Guess I lied in the last post but this one should be the last one I took in the Japantown restaurant alley. I remember that I purposely tried to take a shot this hall from a different perspective. There is a lot more light which is reflective due to the time of day I took this shot. You can see people entering and even people checking out the food displays. I like the simpleness of this shot and I am glad that I took it. However, I might have waited a bit more to see I could create a more interesting background. What can I say, I like to capture life.

Phew! A day off after three days of retail hell in a mask that is perfect for the quarantine but not for working like hell. Made sure to rest a lot today while still leaving time to be productive. Really focusing on my weight and health plus education right now. I know that I can’t change my job right now so I’m focusing on educating myself and gaining experience that will enable to start a new career once this is over. My weight has gone up and down forever but I’m trying my best to make sure to drop weight and gain muscle. Not looking to get ripped but jacked enough to rock nba jerseys. Haha anyway, I will make a post with my before and after photo once I drop all the weight.

I’m thinking about transiting this blog into a lifestyle/self development blog as it basically already is. Want to take a crack at making blogging a side hustle. Would buy an another site to use a portfolio for my photography and link it to this one. My brand is scattered at the moment, I’m showing no growth except for here. I am trying to merge my creative projects into one so It’s easier to recongize and manage. The international marketing course I am taking is really affecting me in a positive manner.

My goal for this site has always been to promote my writing and my photography. When I posted my photos in the beginning, I only wrote about my photos and that’s it. I experimented once and didn’t write anything. I found myself wanting to write more and more. So someone in my life told me I should try to combine the two. So this has been an experiment as will upgrading this blog to a business one. I’m waiting for the next check to come as I had an unforeseen expense that I had to take care of. Before I do though, I will make sure to formulate a VSA plan and see what I want to go with this.

I’ve ran a few blogs in the past on various topics like anime reviews, youtube channel reviews, k-drama and Korean entertainment news, ans film reviews. None of them were for profit except for the Korean one. I saw very little success but I was passionate about them at the time. However, this is the first time I ever put money into buying a domain name and building a WordPress website. I think the next best step for my writing and photography career is to upgrade this site and to manage my personal brand better.

I want to create for a living which is an extremely hard thing to do especially during times like these. However, I am learning about business and investing as I also want to own my business in the future. I’ve directed short films, filmed a short documentary, filmed an interview, wrote poems, worked on student animation films, etc. I enjoy the process of just doing and I had to hammer that in. I get caught up in the shit I don’t like like editing. I found myself disliking the idea of editing but once I sit down and do it I enjoy the process. For me to succeed I will really need to focus on the last part and get things done.

This is the longest post I’ve written in quite a while. I may do it more often as it felt good to unleash my thoughts. That’s all from me for now, I got the 4am shift so I’m about to get ready for bed.

Enjoy yourself and enjoy your process,



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