A shot of my friend exploring art and trying to find an exit. This was a send off trip as he shortly left to join the military. So this is a great photo to represent a good time and to showcase his departure. Might try to re-edit this shot and work on the walls.

My new camera lens came in and I’m happy with it so far. Will take better photos of it tomorrow and showcase it. Going to break it in on a photo walk. I am more willing to invest into my passions and myself. I normally don’t because I don’t like to see my bank account balance go down. Haha I’m sure that’s most people but I’ve decided not to wait and work hard towards my goals.

Going to be buying a zoom lens next and a new phone next. I’m not too happy with the kit zoom lens I have and my phone is shitty at best. However, will space out my purchases in order to keep my finances healthy especially during these current times.

Viewed a webinar about investing yesterday and set a goal for my investing. Which is to earn 70k from the stock market. Right now, my portfolio is worth $984, so I have a long way to go. However, now that I have goals towards investing I can better determine which stocks to go for and my approach to investing in general. Going try my hand at being a more aggressive investor. Will be continuing to study investing and put in 100 dollars every two weeks.

Besides that, I focused on my side hustle of re-selling on E-Bay. I’m not making much money doing it but the small amounts I am earning are adding up. Also decided to go to Japan in April of 2021 so I’ll be saving up for that. Applied to a few jobs that will teach me new skills and hopefully diversify my resume. Was turned down by one but I’m hopeful that I’ll hear back from one of the others.

Get your goals down and the work will be easier as you at least know your starting point.

Enjoy your life,


Little By Little


A portrait I took of my friend as we waited for a light to change in San Francisco. Working hard to improve my portrait skills in order to improve as a photographer and hopefully find myself in a studio. I like how his hoodie is, it adds a little detail in this shot. I’m proud of the progress that I’ve made with my photography but I definitely know what my weak points are.

Currently, I’m researching new lenses for my nikon D3300. I’m thinking about a 35mm or a 55mm. I’ve been using the kit lens this whole time and would like to see what I can do with a new one. Tomorrow, I will decide which one to get after watching a few YouTube videos. I want to get two lees, one for portrait photography and a versatile one for street, portraits, and travel. I’m planning to go on many trips once this pandemic is over.

Also make get a second camera, one good portraits or video. Looking to shoot short films and videos and I’m not the biggest fan of the video side of my Nikon plus would like a flip out screen. It’s something that I will decide soon after doing some more research.

Making a plan to do 23 & Me, so I can finally see my ethnic makeup. I’ve been told many things by family members in the past but none of them seem truly fruitful so I want to take the test. Plus I’ve always been interested in this kind of thing. I will order a kit in the upcoming weeks.

Things are starting to roll for me, I’ve started to instill discipline in myself and better my work ethic. I’m proud to say that my room is clean and organized. Started to work out again and I am watching what I eat. I need to just start writing again, seeking writing projects, growing my photography platform, re-design this site, design a portfolio site, put together a professional photography portfolio, publish a book, and learn Japanese. I’ve got a lot on my plate and I will get it all done as it’s what I truly want.

Working hard to improve myself and in effect my life. Decision making is hard but it’s a must.





A building with a cool design in San Francisco CA that I helped to walk past on my way to a bus stop. I cropped the shot to make the building look bigger and to try to get rid of a few unnecessary details. I like this shot but every time I edit photos from my trips to San Francisco it makes me want to go.

I still don’t have a definitive direction for this blog but I am learning towards making it a lifestyle blog and changing the domain name to fit that. I launched a new blog to discuss/critically review all forms of Japanese entertainment. It’s on a free plan but in the future I will upgrade it if the interest is there and I continue to love doing it. Haven’t made my first post yet but will do so tomorrow.

Also will be setting up a portfolio site using the domain name for this site. I may try and use square space for that but I will have to experiment with that platform.

I’m starting to realize my faults….I realized the error of my ways and have been innocent to the adult world despite being 28. I need to do things my own way, to actually do rather than just sit on research or constantly ask questions but being satisfied with just being told the answer.

Just go to do what I want to do despite how hard I will have to work and the fear from having to engage in conversations and put myself out there. Been watching “Community” on Netflix and on the side note watched Donald Glover being real for 4 minutes. He stated something like what I said above this paragraph and it really resonated with me. I really need to get my shit together and live before I’m in the ground as it is getting bad.

Now off to do some shit that I’ve got to do. Peace,




Took a moment while waiting for the light to change to capture this Banana Republic. I really liked how it looked so I wanted to captured it in the best way that I could. Tried to experiment with a new wide angle lens. I think it’s okay but might try to get rid of the black on the edges.

Had a tough day at work but managed to get through it and get some things done. Did read a little bit of “Joy at Work” and will read “The Promised Neverland” tomorrow since I am off. I find it hard to read anything while on my lunch break as a lot of my co-workers talk their heads off in the break room. Can’t fault them, so I just use my breaks to do research and to study stocks or catch up to my YouTube watch later list (sometimes both at the same time).

