One of a series of shots I took while hanging out in Japantown way before any of the shops started to open(besides the cafes). Was able to capture this old man well, I really enjoy this shot. I like how clear it is and it’s not completely straight which adds more depth to the shot. One of my better portrait shots and a decent editing job.

I hate my’s clear as day. I have been in retail for almost two years now and my life hasn’t progressed that far and I am almost thirty years old. It’s been due to my laziness and my social anxiety. I’ve started to break out of those two while working my current job. I have had two straight productive days and hope to proceed on a schedule.

My supervisor can to me and asked me straight up if I was bored of my job and I instantly said “yes”. He came back to me a few minutes before I was suppose to clock out to tell me he will come up with ideas and get me moving around more as he is bothered by the fact that I am bored. He said he saw “potential” in me and that he used to brag about me to other managers who were talking shit about me. But now he saws he doesn’t view me as being productive.

My plan was to quit this job on May 23rd 2020. I was suppose to board a flight to Narita, Japan that day. However, it won’t happen for obvious reasons. So I have no goals at work and don’t plan to have any. I won’t be able to leave as I still need a paycheck.

So when he came to me and said all the ideas he came up with me to help improve my work life didn’t really effect me at all. I appreciate his effort but this job isn’t my life as it is for him. I only want to reach my potential as a man and in the field of my desire.

Besides all that, I realized after studying for my online courses. I really need to re-evaluate my goals and develop new ones. So before I head to bed, I’m going to mediate and think deeply after what I need to chase after to truly fulfill my desire and my potential.

Stay up and peace,



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