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A simple shot of the bridge connecting to the Delta King in Sacramento. I was with my family who were from out of town and we came here to sight see. Don’t really get to go downtown that much but I make sure to not let the moment go to waste.

Sadly, broke the streak that I will restart with this post. I came home yesterday completely drained and fell asleep almost immediately after work. I don’t know why I was so drained but I’ll do my best so it won’t happen again. Actually, looking to leave my current job for another one. Going to check out “Indeed” tomorrow and work on my resume. My time at the job I’m currently at is truly done. I hate almost every second that I am there.

Still haven’t resumed Japanese but will tomorrow as well. My weight loss is going slowly but it is going. Nothing big ever changes in a day. That’s it for now, I promise a better post tomorrow. Going to be editing a fair amount of photos.

Peace and live your life,


Peace and Lights

black and white photography, street photography

The last shot I took at the Good Hotel on my last trip to San Francisco. I might go back and re-edited this shot to make it a little darker on the sides. I like the background a lot though. My friend isn’t in the center but is still the focal point thanks to the trail of lights. Really happy that I was able to capture this shot.

Crashed pretty hard when I got home. Took a four hour nap and felt like shit afterwards. Studied a bit of stocks and made some investments while also coming up with an investment plan. I’ve found that investing is exciting and can be a bit addicting if you go overboard. I only have a few hundred dollars in the stock market but I know someone who is putting thousands at a time. Two different styles and I can respect his hustle.

Really need to exercise more as I making better decisions with my eating habits and diet. However, with no exercise I’m not going to achieve the results that I want to make. Going to go crazy with it for the next two days because I am off! Going to be focusing on exercising and my online courses. I definitely know that I will see positive results from both.

Just a little update before I get my body moving and head to bed.

Have a good night/day,


Day 16 – The Best is yet to be

black and white photography, street photography

Found this little gem in a little park near Lombard street. It was a peaceful and beautiful place you can rest at after walking a few miles up hill.

Working on my future and designing my life to how I want it to be. It’s tough but I am working on it. I just need to take action or I’ll continue to type these blog posts in my room while working a retail job that I am not fulfilled at.

Besides that I hope you enjoy yourself and love life. Don’t give up!


In the Shadows

black and white photography, nature, nature photography


Understanding that I must take ownership for my life and all the things I’ve done is something that truly has hit me since I started working this new job. I am cutting things out that I don’t need since I just don’t have any time as I am working four am to one pm shifts for four days a week. I only have about eight hours every day when I come home after work to do what I need to. I am still adjusting to the job so I often take a two-hour nap.

I really don’t want this job but I’m keeping it up until I am able to find a new job. Hopefully, it will be in a career field that I actually want to work in. For now, I am doing my best to do what I need to at work to make money and raise capital for the things that I truly want to do. It’s not easy but no one said that it would be. I am at fault and I accept that. However, I will not simply lay on back and accept life. I will raise to do the things that I want to do before I open my eyes and I’ve spent my whole life working this job.

My goal is to be able to take my photography and my writing and turn them into a full-time career. I’m starting by writing for an anime-based website for free and will be hosting my own anime/manga blog very soon while still maintaining this blog. I will probably buy a domain name for this site and make it truly mine. I have to do some more research but I will make a decision by tomorrow.

I am in the shadows now but with small acts of confidence, I will shine. As I love this!

Do what you love and want you can truly be great it,

Back to the Basics

black and white photography, street photography


Caught this little sign while I was on a walk. I don’t know where it is from nor what it is for. I am guessing that it comes from the hardware store across the street from this tree. Anyone, it was something out of place so I caught it before it disappeared.

Today, I started working from 4 am until 1pm. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be, but this job is not for me. I won’t quit until I have another job to take its place. I’ve been working there for four days and I already want to say goodbye to this job. I have met some wonderful people, but I won’t allow that to cloud my judgement when the time comes. After I finish this post, I’m going to be updating my resume and apply to some more jobs in a career field that fits me better.

With this job, I will have to sacrifice some more things and to work even harder to improve my passions. I hope to be able to get an official job in a creative field this year. Going back to the basics to me is that I need to focus on improving my passions, focusing on my health, get money, and do the things that I need to do like get a license and be fully independent financially.

It means that I must take the first step in each category as I go back to learn the basics so I can master them.

Be great and live the life that you always dreamed about,



Passion In Shadows

architecture photography, black and white photography


Despite how simple this shot is, I happen to love it. I love the soft shadows that seem to consume almost everything. Playing with shadows is great and combining it with architecture is really fun. There is a slight human element with the icebox and the leaves. I can imagine how I would make this shot better and will try to explore other options in the future.

This has been my style for s while now and I am looking to explore it with models. I love film noir films and other forms of entertainment that are not afraid to play with shadows. I was inspired recently by a film called The Eyes of My Mother. It’s not the best film by far, but it has cinematography that is simply beautiful. I explore shots when I watch films and find myself sometimes enjoying certain shots rather than the actual movie.