Thinking about upgrading from my Nikon D3300, will have to do some research on that subject but there is also a lens I’ve been looking at for the camera that would hopefully be better than the standard kit lens that I have been using. However, might want on both unless I can find anything on sale. Without further ado, I’ll end it here and wish you all a safe day/night.



A Little Change


A shot of Alcatraz after a long day of walking. I would love to get closer to the island and possibly go inside once I have that kind of space cash. It’s a simple shot I took tho remember the time and to test out my camera settings as well as how far I can push my camera. Bought have to look into telephoto lenses and some more lenses for street photography as I am still using the kit lens.

Working on re-designing this site and I’m closer to deciding the direction of this blog. I still need to think some things through and develop a strategy. I did decide how many sites that I’ll want to start and the direction for each site. I’ll be dedicating my days off to developing more sites and this one as well as looking for another job.

Going to keep this short and cut it here. I’m working hard to improve myself and my life a little each day.

Stay you,




A slightly different shot of the flower plus I wanted to see how it would look in black and white. It’s okay not great, but I still enjoy this shot. Might have been a better angle if this flower was a rose. I have a lot to improve and gladly try.

Relaxed today, started a new exercise routine which is okay. I will have to tweak it and add a dumbbell routine as well. Besides that, didn’t do much but take time to clean and rest from work. Been binge-watching “Community” which is a show that open leaves me in tears from laughter.

My stocks are doing decent, I was able to invest some money but didn’t go crazy. Going to set up a study schedule so I can actually get some learning done. I have books on Japanese language, Korean language, investing, photography, political philosophy, and manga to get through but haven’t read in a while. It’s something that I have to change immediately and setup a time in the day to simply read. The same can be said about writing. Haven’t wrote anything in a few days besides these blog posts.

Well need to get back to the drawing board. So good night and sleep well,




Like I stated in the past, I’ve always been afraid of tall buildings as they always look like they are going to fall over and I probably from some sort of vertigo and anxiety. It’s much better now as I started to explore new areas of California.

My back was out of whack so I used today to rest as I have to go to work tomorrow. Was able to get the basic things done plus a little planning and research. Watched a low budget Japanese film called “Hitch Hike”, it was god awful but still a little enjoyable. Took some time to research a few courses that I want to take that will hopefully be fun to take.

Been trying to figure out a way to live in Japan once this outbreak is over and all the routes to do that are going to be pretty damn hard. I am willing to accept the challenge. I’ve been looking into the Tokyo Stock Exchange and see if its worthwhile to start investing through there as well and if I even can without being there. I have invested in a few ADRS through the NYSE but trying to diverse things. Will be studying investing more as well and resuming my Japanese grammar self study lessons.

That’s it for me today. Enjoy yourself and live free,


Takoyaki Man and Potential


One of a series of shots I took while hanging out in Japantown way before any of the shops started to open(besides the cafes). Was able to capture this old man well, I really enjoy this shot. I like how clear it is and it’s not completely straight which adds more depth to the shot. One of my better portrait shots and a decent editing job.

I hate my job..it’s clear as day. I have been in retail for almost two years now and my life hasn’t progressed that far and I am almost thirty years old. It’s been due to my laziness and my social anxiety. I’ve started to break out of those two while working my current job. I have had two straight productive days and hope to proceed on a schedule.

My supervisor can to me and asked me straight up if I was bored of my job and I instantly said “yes”. He came back to me a few minutes before I was suppose to clock out to tell me he will come up with ideas and get me moving around more as he is bothered by the fact that I am bored. He said he saw “potential” in me and that he used to brag about me to other managers who were talking shit about me. But now he saws he doesn’t view me as being productive.

My plan was to quit this job on May 23rd 2020. I was suppose to board a flight to Narita, Japan that day. However, it won’t happen for obvious reasons. So I have no goals at work and don’t plan to have any. I won’t be able to leave as I still need a paycheck.

So when he came to me and said all the ideas he came up with me to help improve my work life didn’t really effect me at all. I appreciate his effort but this job isn’t my life as it is for him. I only want to reach my potential as a man and in the field of my desire.

Besides all that, I realized after studying for my online courses. I really need to re-evaluate my goals and develop new ones. So before I head to bed, I’m going to mediate and think deeply after what I need to chase after to truly fulfill my desire and my potential.

Stay up and peace,


Day 28 – It’s Worth It

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Another tunnel in San Fran that I quickly made my way through. Watched It: Chapter 2, it was worth it. Could have ben better but still worthy of a 7. Rode my motorcycle at night, made sure to ride slower which helped as there was a bumper in the middle of a tight road that I was able to avoid. It’s scary but something I have to face as I need to grow as a rider. Slowly improving in all areas, I am not giving up on my success!

Peace! Is what you are using your time for actually worth it?

Day 20 – Keep it Going

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Dead tired, work 8 hours then traveled two hours to San Francisco but I’m hella happy. I had a good time with my family. I even let my three brothers have turns using my camera. All of them seemed to like it and one of them taught the others how to hold it properly. I’m a proud big brother. This shot is from Old Sacramento, I took it on the 6th. I didnt edit it but I’ll show it one I make it better. Peace and enjoy the time with your loved ones,