I like this shot as it really shows how I improved from when I was much younger. I like how I edited this shot as well. The chain stands out and feels like I can touch them. I love the marks on the doorframe and the slight reflection of the chain. I do believe I need to work on blurring as the center of the chain is the main focus.

As a young man/child I used to take a lot of photos of inanimate objects like trash, leaves, buildings, etc. So that’s why I believe I aim more for architecture and interior photography. That’s also why I need to learn more about portraits and lighting. I did shoot these objects because I was deadly shy.

I’ve overcome that shyness and hopefully, I can start to shoot portraits of people I am not related to and are not friends with. It’s something I have to overcome and will in order to continue to improve my work.

Have fun and explore!


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