The last shot I took at the Good Hotel on my last trip to San Francisco. I might go back and re-edited this shot to make it a little darker on the sides. I like the background a lot though. My friend isn’t in the center but is still the focal point thanks to the trail of lights. Really happy that I was able to capture this shot.

Crashed pretty hard when I got home. Took a four hour nap and felt like shit afterwards. Studied a bit of stocks and made some investments while also coming up with an investment plan. I’ve found that investing is exciting and can be a bit addicting if you go overboard. I only have a few hundred dollars in the stock market but I know someone who is putting thousands at a time. Two different styles and I can respect his hustle.

Really need to exercise more as I making better decisions with my eating habits and diet. However, with no exercise I’m not going to achieve the results that I want to make. Going to go crazy with it for the next two days because I am off! Going to be focusing on exercising and my online courses. I definitely know that I will see positive results from both.

Just a little update before I get my body moving and head to bed.

Have a good night/day,



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