Bruce Lee street art I captured on one of my trips to San Francisco. It’s okay shot, I remember struggling to not capture the story next to the wall. I will try to level up my editing game and get rid of the parking meter. The title of this post was inspired by a BruceContinue reading “Plateau”


Was in Chinatown when I looked up and saw this street sign. Felt like a little piece of home. It’s a simple shot that I feel has a decent composition. Did a lot of work for my E-Bay side hustle while being able to take my motorcycle out for a long ride. In the morning,Continue reading “Home”


A shot I took after accomplishing my mission of walking from Japantown to the beach. It was basically a 2 hour walk and afterwards we walked back. My legs were done afterwards we hit up Japantown and walked back to our hotel. It was brutal day but I have a bunch of shots to makeContinue reading “Perseverance”

Portrait of my family as we explored the historical part of my city. I think it’s decent but I really need to work on my portrait game. There are good leading lines and I think it has good composition as well. Might be a little too plain or too simple to truly work. Finally, IContinue reading


This photo is from 3 to 4 years ago. I remember spending two hours playing basketball at the local park when everyone is at home sleeping. I waited for the perfect angle and captured the hoop. I believe this was done with a Samsung Galaxy S3. Which had the best camera on a phone thatContinue reading “Investment”


Saw these two apples and was compelled to take a photo of them. It was sprinkling so the apples appear moist. I didn’t touch the apples in any way so it was surprising them placed like this. Oddly enough I like this shot. I’m a weird photographer, I enjoy capturing life as it is. IContinue reading “Truth”

Failure and Success

Wanted to showcase this photo as I consider it a “wash”. I do like the girl standing there looking at the shop in the way back and the older woman looking at a sign displaying food. However, I don’t feel like this shot stands out. This photo is a fail for many people I’m sureContinue reading “Failure and Success”

The Little Things

On a rainy day in Sacramento, Ca I notice a nice pain of padlocks undisturbed except for a little creature hanging onto one of them. I was just playing around when I noticed the spider’s legs and decided to take the shot. I think I did a decent job in capturing the weight of theContinue reading “The Little Things”

Another Hall & Another Step

Guess I lied in the last post but this one should be the last one I took in the Japantown restaurant alley. I remember that I purposely tried to take a shot this hall from a different perspective. There is a lot more light which is reflective due to the time of day I tookContinue reading “Another Hall & Another Step”

Closer: Retail Life

Another shot of this hall and a closer view to a man putting in some work as tourists start to gather in the Japantown mall. I feel like the shot is heavy on the left but the open space on the right of the shot balances it out. I might go back and edit thisContinue reading “Closer: Retail Life”