A shot of my friend exploring art and trying to find an exit. This was a send off trip as he shortly left to join the military. So this is a great photo to represent a good time and to showcase his departure. Might try to re-edit this shot and work on the walls. MyContinue reading “Goals”

Little By Little

A portrait I took of my friend as we waited for a light to change in San Francisco. Working hard to improve my portrait skills in order to improve as a photographer and hopefully find myself in a studio. I like how his hoodie is, it adds a little detail in this shot. I’m proudContinue reading “Little By Little”


A building with a cool design in San Francisco CA that I helped to walk past on my way to a bus stop. I cropped the shot to make the building look bigger and to try to get rid of a few unnecessary details. I like this shot but every time I edit photos fromContinue reading “Direction”


A slightly different shot of the flower plus I wanted to see how it would look in black and white. It’s okay not great, but I still enjoy this shot. Might have been a better angle if this flower was a rose. I have a lot to improve and gladly try. Relaxed today, started aContinue reading “Color”


Like I stated in the past, I’ve always been afraid of tall buildings as they always look like they are going to fall over and I probably from some sort of vertigo and anxiety. It’s much better now as I started to explore new areas of California. My back was out of whack so IContinue reading “Playing”

Takoyaki Man and Potential

One of a series of shots I took while hanging out in Japantown way before any of the shops started to open(besides the cafes). Was able to capture this old man well, I really enjoy this shot. I like how clear it is and it’s not completely straight which adds more depth to the shot.Continue reading “Takoyaki Man and Potential”

Day 28 – It’s Worth It

Another tunnel in San Fran that I quickly made my way through. Watched It: Chapter 2, it was worth it. Could have ben better but still worthy of a 7. Rode my motorcycle at night, made sure to ride slower which helped as there was a bumper in the middle of a tight road thatContinue reading “Day 28 – It’s Worth It”

Day 20 – Keep it Going

Dead tired, work 8 hours then traveled two hours to San Francisco but I’m hella happy. I had a good time with my family. I even let my three brothers have turns using my camera. All of them seemed to like it and one of them taught the others how to hold it properly. I’mContinue reading “Day 20 – Keep it Going”