At the right place

street photography

I never expected to capture this shot when I arrived downtown. I simply was capturing the Tower Bridge and the sunset. I am glad I got this shot, I love the darkness of the water and how the boat stands out. As if it is forever frozen yet in the shot it looks like it is still moving. 

I don’t judge my subjects I just capture. I capture things in the moment and sometimes people fail to realize a missed subject. Someone thought it was pretty weird for me to take photos of a burned shed. I did it anyway despite her judging eyes. I don’t care what the world thinks I do photography for myself. I have subjects I want to show and stories I want to write. If my heart is not in my work then I have no reason to do it. That’s the kind of person I am, my art is myself. If I can help others on the way then so be it. I enjoy it hearing or see tears fall or smiles crack as someone reads or views my work. Changes are happening and it’s now or never. 

Go for broke,




Went out with my family to the old part of my city. We walked around for an hour or two. In this photo, we were exploring for a decent bathroom. Decided to try the river king and we’re quite successful. 

I captured a lot of the moments during this journey but understood when not to take a shot. I will always remember the emotions I felt on that great day. I only hope I can one day be able to fully transfer more emotions through my art.

Tell a story with your art that is able to express itself. I believe that is what makes great art. Not art thats proper or focuses too much on technique. Just create your work the way you want.