black and white photography, street photography

Bruce Lee street art I captured on one of my trips to San Francisco. It’s okay shot, I remember struggling to not capture the story next to the wall. I will try to level up my editing game and get rid of the parking meter.

The title of this post was inspired by a Bruce Lee quote. “There are no limits. There are only plateaus, and you must not stay there, you must go beyond them.”. I find myself struggling with developing a fitness plan plus a career in photography and writing. I am still working hard to discipline myself, I have to change my diet and start exercising regularly before it’s too late.

I’m not going to allow myself to stay on this plateau for long. Going to be investing into a new diet plan and weights to improve my workouts. I’ve been thinking about buying a bike but there were no options at my store as people have been buying them like crazy. Will have to get back to practicing boxing as well. The key will be sticking with a new diet even when I’m at work.

I realize that what I want to do in life is going to take a hell lot of effort and hard work. I have to fully commit myself and pursue it everyday no matter what. I have to get it through my thick ass skull that I need to get uncomfortable and work. Nothing is going to fall on my lap. The time is now or I’ll forever regret it when I lay on my deathbed.

I wish you all success and a good time,



black and white photography, street photography

Was in Chinatown when I looked up and saw this street sign. Felt like a little piece of home. It’s a simple shot that I feel has a decent composition.

Did a lot of work for my E-Bay side hustle while being able to take my motorcycle out for a long ride. In the morning, I made sure to check my stocks. So far so good, it’s up and down a lot but right now its steadily going up. Wasn’t able to find time to read the investing book but before I go to bed I will crack it open. Will also continue Joy at Work and try to read The Promised Neverland.

Made some key decisions today that I won’t share until I follow through with them. Each one will change my life either way. Also I thought about where I want to go and how I want to get there. Set a deadline to achieve these goals and if I fail then I’ll have to do something else. All it’s going to take is effort and hard work and maybe a little passion infused with luck. Now I have to get to it and start paving my path.

Enjoy your life,



architecture photography, black and white photography

A shot I took after accomplishing my mission of walking from Japantown to the beach. It was basically a 2 hour walk and afterwards we walked back. My legs were done afterwards we hit up Japantown and walked back to our hotel. It was brutal day but I have a bunch of shots to make up for it. I really like the atmosphere of this shot especially the fog and the crows.

Had a more productive day than normal, however, I could have pushed myself even further. Was able to finish “Dissolving Classroom” by Junji Ito, The Garden of Words by Makoto Shinkai, and The Gods Lie by Kaori Ozaki. So I was able to make some time for reading. Going to try to read “All You Need is Kill”, and “The Innocent”. I will continue Marie Kondo’s book as well as an investing book.

Besides that, went on a short motorcycle ride and ordered delivery from Panda Express. Played Dead by Daylight, Moving out, NBA2k20, and beat Sly Cooper 1 for the second time but the first time on the Vita. Invested some more as well, my investments are looking pretty good at the moment hopefully that’s a good sign. Got to make some time to crack open that investing book and watch those investing YouTube videos that are just being ignored in my watch later list.

Tomorrow, my focus will be on investing, photography, video, health, education, and Japanese. Will be reviewing Katakana and Japanese grammar, investing more in the stock market, reading, and exercising. Might even try to get back into yoga.

Gamble on what you are good at and love,


black and white photography, Portrait photography

Portrait of my family as we explored the historical part of my city. I think it’s decent but I really need to work on my portrait game. There are good leading lines and I think it has good composition as well. Might be a little too plain or too simple to truly work.

Finally, I don’t have to work for a few days. Going to be putting a lot of work into this site and investing. I put in another 85 dollars in the stock market and I might put more in tomorrow if I see anything promising. Really think that I will become a swing trader but like I said yesterday I will have to study some more.

Had a wonderful day filled new experiences and a decent amount of good conversation. Today will have to be a short post as I need to go back to bed to recover froma brutal workday.

There’ll be a much better post tomorrow. Got to edit and work like crazy.

Peace and have fun,



black and white photography, street photography

This photo is from 3 to 4 years ago. I remember spending two hours playing basketball at the local park when everyone is at home sleeping. I waited for the perfect angle and captured the hoop. I believe this was done with a Samsung Galaxy S3. Which had the best camera on a phone that I’ve ever owned. It’s a little noisy but I am glad to come back to these shots and see how far I’ve come.

