodega Bay. I may crop this photo on the left but not totally get rid of the lone walker in the upper left. It is funny that I am looking at this photo that I see that the water is leading the eye to the lone walker. I may try to make this photo darker.

Keep up the hard work.

Progress and Stagnation

black and white photography, Portrait photography

My friend kindly posing for me even though the sun was shining in his eyes. I’m weak at portraits and editing but I am doing what I can to improve. My main focus is to capture life and even though I find myself taking photos of non-moving subjects I still have the desire to overcome my creative limits and take portraits.

The one thing that I needed to do on this trip was to lower the f stop on my camera. I had it at 5 but I wonder how some of these shots would have turned out if I had lowered it even more. Another thing that I need to understand is my physical limits. I drove the two and half hours to Bodega pretty early in the morning and hardly slept that night. It didn’t leave me a lot of time to rest and to take pictures.

I don’t hate the way the photos I turned out but I know I can improve to make them much better. I’m being hard on myself but I need to do so in order to see my faults but also to see my strengths.

Been mainly taking photos with my Galaxy Note lately and have been trying to be a more active poster on social media. It’s worked to some degree but I know I can do better in all aspects of my life. I have to get my head out of my a@s and work hard before I am on my death bed regretting the life that I didn’t live.

I am inspired to make an ad to attract models to pose for my portraits. It’s something that scares me but is totally necessary for me as a photographer and as a creator. I don’t know when I will do it but it most likely will be a spur of the moment thing to force myself to actually get out there and see if I can develop a career in this.

That’s it for me now, so let’s get to work everyone.

Atmosphere & Emotion

black and white photography, Portrait photography

Took this shot while resting in my hotel room in Bodega Bay, California. Was trying to piece together a short photographic film about alcoholism. I still might do it but for now it’s a work in progress. The bottle is actually just a bottle of water. I don’t drink anymore nor does my friend. However, my friend was on the level on being an alcoholic so I thought he would be the perfect model for this shot.

Again another shot in the hotel room. Was trying to find good angles and the right poses for this particular area of the room.

I like this shot a lot but I wish I did something to the windows to add more of a horror element. I did end up drawing a smiley face on the window for the hell of it. It wasn’t until I started to edit the photos did I realize the horror opportunity.

The last shot of this set. I like this shot only due to my friend’s expression with his eyes and mouth. It was a great shot, I don’t remember what we were talking about it but we did drive a long way so we were both tired. I believe you can truly see emotion in this shot and that is what I chase after.

Doing my best to evolve as a writer and photographer. I have some things like social anxiety to overcome but I am making the effort. I’m going to start to focus on editing more and trying to learn to retouch photos. I can see how I can improve my shots with better editing. Going to try to branch out into interior photography as well. I’m still exploring this bittersweet world of photography and I hope that I can reach the end of the path without giving up even if I never make enough to go full time. I rather try and fail than not try at all. I will be the greatest photographer that I can be and will not stop until my last breath.

Adversity and Mentality Through the Waves

black and white photography, Portrait photography

My gracious friend posing for me as we walked around Bodega Bay, CA. It was just after sunset so I had to think creatively to take his portrait. I used a good amount of shadows and played around with positioning. He took my direction well and was patient. This is one of the many pictures I took that day. It was disappointing at the time not to be able to capture photos during golden hour, however, it helped me face diversity and I feel like it made a more receptive photographer.

I’ve been reading “The Tao of Photography” by Philippe L. Gross & S.I. Shapiro. The book has me thinking more about photography and not just in the technical terms. The main message I got from the book so far is to forget yourself and forget the notion of the perfect shot. It’s to not be too hard on yourself and be willing to be receptive and shoot without a solid plan. It also mentions that you shouldn’t leave an area just because the shoot is difficult you need to keep your head up and fight again adversity to become a better artist.

I believe the Bodega Bay trip helped me to accept the knowledge in the book. So I am trying my best to keep reading it and further my understanding of myself, my creative process, my photography, and my mentality. It’s a tall order but it’s the path with the most resistance so it’s the one I need and want to take. There’s been too much laziness in my life and I have to accept that to live is to fight and if I want to live right I need to fight to live the way I want to. It’s been difficult but I am trying. I will not escape and I will obtain the life that I truly want.

Stay golden,


Silhouette Portraits Down By the Bay

black and white photography, Portrait photography

Me and my friend woke up late from our naps after a two hour plus drive to Bodega Bay. Thus we took photos later than I wanted to and ended up arriving at a beach right after sundown. I still managed to take some silhouette-style portraits. I am grateful that my friend was willing to do this in order to develop my portfolio and my photography skills. Doing my best to branch out and explore how far I can go with photography. I need to learn more about lighting and editing. Been a little lazy with it but I truly can’t be if I want to do this as a career someday.

These are not the best photos I’ve ever take but I can see that I am getting better slowly. Through these works I can see myself thinking more and giving better directions to the model.

This one is good to me, however, I feel like this is a failure of my editing skills. I need to have the model stand out more against the background. And this shot has a lot of grain which actually fits in with the feel of the photo.

I have a few more to showcase but I will do that with another post soon. Updating this blog and doing more photography is what I am seeking to do most recently. I have to overcome the self-doubt and procrastination as well as escapism in order to achieve my dreams.

Have a good day!

Side to Side

black and white photography, Portrait photography

Took a shot of my friend on a beach in Bodega Bay, Ca recently. My friend has one eye with double eyelids while the other has one. I took this shot to see which side looked better in photographs. I am proud of this shot, the shadows work well and don’t seem to overpower his face. I like how much shadow is over his eye. It’s a simple shot but I enjoyed experimenting with it in the editing bay. I’m thankful that my friend is always willing to pose for me.

Working hard to explore life more and to understand myself more. I’m reading “Mind’s Eye” by Henri Cartier-Bresson, who was a candid photographer. His book has me exploring more about the philosophy of photography as he considered his camera to be a sketchbook. It’s a great book so far that is pretty short but a good book to read if you want to think about photography at a greater depth. I will write more about it at a later date.

I’m still struggling with self-doubt but I’m not letting it stop me from doing photography or writing. I am going to keep pushing on. It’s hard but it has to be done if I want to have the life that I want.

More later!

“In order to “give a meaning” to the world, one has to feel oneself involved in what one frames through the viewfinder” – Henri Cartier-Bresson, The Mind’s Eye

Natural Portrait

black and white photography, Portrait photography

A quick portrait of my friend the last time we went to San Francisco earlier this year. One of the few times I took a portrait and didn’t want to make is black and white. I know I need a lot of work when dealing with portraits but I’m proud of this one. It’s simple, decent lighting and a good expression. My friend doesn’t bat an eye anymore when he sees my camera so it leads to more natural shots which I like.

Phew! Working on learning more about my craft. Haven’t been taking a whole lot of shots but have been editing and studying fashion photography. Looking to explore more genres of photography while creating a style and direction for my craft. It’s not a one day journey even though I want it to be. I’m doing what I can to take it day by day and as a photographer and as a man.

I working on myself as I’ve gotten lazy again. But I always remind myself life is too short not to give it your all. I’m making the decisions that I need and following through. Because no matter what decision I make I will be criticized.

More from me soon!