A shot of Alcatraz after a long day of walking. I would love to get closer to the island and possibly go inside once I have that kind of space cash. It’s a simple shot I took tho remember the time and to test out my camera settings as well as how far I can push my camera. Bought have to look into telephoto lenses and some more lenses for street photography as I am still using the kit lens.

Working on re-designing this site and I’m closer to deciding the direction of this blog. I still need to think some things through and develop a strategy. I did decide how many sites that I’ll want to start and the direction for each site. I’ll be dedicating my days off to developing more sites and this one as well as looking for another job.

Going to keep this short and cut it here. I’m working hard to improve myself and my life a little each day.

Stay you,



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