One more day at work and then four off days (calling out one day). Worked hard today both in my day job and out. Was able to study more about investing and might be interested in swing trading. Will have to do more research and study investing more before I make a decision like that. Got another co-worker interested in investing which was pretty nice.

Picked Marie Kondo & Scott Soenshein’s new book ” Joy at Work”. I’ve only read one page so far but it seems to be an interesting read. Going to use it to clean up desk and provide a better place for me to work on this blog, my photography, video editing, investing, and writing. Going to add it to my schedule tomorrow so hopefully I’ll be able to read quite a bit of it.

So I am going to start to invest into myself more. I really want to leave my job but I don’t want to quickly hop onto the next available retail job. So I’m going to try to obtain some certifications and gain more experience video editing, using photoshop and lightroom, and writing. We will have to see what I can do during these turbulent times.

Besides that, got to figure out a good workout routine and stick with it. For now, got to get some cleaning done before I hit the hay. I have the 4am shift tomorrow.

Dare to invest in yourself,



street photography

Saw these two apples and was compelled to take a photo of them. It was sprinkling so the apples appear moist. I didn’t touch the apples in any way so it was surprising them placed like this. Oddly enough I like this shot. I’m a weird photographer, I enjoy capturing life as it is. I walk a lot so I get to see some pretty bizarre moments like these.

Was able to get bit of work done today. Wished I did more but there’s still time left before I go to bed. Thankfully I don’t work tomorrow so I’ll be able to get even more work done. I really have to do get my ass in gear and truly work outside of my job so I can live the life that I truly want. I got to get rid of the distractions and stop trying to escape just because I hate my life and don’t always want to work to improve it.

I know this but sometimes it feels like I am in an endless cycle. I would like to say I will overcome it and I will say that but in order to do that I will need to beat myself and truly accept reality.

For now, sleep well and be well,


Failure and Success

black and white photography, street photography

Wanted to showcase this photo as I consider it a “wash”. I do like the girl standing there looking at the shop in the way back and the older woman looking at a sign displaying food. However, I don’t feel like this shot stands out. This photo is a fail for many people I’m sure but if I follow my principles for photography then its successful as seek to capture life as it is. That’s why its “life through my eyes”.

Managed to finally upgrade this site to premium. Will be thinking about things and working on my plans for this site over the weekend. I’ll set up a strategy for design and purpose then act on the strategies I choose. Will try to add a true photography portfolio on site to showcase my work in a non-blog format.

I’m going to give this website my all and see how far I can truly take something if I do. I plan to also try to freelance write elsewhere and gain a following for my writing. Used to write articles for an anime/manga based site but for some reason the person behind it went M.I.A. So I’ll have to find a new place to try to see if I can pursue writing. Shouldn’t be too hard, if not then so be it. I’ll get going until I can see the end of my growth in this field.

My goal is to be able to travel, learn, photograph, create, and write while being my own boss. Don’t desire for fame, just looking to pursue my own path in life. I’m driven to do this and I’ll instill the discipline needed to do it. To the point that this becomes my healthy obsession. Mamba mentality!

Now goodnight and stay safe,


The Little Things

black and white photography, street photography

On a rainy day in Sacramento, Ca I notice a nice pain of padlocks undisturbed except for a little creature hanging onto one of them. I was just playing around when I noticed the spider’s legs and decided to take the shot. I think I did a decent job in capturing the weight of the chains and the exposure helps with that. It’s a shot I would have taken years ago with a point and shoot but I can see my evolution as a photographer. Makes me proud to see how far I’ve gotten with this passion of mine.

Phew, two work days done and one more to go until a one day break. It’s getting slightly easier to work with a mask. More people are wearing them which is pretty nice, however, a lot of customers are ignoring the six feet rule. Plus we are not seeing a whole lot of sales in my area so they may eventually shut down our area for a while but we will have to see about that. As soon as we enter the building, we get our health screened which is pretty good as they are adding 5 minutes per health screening to our checks. Sometimes even the little things add up.

Crashed after work but slept less. I’m showering as soon as I get home so it makes me even more tired when I finally lay down on my bed. So far so good on the diet change and exercise motivation. I’ve made my own meals and I am eating smaller portions and not buying any food at work except for a protein bar. In a week, I’ll weigh myself to see the results. Just trying to make the best choices on the daily. It’s a challenge but my health is number 1.

Studied a little about stocks and female psychology plus body language. Going to continue to do so especially at work. From 4 to 7, I’m able to use headphones at work so I listen to podcasts and take notes when I can. Improving myself and gaining knowledge whenever I can.

