New Beginning

A simple shot of good times to showcase new beginnings. Been a while since I’ve updated this blog. I haven’t been taking photos sadly but that will change once I get an off day. I have a new job and will finally quit my retail job. I’m trying to learn how to edit better thruContinue reading “New Beginning”


Another shot I took in Japan town early in the morning. Very simple shot, I wanted to capture these stairs and decided this was the best angle for me. Normally, this area of the mall is really busy so it was nice that I could get this kind of shot. It’s true as they “theContinue reading “Steps”

Another Hall & Another Step

Guess I lied in the last post but this one should be the last one I took in the Japantown restaurant alley. I remember that I purposely tried to take a shot this hall from a different perspective. There is a lot more light which is reflective due to the time of day I tookContinue reading “Another Hall & Another Step”

Exploring Options

On the “bridge” in Japantown, it’s a decent shot that took a while to get. It was a spontaneous shot as I looked for my friends. Will go back and try to make the glass stand out more. Right now the only thing that stands out to me is the first light. However, no matterContinue reading “Exploring Options”

Ease of the Moment

Took more than one photo of this old man walking through Japantown SF. This one is much tighter and the lines seem to be good to me. I like the shadows and subtle reflection of the man on the ground. I managed to catch him while he was in motion which adds another element toContinue reading “Ease of the Moment”


Another shot taken in the early morning in Japantown SF. This time I went for a darker tone. I wanted to capture some of the lights and the mirrors while also taking a portrait of someone. I succeeded in what I sought out to do. Might go back and re-edit this shot to make itContinue reading “Achievement”

Day 14 – Looking

Decided to walked up a hill to this little park to simply explore the city some more. It was a peaceful place but difficult to get to which means that it was worth it. Had a lot of fun despite the thought of having to leave the city later that day. I was glad thatContinue reading “Day 14 – Looking”

Day 9 -Not Fully Creating

A figure that I’ve taken many shots of over my three trips to SF. This one is my best yet of this subject. I like how it’s in the center of the shot but it’s not completely straight. I like the lighting and the repetition that the structure holds as you continue to look upContinue reading “Day 9 -Not Fully Creating”

Day 2 – Tests: Fear & Excitement

A shot that I would like to re-edit and shoot from another angle. I like to show these kind of photos but it makes me see my mistakes and when I can improve. Plus it helps me to be open to criticism. Tomorrow, I will be heading to San Francisco. I am smiling as IContinue reading “Day 2 – Tests: Fear & Excitement”