Another shot of this hall and a closer view to a man putting in some work as tourists start to gather in the Japantown mall. I feel like the shot is heavy on the left but the open space on the right of the shot balances it out. I might go back and edit this shot some more and try to work on the background. This should be the last shot I take with at this spot.

Glad to say that I was able to work with a co-worker that I haven’t seen in a while. Although, I was pulled to work elsewhere so we only really said hi and bye. Put in a lot of work today at my day job. It was still busy with rude customers filling almost every crack in the store. People need to learn to be respectful and get what they need not what they want. Can’t tell you how many people were splurging money on silly things like multiple bikes.

I’m only buying things that I need. I got the hook up for toilet paper so I generally know when the store is getting some. Sometimes I’ll go over and help pass it out and stock the shelves. Anyway, it was an annoying day after 9. I crashed right after work as I was completely done with the day. I wasn’t depressed just annoyed and probably dehydrated. Still trying to adjust working with a mask on but probably hard to when you are moving fast and carrying heavy boxes.

Didn’t put much work in outside of my day job. Took a nap, meditated, read manga, studied stocks, exercised, and played Battlefield V with my co-worker. Thankfully, I don’t work tomorrow so I’m going to bust ass and get things done.

I promise that tomorrow’s post will be much better. For now, enjoy yourself and sleep well.

Have fun and invest into yourself,



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