Not a shot I normally take but I was enjoying myself at a pier in San Francisco. I like the water the most in this shot and the contrast between it and the boat.

Really took today to rest up and allow my body to heal. Watched a few movies and figured out cyber security isn’t for me. Going to take a few online financial courses to learn and see how far I want to go with it. I’ve been investing into the stock market and would like to learn more. I hate math but I appear to be interested in marketing and finance in business.

Going to take the course and heavily reflect if I continue to pursue both or do I just feel like dipping my toes in. We will have to see. I admitted and shared a bit of past on an another platform which felt good to do. I am owning up to the man I used to be in order to become the man that I want to be.

For now, I’m going to exercise and go to bed. Peace,



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