black and white photography, street photography

Street shot in the beautiful yet ugly city of San Francisco. I like the scaffolding in the shot and the shadows. My friend was gracious enough to let me take his photos the whole vacation. It’s a simple shot that I made on the move. Hopefully I have a chance to take another shot like this in the future.

Got a lot done today, was able to read “All You Need Is Kill” By Takeshi Obata which was way better than Edge of Tomorrow. The story is darker and edgier as well as well drawn. Going to be reading volume one of “The Promised Neverland” tomorrow.

Studied a lot about investing today. Finally understand what the dividend yield and volume mean. How to do research or if you should invest in a certain company. Didn’t read the book today but will be able to tomorrow. Just watched a bunch of videos on the subject and found some good YouTubers to follow. Will try to learn more and do some research on the current stocks I own to see which ones to keep and which ones to get rid of as soon as I can make a profit.

Been doing push ups whenever I think about a bad habit of mine. Today, ended up doing 66 push ups and I have 15 more to do. Something simple I’m doing to try to curb bad habits. Working so far, so I’ll continue it.

I am working on a new domain in order to start a lifestyle blog and transferring this domain name under a different site so I can run it as a portfolio. I’m raking my brain on it but I’m not coming up with anything so I’ll just sleep on it and try to come up with some names tomorrow as life through my eyes was already taken.

I have the 4:30am shift tomorrow, so I’ll end it here.

Have a good night/day,



architecture photography, black and white photography

A shot I took after accomplishing my mission of walking from Japantown to the beach. It was basically a 2 hour walk and afterwards we walked back. My legs were done afterwards we hit up Japantown and walked back to our hotel. It was brutal day but I have a bunch of shots to make up for it. I really like the atmosphere of this shot especially the fog and the crows.

Had a more productive day than normal, however, I could have pushed myself even further. Was able to finish “Dissolving Classroom” by Junji Ito, The Garden of Words by Makoto Shinkai, and The Gods Lie by Kaori Ozaki. So I was able to make some time for reading. Going to try to read “All You Need is Kill”, and “The Innocent”. I will continue Marie Kondo’s book as well as an investing book.

Besides that, went on a short motorcycle ride and ordered delivery from Panda Express. Played Dead by Daylight, Moving out, NBA2k20, and beat Sly Cooper 1 for the second time but the first time on the Vita. Invested some more as well, my investments are looking pretty good at the moment hopefully that’s a good sign. Got to make some time to crack open that investing book and watch those investing YouTube videos that are just being ignored in my watch later list.

Tomorrow, my focus will be on investing, photography, video, health, education, and Japanese. Will be reviewing Katakana and Japanese grammar, investing more in the stock market, reading, and exercising. Might even try to get back into yoga.

Gamble on what you are good at and love,


Pop Pop

architecture photography, black and white photography

An interesting building I captured during one of my trips to San Francisco. I wish I could go back and try to make the left side of the building pop a bit more. Also, might try to learn how to take out some of the noise at the bottom of the shot thru Photoshop. My editing skills are improving but need a lot of work.

Interesting day today, worked hard and did a fair amount of work. I was able to complete all of my assignments at work and was able to get some thinking done as well. First, work is still busy and people are still ignoring certain rules that the store has. Secondly, I was able to think about my goals and how much I need to achieve them and what I have to do in order to so. Still need to write a strategy so that will be the goal for tomorrow.

Was able to review Katakana on my lunch break so I resume my Japanese language study. Will review Katakana again and try to study Japanese grammar. Still plan to go to Japan but will have to postpone until later in this year or next year sadly. Trying to listen to Japanese music in order to work on my listening comprehension. Found a few interesting bands like Code Rain, Scandal, Band-Maid, and a few others.

Instead of crashing after work, I hopped on my motorcycle and handled a side hustle. It was what I really needed. I felt good, relaxed, and free. Might have to make it a habit in order to not fall asleep after work. Still did but once I came home from the ride.

Besides that, was able to study investing and clean. Trying to Marie Kondo my room. I have had some success but will need to focus on it to actually still results.

Got the 4:30am shift tomorrow, so I’ll have to end it here. Peace and stay sane,



black and white photography

A simple shot of the bridge connecting to the Delta King in Sacramento. I was with my family who were from out of town and we came here to sight see. Don’t really get to go downtown that much but I make sure to not let the moment go to waste.