Was able to make a few people smile today which was pretty nice. It kind of lit up my ikigai. Anyway, got the 4am shift so I’m going to crash now.

Peace and stay safe,


Another Hall & Another Step

black and white photography, street photography

Guess I lied in the last post but this one should be the last one I took in the Japantown restaurant alley. I remember that I purposely tried to take a shot this hall from a different perspective. There is a lot more light which is reflective due to the time of day I took this shot. You can see people entering and even people checking out the food displays. I like the simpleness of this shot and I am glad that I took it. However, I might have waited a bit more to see I could create a more interesting background. What can I say, I like to capture life.

Phew! A day off after three days of retail hell in a mask that is perfect for the quarantine but not for working like hell. Made sure to rest a lot today while still leaving time to be productive. Really focusing on my weight and health plus education right now. I know that I can’t change my job right now so I’m focusing on educating myself and gaining experience that will enable to start a new career once this is over. My weight has gone up and down forever but I’m trying my best to make sure to drop weight and gain muscle. Not looking to get ripped but jacked enough to rock nba jerseys. Haha anyway, I will make a post with my before and after photo once I drop all the weight.

I’m thinking about transiting this blog into a lifestyle/self development blog as it basically already is. Want to take a crack at making blogging a side hustle. Would buy an another site to use a portfolio for my photography and link it to this one. My brand is scattered at the moment, I’m showing no growth except for here. I am trying to merge my creative projects into one so It’s easier to recongize and manage. The international marketing course I am taking is really affecting me in a positive manner.

My goal for this site has always been to promote my writing and my photography. When I posted my photos in the beginning, I only wrote about my photos and that’s it. I experimented once and didn’t write anything. I found myself wanting to write more and more. So someone in my life told me I should try to combine the two. So this has been an experiment as will upgrading this blog to a business one. I’m waiting for the next check to come as I had an unforeseen expense that I had to take care of. Before I do though, I will make sure to formulate a VSA plan and see what I want to go with this.

I’ve ran a few blogs in the past on various topics like anime reviews, youtube channel reviews, k-drama and Korean entertainment news, ans film reviews. None of them were for profit except for the Korean one. I saw very little success but I was passionate about them at the time. However, this is the first time I ever put money into buying a domain name and building a WordPress website. I think the next best step for my writing and photography career is to upgrade this site and to manage my personal brand better.

I want to create for a living which is an extremely hard thing to do especially during times like these. However, I am learning about business and investing as I also want to own my business in the future. I’ve directed short films, filmed a short documentary, filmed an interview, wrote poems, worked on student animation films, etc. I enjoy the process of just doing and I had to hammer that in. I get caught up in the shit I don’t like like editing. I found myself disliking the idea of editing but once I sit down and do it I enjoy the process. For me to succeed I will really need to focus on the last part and get things done.

This is the longest post I’ve written in quite a while. I may do it more often as it felt good to unleash my thoughts. That’s all from me for now, I got the 4am shift so I’m about to get ready for bed.

Enjoy yourself and enjoy your process,


Closer: Retail Life

black and white photography, street photography

Another shot of this hall and a closer view to a man putting in some work as tourists start to gather in the Japantown mall. I feel like the shot is heavy on the left but the open space on the right of the shot balances it out. I might go back and edit this shot some more and try to work on the background. This should be the last shot I take with at this spot.

Glad to say that I was able to work with a co-worker that I haven’t seen in a while. Although, I was pulled to work elsewhere so we only really said hi and bye. Put in a lot of work today at my day job. It was still busy with rude customers filling almost every crack in the store. People need to learn to be respectful and get what they need not what they want. Can’t tell you how many people were splurging money on silly things like multiple bikes.

I’m only buying things that I need. I got the hook up for toilet paper so I generally know when the store is getting some. Sometimes I’ll go over and help pass it out and stock the shelves. Anyway, it was an annoying day after 9. I crashed right after work as I was completely done with the day. I wasn’t depressed just annoyed and probably dehydrated. Still trying to adjust working with a mask on but probably hard to when you are moving fast and carrying heavy boxes.

Didn’t put much work in outside of my day job. Took a nap, meditated, read manga, studied stocks, exercised, and played Battlefield V with my co-worker. Thankfully, I don’t work tomorrow so I’m going to bust ass and get things done.

I promise that tomorrow’s post will be much better. For now, enjoy yourself and sleep well.

Have fun and invest into yourself,