A simple shot of the bridge connecting to the Delta King in Sacramento. I was with my family who were from out of town and we came here to sight see. Don’t really get to go downtown that much but I make sure to not let the moment go to waste. Sadly, broke the streakContinue reading “Streak”

Peace and Lights

The last shot I took at the Good Hotel on my last trip to San Francisco. I might go back and re-edited this shot to make it a little darker on the sides. I like the background a lot though. My friend isn’t in the center but is still the focal point thanks to theContinue reading “Peace and Lights”

Day 16 – The Best is yet to be

Found this little gem in a little park near Lombard street. It was a peaceful and beautiful place you can rest at after walking a few miles up hill. Working on my future and designing my life to how I want it to be. It’s tough but I am working on it. I just needContinue reading “Day 16 – The Best is yet to be”

In the Shadows

Understanding that I must take ownership for my life and all the things I’ve done is something that truly has hit me since I started working this new job. I am cutting things out that I don’t need since I just don’t have any time as I am working four am to one pm shiftsContinue reading “In the Shadows”

Back to the Basics

Caught this little sign while I was on a walk. I don’t know where it is from nor what it is for. I am guessing that it comes from the hardware store across the street from this tree. Anyone, it was something out of place so I caught it before it disappeared. Today, I startedContinue reading “Back to the Basics”

Passion In Shadows

Despite how simple this shot is, I happen to love it. I love the soft shadows that seem to consume almost everything. Playing with shadows is great and combining it with architecture is really fun. There is a slight human element with the icebox and the leaves. I can imagine how I would make thisContinue reading “Passion In Shadows”

Talking to Myself

Found myself lost as I was looking for a specific building. I caught this shot which proaprob shows that I wasn’t all too concerned about finding what I needed to. In the end, I was able to do what I had to do. I love all the lines present in the shot as well asContinue reading “Talking to Myself”

109 – Spur

No matter how much darkness tries to corrupt your path, you must keep on moving. I took this shot at my college during a busy time. I liked the shape of the shadows so I crouched down to take a few shots when people started to get into the shot. I simply used patience toContinue reading “109 – Spur”

104 – Climb

Caught this while walking to the library today. I walked by this once but decided to take the shot. I got the composition I wanted in the first shot I took before I kept walking on. I like how it came out, the shadows and even the texture of the shell stands out. It’s aContinue reading “104 – Climb”

Day 91 – Going My Own Way

Exploring the world and myself at the same time. Rather than simply following a solid plan, I keep my options open. I am willing to experiment like in this shot. I purposely included in my shot for multiple reasons. Once a upon a time I once said to a woman that I felt like theContinue reading “Day 91 – Going My Own Way”