Another film that I enjoyed for its cinematography was The Outsider. It happened to feature another love of mine heavily which is Japan. It experimented with colors but wasn’t afraid to be dark. I could keep this up all day! I am starting to realize the truth that has always been under my nose. I was either too ignorant or I simply didn’t see in-between the lines.

Discovering the type of photography that I want to create, the type of stories I want to create, and the type of visuals I want to create have sparked something inside of me that I thought I lost. It’s a bittersweet thing called passion. I’m doing my best to create and to keep on creating in order to have the life that I want to.

My main goal is freedom, I want to be able to create full-time. So basically, my mantra is to create, compete, dominate, and Japan. It motivates me and I don’t have to say a lot to understand the depth behind each word. It’s a simple technique that I will employ every time I look into a mirror or whenever I have to do something that I may not want to but will help me on this path that I am trying to create.

I have to end it here, but just know that I will be making more posts and they will be longer than usual. Enjoy your life and take time to understand what gets you going.



Talking to Myself

architecture photography, black and white photography, interior architecture


Found myself lost as I was looking for a specific building. I caught this shot which proaprob shows that I wasn’t all too concerned about finding what I needed to. In the end, I was able to do what I had to do.

I love all the lines present in the shot as well as the shadows. I wish I captured this shot earlier, so that the light would be softer. I still enjoy the shot but I have room for improvement.

In two days, I walked around 9 miles. The more I condition my body the easier and faster it is to walk 4 miles + on one day. It makes each walk feel shorter than it is as well. I’ve been practicing visualization on each trip which helps me focus on where I want to go in life.

I’m waiting for my acceptance email to officially join a project. Doubt creeps in but I’m doing my best to change the way I talk to myself. It’s not easy but it must be done. I have found myself creating more and simply enjoying life more. I realized it’s a slow process after trying to quit so many times. Doing my best to become the strongest version of myself by getting into shape, both mentally and physically. It’s getting funnier just not easier. This is the path that I chose but one foot is still on the path of ruin that I allowed myself to walk through. Will take time for me to fully step off the path but I can feel my foot inching up a bit each day that I improve myself and do what I love.




109 – Spur

architecture photography, black and white photography, interior architecture


No matter how much darkness tries to corrupt your path, you must keep on moving. I took this shot at my college during a busy time. I liked the shape of the shadows so I crouched down to take a few shots when people started to get into the shot. I simply used patience to create the shot that I wanted. It is a favorite shot of mine but I can see how I can make it better. Would have stepped back a bit so the light wouldn’t be as badly reflected through the glass on the right. I do like how you can only see one of the subject’s hands. It has disappeared inside the darkness thanks to her backpack.

Watching the NBA finals, disappointed that the Spurs can’t win a single game against the Warriors. I know they can do it but they defeat themselves. I have the same problem in my own life but I’m learning faster than they are. I took a step in a positive direction today, however, I need to step a bit faster. I was filled with energy and made more positive decisions than bad ones. That’s it for now but I hope you all have a great day.



104 – Climb

black and white photography, nature, nature photography, street photography


Caught this while walking to the library today. I walked by this once but decided to take the shot. I got the composition I wanted in the first shot I took before I kept walking on. I like how it came out, the shadows and even the texture of the shell stands out. It’s a simple shot with leading lines and an emphasis on texture. Going to be keeping it simple in terms of composition and create the photos that I want to capture.

Watched all three NBA games today, the first game was the best to me as I was more invested in the game as I am rooting for the Spurs. Seeing these guys battle it out inspired me to push myself even further. I was able to jog for longer now and a few more times than I did the last time I jogged. A few ideas formed inside of my mind that forced me to change as a person. I understand that I have made so many mistakes in the past and I am in a bad spot because of myself. I’ve kissed the past goodbye and focusing on the now. I’m tearing away all the fear tonight and diving deep into the path I want to create. Basically, going to be talking to myself to figure out how to fix my problems and many other topics before the end of the night.

My Hero Academia manga helped as well and inspired me to think differently about all the ideas that I have. So the theme of the day is to climb and keep on climbing even if you are close to the edge and the sick bastard called fear has his hands wrapped around your neck. Just keep on climbing and always be yourself in the process.

Climb on,


Day 91 – Going My Own Way

black and white photography, street photography


Exploring the world and myself at the same time. Rather than simply following a solid plan, I keep my options open. I am willing to experiment like in this shot. I purposely included in my shot for multiple reasons. Once a upon a time I once said to a woman that I felt like the shadow. I can’t really explain it now but I will leave you with that I felt dark when I was younger. I’m completing a photography program in which the final step is to include yourself in your photography.

I force myself to fight laziness to push myself further. I always listen to my body if I ever feel sharp pain and I pay attention to what things actually keep my attention. I’m doing all this by trial and error. Less entertainment, more moving and doing. Thinking critically about everything and simply living the way that I want to. It is a journey that I must complete before I am able to go on another one.

Just start,