Once again, another shot I took in Bodega Bay, CA. I don’t remember what I said but it made my friend laugh. This photo really shows me that I need to work on my lighting. Yes, this was taken outside but I need to improve with taking portraits outdoors and indoors. I just have to sit down one and study like crazy and experiment in-between study sessions.

One thing that I’ve learned during these tough times is that you have to enjoy the simple moments of life. Even now I can remember the sounds of the waves as they washed away my footprints in the sand. How the air smelled so fresh and gracefully kissed my skin in a way that leaves me wanting more. Now, with the weather flip-flopping I would really love to go to the beach again and enjoy the moment.

I’m happy that I am updating this blog at a more consistent rate. I will continue to keep this up until the words stop or I quit taking photos. I don’t think that will happen so stay tuned with me on this journey.



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