Took more than one photo of this old man walking through Japantown SF. This one is much tighter and the lines seem to be good to me. I like the shadows and subtle reflection of the man on the ground. I managed to catch him while he was in motion which adds another element to the shot.

Can’t help but to try to read the sign to the right of the old man. “Takoyaki” it’s a pretty good snack on the go. I can read a lot of hiragana and katakana but my vocabulary and kanji game are very low. Been reviewing grammar and trying to fill in the gaps of my knowledge. It’s proving itself to be a worthy challenge to pressure me to keep on going. Going to start to learn Hangul today.

I don’t have a specific source for learning Korean but I’m sure I will develop a plan for studying it if I continue to pursue it further down my path. Besides that, I am working on unlocking my potential for this site and updating social media regularly. Yesterday, was a halfway decent day. While today was a struggle.

I have a few things that I am scoping out to see if it will be beneficial for me to pursue them. Like writing, continuing college, Korean, investing, changing jobs, apply to other jobs, downloading final cut pro x, and a few more things. I’ll give small updates to showcase with I’m at with each one. Can’t wait to see what sticks.

For now, enjoy yourself and take a moment to relax,



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