On the beaches of Bodega Bay, CA I took this shot of my friend as the sun slowly annoyed him more and more. The expression on his face is interesting and I enjoy the placement of the shadows. It’s a simple shot that shows that I have been experimenting with portraits and try to improve.

Over the course of the last two days, I’ve dedicated a lot of time to self-improvement and in turn I have been more focused and disciplined enough to increase my productivity. I’m exercising physically and mentally more as well as cooking more. I’ve been thinking and writing my thoughts down. I tend to have a lot of ideas and generally don’t execute them as they are all jumbled up. However, I took the time to jolt them down and get really in-depth with what I want and how I will achieve what I want.

It’s not going to be an easy path but I won’t quit nor will I boast. I will share and at times hopefully progress can be seen naturally without me saying anything about my photos and writing. There are a few gaps in my day to day process but I am doing what I can to fill them as well as keep myself busy. The results have been little but nothing is really showing yet. I am not discouraged though, I going to keep on moving on.

Keep your head up,



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