A shot I took while taking photos of the beautiful water in San Francisco. I’ve reviewed my photos from my trips and I have noticed what I need to improve on. I will focus on improving my photos especially developing my post-editing skills. Took my new lens out for a spin early in the morning.Continue reading “Waiting”


A simple shot of the bridge connecting to the Delta King in Sacramento. I was with my family who were from out of town and we came here to sight see. Don’t really get to go downtown that much but I make sure to not let the moment go to waste. Sadly, broke the streakContinue reading “Streak”


Not a shot I normally take but I was enjoying myself at a pier in San Francisco. I like the water the most in this shot and the contrast between it and the boat. Really took today to rest up and allow my body to heal. Watched a few movies and figured out cyber securityContinue reading “Touch”

At the right place

I never expected to capture this shot when I arrived downtown. I simply was capturing the Tower Bridge and the sunset. I am glad I got this shot, I love the darkness of the water and how the boat stands out. As if it is forever frozen yet in the shot it looks like itContinue reading “At the right place”


Went out with my family to the old part of my city. We walked around for an hour or two. In this photo, we were exploring for a decent bathroom. Decided to try the river king and we’re quite successful.  I captured a lot of the moments during this journey but understood when not toContinue reading “Explore”