Took a moment while waiting for the light to change to capture this Banana Republic. I really liked how it looked so I wanted to captured it in the best way that I could. Tried to experiment with a new wide angle lens. I think it’s okay but might try to get rid of the black on the edges.

Had a tough day at work but managed to get through it and get some things done. Did read a little bit of “Joy at Work” and will read “The Promised Neverland” tomorrow since I am off. I find it hard to read anything while on my lunch break as a lot of my co-workers talk their heads off in the break room. Can’t fault them, so I just use my breaks to do research and to study stocks or catch up to my YouTube watch later list (sometimes both at the same time).

Thinking about upgrading from my Nikon D3300, will have to do some research on that subject but there is also a lens I’ve been looking at for the camera that would hopefully be better than the standard kit lens that I have been using. However, might want on both unless I can find anything on sale. Without further ado, I’ll end it here and wish you all a safe day/night.




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