A shot I took on a hill in Bodega Bay, CA after sunset. I loved the environment, I would like to go back but it’s a long trip and would need to get enough supplies to last a few days. Now, this was just me viewing the world and wanting to capture the moment. Bodega Bay has the most beautiful beaches that I have seen in my life. If I close my eyes and I can still feeling the cold sting of the wind and smell the salty shores. So beautiful.

Been learning more about my camera and light in general. I need to work on exposure and practicing more portraits. Will be using myself as a model but I don’t know if I’ll post the pictures until I am fully satisfied with them. One thing I have learned is that I need to practice more in general and be willing to fail. The shot above might be too dark or over-exposed but I enjoy it because it represents a good moment. I’m willing to put my “failures” out there in order to learn and improve. Looking at this photo again, I may just crop out some of the black at the bottom and see how it will look.

Stay tuned, more later..




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