A simple shot of the bridge connecting to the Delta King in Sacramento. I was with my family who were from out of town and we came here to sight see. Don’t really get to go downtown that much but I make sure to not let the moment go to waste.

Sadly, broke the streak that I will restart with this post. I came home yesterday completely drained and fell asleep almost immediately after work. I don’t know why I was so drained but I’ll do my best so it won’t happen again. Actually, looking to leave my current job for another one. Going to check out “Indeed” tomorrow and work on my resume. My time at the job I’m currently at is truly done. I hate almost every second that I am there.

Still haven’t resumed Japanese but will tomorrow as well. My weight loss is going slowly but it is going. Nothing big ever changes in a day. That’s it for now, I promise a better post tomorrow. Going to be editing a fair amount of photos.

Peace and live your life,



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