Sadly, broke the streak that I will restart with this post. I came home yesterday completely drained and fell asleep almost immediately after work. I don’t know why I was so drained but I’ll do my best so it won’t happen again. Actually, looking to leave my current job for another one. Going to check out “Indeed” tomorrow and work on my resume. My time at the job I’m currently at is truly done. I hate almost every second that I am there.

Still haven’t resumed Japanese but will tomorrow as well. My weight loss is going slowly but it is going. Nothing big ever changes in a day. That’s it for now, I promise a better post tomorrow. Going to be editing a fair amount of photos.

Peace and live your life,


A Moment

nature photography

Once in a while I’ll dive into flower photography especially when I am testing out my camera settings. This was taken at Pier 39 in San Francisco, Ca late in the afternoon. Was looking for a birthday present for a co-worker. These flowers were perfect for me to test new settings out. Not much that I can say for this one but that my focusing has gotten a lot better as has my composition.

Comparing this photo to old photos of mine really makes me smile to see my progress. Anyway, learned a new task at work today that helped me to get through my shift faster. Besides that, work was basically the same. Less people have shown up and security is tighter than usual. Most people are following the six feet rule but not everyone.

Was able to get a little research done but not a whole lot. Did some drawing and was happy with the results however won’t continue to pursue developing the skill. Did a little investing and studying foreign stocks listed on the NYSE. Some people are panicking and selling everything but I’m staying the course. Haven’t picked up Japanese up again but will do so tomorrow. Going to Marie Kondo clean my room tomorrow and hopefully keep it in order.

My exercise routine has grown stall after a week, so I’ll be doing a more challenging one. Going to try to do yoga and other forms of exercise as well. Making the right choices with food and trying my best to prepare my own meals. Hopefully, there will be good results at the end but for now I am enjoying the journey.



Exploring Options

architecture photography, black and white photography

On the “bridge” in Japantown, it’s a decent shot that took a while to get. It was a spontaneous shot as I looked for my friends. Will go back and try to make the glass stand out more. Right now the only thing that stands out to me is the first light. However, no matter what kind of shot I take I have to own it and continue to improve.

Today, was a good day. I didn’t crash which is pretty rare for a work day. I’m going to keep this short and sweet. Did some work for some online courses and practiced a self awareness technique that helped me realize the goals I want to chase after. The only problem I face is myself. I tend to always search for my passion but I always end up back in the same place. Sometimes I feel like something is missing but what is really missing is confidence and the fire to string things together and start something real.

I know the steps that I need to take and I would gradually take them. Baby steps turn into giant strides. Just got to focus and be confident and follow through on my plans like any good villain. I’ll go after what I want and I’ll get it in some fashion or another.

A short post as my mind is out of whack after doing a bunch of work for some online courses that I had to rush through because they are due today and I need to sleep soon to be ready for another 4am shift.

Anyway, stay sane at home and enjoy yourself,


Takoyaki Man and Potential


One of a series of shots I took while hanging out in Japantown way before any of the shops started to open(besides the cafes). Was able to capture this old man well, I really enjoy this shot. I like how clear it is and it’s not completely straight which adds more depth to the shot. One of my better portrait shots and a decent editing job.

I hate my job..it’s clear as day. I have been in retail for almost two years now and my life hasn’t progressed that far and I am almost thirty years old. It’s been due to my laziness and my social anxiety. I’ve started to break out of those two while working my current job. I have had two straight productive days and hope to proceed on a schedule.

My supervisor can to me and asked me straight up if I was bored of my job and I instantly said “yes”. He came back to me a few minutes before I was suppose to clock out to tell me he will come up with ideas and get me moving around more as he is bothered by the fact that I am bored. He said he saw “potential” in me and that he used to brag about me to other managers who were talking shit about me. But now he saws he doesn’t view me as being productive.

My plan was to quit this job on May 23rd 2020. I was suppose to board a flight to Narita, Japan that day. However, it won’t happen for obvious reasons. So I have no goals at work and don’t plan to have any. I won’t be able to leave as I still need a paycheck.

So when he came to me and said all the ideas he came up with me to help improve my work life didn’t really effect me at all. I appreciate his effort but this job isn’t my life as it is for him. I only want to reach my potential as a man and in the field of my desire.

Besides all that, I realized after studying for my online courses. I really need to re-evaluate my goals and develop new ones. So before I head to bed, I’m going to mediate and think deeply after what I need to chase after to truly fulfill my desire and my potential.

Stay up and peace,