Day 2 – Change

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This was an experimental shot that I took shortly after buying new gear. I was on my way back from Chinatown when I needed to take a pit stop at a McDonalds. When I was finished doing business me and party went back up some stairs and I took this shot. You can’t really see but on the left you can see a long line of people. They are waiting in line for a boba shop. I like this shot, it would be good to use if I shot a black and white short film.

I am adjusting to my new lifestyle. I am working later in the day but at random times for the most part. Tomorrow, I work from 6am to 3pm. The job sucks but time flies by faster than my previous role at the company. My focus right now is to lose weight and to find my purpose. I am looking for another job but I know that I need to give my all to my health and purpose in order to find the career that I will truly like despite the shit that may come with it.

I’m trying to embrace my fears and slightly go beyond my edge. I am making the right steps, I have to plan out my day better and give 100% focus to whatever task that I am doing. I have been practicing but I have a long way to go.

I’m afraid but I’m learning to kiss that fear and continue moving forward with my life. I’ll do my best until I drop for the last time and even then I’ll die trying to get up than die laying still.

Gotta French kiss life,


Day 8 – Friendship

black and white photography

My friend kindly pours a cup of green tea for me as I take photos. It was starting to sprinkle as I took this so I couldn’t take too many shots. I really like how the water flows and all the little details in the shot. This was before we ate the Japanese sweets at the Japanese Tea Garden. I think I did a good job with composing the shot. Although, I may go back and crop the right side a little bit as I notice a little bit of a napkin appearing at the bottom right side. It’s nothing big but it irks me a bit.

Those hands belong to my friend, M, who became my friend two years ago after we took a tennis class together. He is my first real friend, he was kind enough to go to San Francisco with me twice and most likely a third time in August. It was thanks to him that my sense of humor has improved and its thanks to him that I’m not a total recluse. So I’m grateful to him.

I talk about how negative I feel about my current job but I obtained three friends. My friend, R, taught me how to ride a motorcycle and has spent a great deal of time with me outside of work. I introduced him to M and the two became friends as well. R did accompany us to San Francisco the first time. Hopefully, all three of us can go again. Shay is a recent friend of mine, who bonded with me over basketball. She is an older sister type that helps me out at work. Lastly, there’s TB who bonded with me after I asked him if he liked anime. I go over to his house often to eat dinner with his family and play video games.

Two to three years ago I decided to be more social which sparked my friendship with M which helped me be more outgoing. So I understand how to see small improvements and fully commit to something that terrifies me. My pursuit of increasing my social life has vastly improved. I’ve failure a lot but I am happy with where I am in my social life. It’s one aspect of my life that I don’t really need to improve besides maybe getting a girlfriend.

I failed a bit today but in failure I found some success. I was able to add a little more to my routine. I still haven’t launched my side hustles, I still have to do research and make a plan. I plan to do it tomorrow on my lunch break. Besides that, I really working on exercising, recovering, and shortening my after work nap. Once I can cut down on the naps, I will have a lot more time on my hands. I might be going on a motorcycle trip tomorrow so I will have to kind of cram things I want to do while I am at work. It will be a struggle, but it’s totally worth it.

So hopefully, I can make some results tomorrow. I’m not expecting to do everything but I expect to give my all to everything that I can find time for tomorrow.

Rest when you are done. Peace,



black and white photography, Portrait photography


Another quick portrait of my friend as he drives us to San Francisco. I couldn’t imagine that I would have two good friends and those two friends would become friends as well. I also can’t believe that I would actually go on a trip with other people. I can honestly say going to San Francisco was one of the best experiences of my life. I hope that I am able to go back with these guys. Someday I’ll go back on my own and explore but I would truly be grateful if the two of them would still be my friends in the future.

Enjoy true friendship,




P.S. not my best portrait but I’m practicing and doing my best to improve.

Beautiful Escape

black and white photography, Portrait photography


Took this shot of my friend while we were arriving in San Francisco. I really enjoyed it as I know he’s one depressed mofo and that moments where all three friends can hang out are moments where he doesn’t have to be in that mindset. So I would title this photo as “beautiful escape”.

I don’t take many photos of people but I am doing  my best to change that. Focusing on portraits in order to further my skills. Hopefully, I can continue to express myself and others through my shots.


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A simple shot based on my influences in cinema. It’s an older shot but shows how I experiment with light and shadows. Took this with a Sony Cybershot.

Back after a long time away. Won’t be taking that long of a break again. Been working and adjusting to going to college as well. It’s a challenge I’m doing my best to juggle. It’s been one week so far and I handled it alright.

I have until the 7th to decide if I need to get rid of some things in order to be a better version of myself. Recently, bought Photoshop and Lightroom so I’ll be able to explore editing more. I have a bunch of faw files waiting for me to play with them on my desktop. I’m looking forward to doing so tomorrow afternoon. I’m commiting myself to my path and eliminating options to focus while also remaining open enough to allow myself to progress naturally through life.


That’s it for now. Peace!



Exploring Life

black and white photography, Industrial photography, street photography

Exploring while looking up. I took this with my Cybershot I believe, however, would like to take a new shot of a similar subect with my Nikon D3300. I think I made it too dark which is rare for me to say. Anyway, it’s an older picture and I can see very thing I can do to make this shot better next time. Surely but slowly I’ll improve till the day I die.

Working in retail gives me a lot of time to observe human behavior. A lot of what I’ve seen is negative as if people don’t know how to be respectful to others, products, or the employees of the store. I find so many half eaten things in random places like half eaten donuts in the freezer, half drank Gatorade behind cottage cheese, etc. Besides that, I simply think all day about what I need to do and what I truly want.

I do my best to muster energy to get things done but after this week I’ll be able to do a bit more. I’ll be working less and hopefully will be able to lose some more weight.


architecture photography, black and white photography, interior architecture

Sometimes the best teacher is yourself and a book. Other times it’s getting outside and living life. I’m anti-social introvert with the habit of talking too low and fast, which causes me to stumble over my words. I’m trying to overcome it, but I understand it takes time.

Every passion I want to turn into a career is a gateway to another thing and can be self taught rather easily. The more photos I capture pictures and experiment the better I get. The more I gain pencil mileage the better writer and artist I become. It’s a slow process that I will allow to consume me. As an iron addict once said, “you got to be obsessed with it” – CT Fletcher.

I realized a while ago I learn best when I am doing something hands on. I don’t like to sit in a classroom all day. This was also evident at my job when I was forced to watch videos all day. I actually learned more in one hour on the floor than I did while cramming a ton of videos.

Reading books is great for you, but you need to make time to write your own life story through your experiences. Your life is your story and only you can write it.

Experience and put it your mileage,