Working hard to improve my portrait skills. I mainly focus on street and architecture photography but would like to dive into more portraits. It’s kind of hard to do so at the moment due to the virus. I’ll be putting myself out there once this ends. It’s scary but I’m willing to face that fearContinue reading “Portraits”


I wanted to capture this subject but never could find a good angle until I took this shot. I like the texture but would go back and try to make a more interesting composition. Had a semi-productive day. I sold off some of my shares in the stock market and holding out on buying anymoreContinue reading “Different”

The Word Goodbye

A portrait shot of a dog that was in my family for a long time that we had to put down earlier in the year. I don’t normally do animal photography but I did it in this case. Whenever I held the camera close to her she would turn her head so it was hardContinue reading “The Word Goodbye”

Exploring Options

On the “bridge” in Japantown, it’s a decent shot that took a while to get. It was a spontaneous shot as I looked for my friends. Will go back and try to make the glass stand out more. Right now the only thing that stands out to me is the first light. However, no matterContinue reading “Exploring Options”

New Paths

My friend was gracious enough to allow me to photograph him on my last trip to SF. Ironically, I took this shot because I loved the composition but now that I look at it it was the perfect shot for the occasion. The friend in the shot is leaving for the military tomorrow night. HeContinue reading “New Paths”


Another shot taken in the early morning in Japantown SF. This time I went for a darker tone. I wanted to capture some of the lights and the mirrors while also taking a portrait of someone. I succeeded in what I sought out to do. Might go back and re-edit this shot to make itContinue reading “Achievement”

Day 12 – Waiting

I’m able to see all the mistakes I made when I went on this trip and was snapping away. However, a lot of them can be solved as I know my camera better now and how to edit better. I consider a shot like this, just to be apart of the learning process. A shotContinue reading “Day 12 – Waiting”

Day 11 – Rejected

Captured this shot without the intention of capturing this small moment. This guy pulled out his phone and tried to hand it off to his friends but they kept on walking without looking at him. He slid the phone back into his pocket and walked along. I could tell he was a little rejected afterContinue reading “Day 11 – Rejected”

Day 5 – Dedication

A Golden1 building in San Francisco was relevant to the conversation I was having with my friend at that very moment. So I took this shot as I touched the curb across the street from the building. I took a few shots of architecture like this San Francisco. It was a truly good learning experience.Continue reading “Day 5 – Dedication”